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Something New, Something Blue

Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogWelcome to the second instalment based on the traditional rhyme: last week we brought you ‘Something Old’ and ‘Something Borrowed” this week we are exploring “Something New and Something Blue”. When I left you I was eyeing up a particularly large blue sapphire in a fancy jewellers in York: well…it WAS blue…and probably more than a day old come to think of it! And I HAD to have something blue it says so in the rhyme and as we all know poetry is nine tenths of the law and I am nothing if not a law abiding citizen! Or is it possession rather than poetry? Either way the law says I MUST POSESS IT!!

Alas, dear Bride Vs Groom readers it was not to be. Matt was sadly *sheds tears* not falling for my pretext that the sapphire was the only thing blue enough to break the wedding curse… like in a Disney film! Cinderella? The Little Mermaid? Aladdin? No?! Not falling for this no?! Shrek? Oh come on there’s always a curse and clearly the lovestruck couple are doomed without it… DOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!

Nope, nothing. So I’ve been looking for some alternatives for all of us. If we can’t have the sapphire just what can we have? Well, it turns out there are lots of options for our something new and something blue.

Want to see? Take a peek but shhhhhh don’t tell the groom, you may still be able to swing a sapphire!

I think that this covers the something new and blue quite nicely!

How about using blue favours for the guests? There is so much choice and it can be a really personal touch.

What about choosing a Tiffany blue colour? Although the guests might think there is Tiffany jewellery inside though which might present a wee problem…

Another option for your something blue is to use blue glass centre-pieces.

Add a flower for a charming display.

Oooooooh I like this idea! My blue suede shoes! A perfect something new and blue!

Gorgeous, fun and a bit quirky!

A little bit out there and certainly not for the shy bride but it is a funky way to have your something blue and new!

If you are a bit unsure of a manicure why not go for a pedicure with open-toes shoes or even closed-toes for your own little secret!

Wow this is so unusual! I have never seen anything like this!

This Christian Dior gown has a surprise streak of blue! LOVE

A small addition to the dress but it adds the blue in such a subtle way.

You want to add blue to your dress but you don’t have the budget for a custom made Christian Dior? Let’s face it ladies few do!

A cute way is to add some blue under your dress. A little surprise for the guests and your groom!

This personal touch warms my heart :)  I adore the idea of writing your wedding date in blue on your dress.

Just beautiful.

If you don’t want to do anything blue during the day why not kick your heels off when the evening do gets going and have your guests write messages on the shoes in blue ink.

An unusual but sentimental keepsake.


And to finish with, what about something that includes all four elements from the poem?

A threepence piece, a silver horseshoe charm, pearls and a blue heart.

An intriguing idea and would look so cute attached to the bridal bouquet.

And thus concludes our tale of old, borrowed, new and blue. I would love to hear your ideas on what you used/are using on your wedding day! Did you take a fancy to the blue shoes? Or did you go traditional with the blue garter? Did you use a family heirloom for your something old or did you find a unique vintage piece from a charity shop? However crazy or madcap I want to hear about it all! So don’t be shy, add a comment to the box or send me an email. For added points can you send an email that will utterly confuse, bemuse or distract Matt, our affectionately nicknamed gormless groom!

It shouldn’t be hard.  😛

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