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The Friday Fight-out – Tiered Cake Vs Cupcakes


FRIDAY-FIGHT-OUT!“It’s not cake or death you idiot, it’s Tiered Cake vs Cupcakes”

“Well yeah but that’s less catchy… you’ve got to learn to draw people in Dom… there’s not too many wedding blogs out there putting ‘Death’ in the title (except maybe ones about the Corpse Bride or something), I read an article about this, you’ve got to think about your headlines, sell papers! (and possibly share a joke with Eddie Izzard fans!)

“But this isn’t a paper, we don’t charge anything to read it and this article has nothing to do with Death… that’s a completely unrelated headline that has nothing to do with the story! It’s like you work for the news of the world or something!”

“Hey I picked up some great tips from that paper, plenty more headlines where that one came from. In fact I overheard “somewhere” that all of our readers think I should win, so I think we should probably just not do the argument this week, forgone conclusion.”

“Oh really Thompson? You do know you’re getting the ‘or death’ bit don’t you!”

“Really…no cake?”


“Not even a little slice?”


“Bugger. So today’s topic Tiered Cake Vs Cupcakes! I can do cupcakes, like a good cupcake… ok this isn’t working for the whole fight thing, cake makes me happy! Time for some fighting talk!

In the red corner, sitting on top of the tier, she would love to bake cakes but was banned from all cooking after she set the oven wrong and grilled a turkey for four and a half hours, it’s Dom “The Tog” Shaw

In the blue corner, stuffing his face with cupcakes, he…hang on… just finish this one…GOD THAT’S GOOD! You got any tea? Love me some tea, sorry what are we doing?

D: it’s Matt the GORMLESS Groom!


York-place-studiosDom: The cutting of the cake is one of the key recognised parts of the wedding day. Cutting a cupcake between two of you just doesn’t make the same impression!

Matt: Well you may need to have a single tier of cake or a HUGE cupcake for that bit but cupcakes are more fun and rather than having a huge cake hardly anyone eats you can just have 1 for every guest and avoid leftovers.

Dom: Cakes can look really beautiful and cake makers are so creative with what they produce the cake can actually become more a decoration at your reception than an actual dessert. You can also have all kinds of cake: any flavour you want…you can even have a cake of cheese!


Matt: You can actually use cupcakes as the wedding favours for the guests: a wedding I went to recently had personalised cupcakes at everyone’s seat in nice little boxes so you could take them away if you didn’t want to eat it then. It was a really nice touch and added to the table decoration.

Dom: There are all kinds of lovely traditions surrounding the tiers of the wedding cake: traditional Fruit cake wedding cakes last for years and traditionally the top tier was kept for the Christening of the couple’s first child, or now more commonly the first anniversary, it’s not advised to keep cupcakes for a year or more!

Matt: Cupcakes are cheaper than tiered wedding cakes

Dom: Actually that’s not necessarily true: they were before cupcakes became fashionable, but once bakers realised they were having to make hundreds of cakes and make each one perfect the price generally became pretty similar.


Matt: Cupcakes are fairly easy to make and a lot of couples like to bake them themselves! This is not only cheaper but a really nice, fun pre-wedding activity, particularly when you get the whole family involved! It’s a lot harder to create your own traditional tiered wedding cake unless you REALLY know what you’re doing!

Dom: The traditional cake offers you the chance for some brilliant personalised cake-toppers! After doing a post about them recently I love what you can have made and if you want you can have it made so that you can keep the mini bride and groom from the cake forever as a little wedding keepsake. 


Matt: You can get really funky cup cake stands now and all those little mini cakes together looks brilliant and give the opportunity for a completely different but equally pretty type of display whilst looking much less formal and helping to perpetuate a more relaxed feel.

Dom: A big wedding cake will keep even you full, probably for months if we get one that lasts!

Matt: But cupcakes are so much easier to throw…FOOD FIGHT!!!

Dom: In my wedding dress…REALLY?!

Matt: You might not want to wear white…


Dom: The cake has been a hugely symbolic part of the wedding ceremony for centuries. Cutting the cake together has come to be the first joint task of married life. Sharing the first slice together symbolises your commitment to share and provide for one another. It’s a key traditional moment in the day and is all the sweeter (no pun intended) with a big, beautiful wedding cake and the little bride and groom on top!

Matt: (Drools)… Mmm…CaaaaaaaaaaakeBritish-wedding-photographers


So, there we have it…utterly inconclusive but what are your thoughts! Leave us your comments or catch us on twitter and share your thoughts on which will win the great food fight!!


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