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Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogWARNING!! GROOM ALERT!!!


Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogThat’s right, sorry ladies but this week I am stepping in to the Bridal Boutique breach. On first impression ’tis a scary place, lots of pink and big French words that sound elaborate but have boring meanings when translated to English… still, I must confess the smell is better than the Best Man’s bar…

Anyway, the reason for this little invasion is that I want to talk to you about a subject that, let’s be honest, is largely ignored by the Groom. As far as I’ve been concerned my duty as regards the invitations was pretty much to figure out who I wanted to be there and maybe to help stick things in envelopes. I was pretty happy with this situation until Dom dropped something of a bombshell…

She informed me that our (somewhat overdue) invitations needed to go out immediately and that she didn’t have time to do them. Now it should be said that having been planning a destination wedding for some time we do basically know who will be coming to the wedding and have done for some time, However as Dom reminded me we did promise our guests more information with the invites and are still waiting for some guests to absolutely confirm their attendance anyway, and with suppliers breathing down our necks for numbers we need some RSVP’s.

The thing is, the invitations I’ve come across all seem to fall into that delicate and pretty category of which I know nothing. It’s just not me, and although all the invites I’ve received have been lovely and I’m sure Dom could create something just as nice, personally I have no idea at all how to make them good enough to meet Dom’s high standards. I need to think outside the box…

So I’ve started some lateral thinking in an attempt to find something that works for both of us and maybe isn’t quite so girly. It seems I’m not the only one on this particular quest, it’s amazing what you can find out there and here are a few of my favourites.

Postcards from These postcards may be a little simplistic for some people’s tastes but with 60 cards for £24.69 these are a great economic and somewhat quirky way to do your invites.

Each postcard can have it’s own individual image on it or however many different designs you would like. They’re quick and easy to complete and are printed at the highest quality to ensure a great result.

Imitation Tickets from Special Event Ticketing. Ok, I may be a theatre geek but I think these are pretty damn cool!

You can choose from a range of ticket stencils such as concert, cinema or theatre tickets and completely personalise them to your own wedding details. What about using the ticket stub as you RSVP? These really are something a bit different and could maybe setup a nice cinematic/theatrical wedding theme?

Prices are from around $1.09 per ticket.

Wedding Tea towels from Well these really are something different! How about something funky and practical to get your guest’s attentions! The artwork for these tea towels is designed for each couple at around a £50 charge and it’s then £70 for 20 towels.

The Official Wedding Guidebooks from are a great way to get all your information across, particularly ideal if the majority of your guests will be travelling long distances.

These books are professionally bound and look incredibly professional. You can include plenty of info along with some of your best shots together. If you’re paying your photographer for an engagement shoot this might be a great way to make use of some of the photographs and show them off to your guests!

As it happens I’ve gone a little bit DIY crazy on a slightly different idea which I’m sure we’ll share with you in another post, but I hope these help to prove that we guys can help on the invitation front, and traditional elegance is not always the way forward with your wedding!

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