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BvG Awesome Suppliers: Introducing Bohemian Weddings

Bride Vs Groom Awesome Suppliers:

Bohemian Weddings

Today we’d like to tell you just a little bit more about photographers Bohemian Weddings; one of our Bride Vs Groom awesome suppliers and friend of the blog! Michael and Andrea are the talented couple behind Bohemian Weddings and the minute you talk to them you can just tell how much they love their job! Michael and Andrea like to do things just a little bit differently, describing their brides and grooms as:

“Hip. Groovy. Unconventional. Fabulous. Vintage. Quirky. Weird, wild and wonderful….Simply Bohemian.”

We liked them immediately…

The fun-loving couple love travelling and are available for destination weddings all over the world… in fact throw a VW Campervan and a bit of surfing into the bargain and they’d probably never leave! But we wanted to get to know a little bit more about what inspires them as photographers and how they got started, so we decided to ask them a few questions to break the ice and help you get to know them just a little bit better…

BvG Awesome Suppliers - Bohemian Weddings

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get started in wedding photography and what inspired you?

We’re Michael & Andrea international couple, we love to travel and photograph weddings in the UK as well as all over the world. I (Michael) have been a freelance studio photographer for a couple of years and photographing weddings was initially a side line through friends who asked. Andrea joined me photographing a friend’s wedding early last year. That’s when things changed for us. At this rather unconventional wedding the atmosphere was unbelievable and we’d never before felt so much love and joy in one place, it was just a pleasure to photograph. It made us think, if that’s what it can feel like to photograph weddings then we’re in. It has been an incredible ride ever since and our couples inspire us every day!

How long have you been photographing weddings for?

Michael has been shooting weddings for almost 3 years now but together we started as Bohemian Weddings last year.

What’s your style, what defines you as a photographer?

It’s a difficult question to sum up in a few words, we believe our images would show it better. I guess if you follow what you’re passionate about and capture things the way you see them, the style will eventually find you. For us our style is influenced by the people we meet and the places we travel to. 

Whatʼs your approach on the wedding day?
We like a documentary approach at weddings to capture real emotions with no interruption from us. As there’s two of us we’re able to be at different places and cover different angles at the same time. We do also spend time with couples on their own for beautiful portraits – but even that is quite relaxed and we mainly want the couple to feel good and enjoy themselves.
Whatʼs your biggest achievement so far in your career?

As a fairly new business the most important thing for us are happy clients and if we get to travel, it’s a bonus. We recently photographed a wedding in Marrakech which was very unusual and a fantastic experience.

What advice would you give to a couple when choosing their wedding photographer?

Look at their most recent work, if they have a blog that’s a good place to start and try to look at a wedding they covered from beginning until end. The blog will usually also give you a feel for their personality, and how they work which is important to consider as you’ll spend all day with them.

Could you tell us a little about the packages you offer?

Our packages start from £1800 and always include a CD of all images, as well as the two of us for the day. Contact us for more info, we like chatting to like minded people!

What are your favourite 3 photographs you have taken and why?

A difficult question. You see we both shoot together and complement each other’s work, however we do have an eye for slightly different things. So to pick three meant arguing choosing one each and then one together…

Bride Vs Groom Find A Supplier Directory - Bohemian Weddings

(above) This image just sums up the love and fun shared by this couple, wrapped in a quintessential Italian scene.

Bohemian Weddings on Bride Vs Groom

This is our favourite part of the wedding day. 

Bohemian Weddings photography on Bride Vs Groom

From a beautiful riad in a middle of Marrakech, we love it because it totally shows what a fun couple they are.

What piece of advice would you give to couples when planning their wedding day?

When all your planning and work is done, and it comes to your wedding day – just turn up and enjoy it, every moment of it – trust your photographer & vendors – all they’ll need you to do is have a good time.

Whatʼs your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

Meeting our couples, getting to know them and being in the ‘buzz’ of a wedding day. It’s never just another day in an office!

Thanks so much to the fantastic Michael & Andrea for taking the time to talk to us and giving us those insights into the world of Bohemian Weddings! You can find out more about Bohemian Weddings on our Find A Supplier Page or check out the Bohemian Weddings Website to see more of their gorgeous work! Or if you just fancy hanging out with these cool international bohemians catch them on Facebook or Twitter!

Phone: 07961697500


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