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Bridal Boutique – African American Wedding Dresses


Phew sorry! I’m still stupidly excited about finding my wedding dress! I keep imaging myself walking down the aisle and Matt’s face when he sees me… it’s a wonder that I get any work done!!   😉

Still can’t believe Mum was secretly writing her own diary too! I particularly liked the moment when she announced to my readers that we got lost… twice! Cheers Mum!! Family, eh?

Oh well, at least she didn’t mention my dress size…


This week I thought we would do something completely different and concentrate on dresses! I know what you are thinking… we do that every week! But, not these kinds of dresses! African wedding dresses are so different and oh so beautiful. The colours, the fabrics, the styling, the hair styles… welcome to a whole new world of wedding dresses. My favourite of all the African wedding attire is the Masai, who live in the rift valley region of Kenya and Tanzania. Kenya was the place that Prince William took his long term girlfriend, Kate Middleton when he proposed to her and A more romantic setting would be hard to find with its beautiful landscape and a fascinating culture that is full of colour and vibrancy. It is possible to arrange a Masai wedding or a blessing in either Kenya or Tanzania so forget about the white dress etc and be inspired by the colourful outfits and learn about the Masai traditions……


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 Wow. Look at this amazing traditional African wedding!

So let’s get the party started!


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The Maasai bride; the colours and details on her outfit are phenomenal.

The masai bride has a red powder on her face, traditionally to protect her from evil sorcerers.

The Masai bride is expected to make her own “inkarewa” or bridal necklace. It is made from leather and covered with colourful beads and is created to reflect her skills, so a lot of thought goes into the making of it!


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The wedding dress is red ankle length and has a white stripe or a fringe at the bottom of it.

All the brides female relatives work on the making of the dress and the beads to show their acceptance of the wedding.


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All the female guests wear lots of bead work and the males the traditional red clothing and cloaks.


Image Courtesy of CrushEvil

The Masai bride also wears a headdress made from colourful strings of beads that dangle from this unusual attire.


Image Courtesy of Wildlife Direct

All of the guests have a wonderful time in their brightly coloured and unique outfits.


Image Courtesy of Africawithin

The Masai men are the ones who provide the music.

I love the bright red clothing!


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The song starts with low grunting produced from the chests and throats of several men.

The other men join in and create more complex rhythms whilst the leader will sing in short phrases. All of this is accompanied by the men jumping up and down in turns, leaping as high as they possibly can.


Image Courtesy of Maasaicricketwarriors

The Masai warriors always prepare the food for the wedding feast as tradition dictates that they are not allowed to eat any cooked meat or food that the women have seen.

Apparently the different types of meat that they eat are chicken. goat and beef, but these are only eaten on special occasions like weddings!

So what do you guys think? Incredible non? I think it’s fair to say that this wedding photographer is in love with this culture and would be head over heels to photograph such an event! It is going on my top ten dream weddings!

Check out this blog post by if you are still not convinced, it is absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning!

If any of you fancy a wondrous wedding in the sun then you can find out more at this link.

Just don’t forget to book a ticket for me!  😉

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