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Bridal Boutique – A Guest Post by The Mother of the Bride: The Hat

Ok so its 1 o’clock in the morning and I’m about to go to bed when the eldest brother of the bride drops a bombshell. No it’s not “can I have a bacon sandwich” ( a question regularly posed at all hours of the day and night) but…

“What type of hat are you wearing for the wedding?”

What? Where did that come from? “I’m not.” I replied simply.

“You’re not what?” he said, an expression of genuine bafflement on his face.

“Not wearing a hat!”

“Well you’ve got to.”

“No I don’t, where is the rule that says I do?”

“Well all the weddings that I have photographed every mother of the bride wears a hat.”

Really? … Hmm.

Ok, I had no intention of letting on, but after a quick check on wedding traditions I had to concede he may have a point. “So” I said, “I’ll research this hat business and get back to you on this”… I mean for heaven sakes the outfit is enough of a problem, good grief why can’t I just turn up in jeans!!!


Let’s kick things off with something I actually don’t mind! A beautiful shade of coral silk and sinamay hat with a medium straight brim and a very slight tilt to one side. I actually rather like the arrow feathers to the front…

Green is a popular colour for the Canarian island of Palma where the wedding’s taking place so maybe this would be an option. It’s a very useful website too with rolling pictures of all the hats to help you get the full picture.

Well this colour and style is colourful and has a lovely shady brim…

From the 2012 Failsworth Millinery Spring/Summer Collection, this organza collapsible hat has feathers, organza loops and twisted organza strips.

A collapsible hat may be a handy asset especially as we are having the wedding abroad and it would be one less thing to get squashed! It comes in lots of different colours and styles too!

This may be an excellent compromise between a fascinator and a hat . Might need a face lift or a time machine though to get the required look though…

This must be the hats of all hats!!

What about this website now this looks fun! Virtual hat fitting. You have to upload a photo and then you can chose hats and see hat they look like. Or you can swizzle the manaquin head round with a variety of hats to choose from, great fun and it  seems like an ideal solution for the busy mother of the bride or the woman who really does not like shopping.

All this reminds me of a song: here’s a green one and a pink one and a blue one and yellow one

and they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same, well they don’t and there not made of tricky tacky but there are different colours! Mmm well maybe it doesn’t really fit but all the same it jumped into my memory recall activator!! Anyway, looking around maybe this whole hat idea isn’t such a crazy one after all! Mother of the Bride Hat here I come!

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