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BVG Awesome Suppliers: Introducing Christopher Ian Photography

Bride Vs Groom Awesome Suppliers:

Christopher Ian Photography

Today we’re pleased to introduce the latest member of our Bride Vs Groom Awesome Suppliers collective – Cheshire-based wedding photographer Christopher Ian! We first met Christopher a few months back when we modelled for the fantastic Be. Photography Workshops where, despite our very limited time together Christopher was able to capture the beautiful shot of us below! (Yes for our newer readers we do exist outside of cartoon form!) Christopher’s in the exciting process of planning his own wedding right now so he knows all about what it’s like trying to find the right wedding suppliers for your big day, and he’s generously offered a fantastic 10% discount for Bride Vs Groom readers to help you on your way!

But first to get you introduced to Christopher and his work properly we thought we’d have a little chat with the man himself and find out about his perspective on weddings, life and photography… so enough from us, let’s say hello to Mr Christopher Ian!

Christopher Ian Photography

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get started in wedding photography and what inspired you?

I am Christopher and I’m totally in love with photography and more specifically photographing people in love, so you can guess how excited and happy I get at weddings! Being a photographer is who I am and what I do, I honestly do not know what I would be if not a wedding photographer, it’s the love of my life and I’m a little bit obsessed!

How long have you been photographing weddings for?  

I have been photographing weddings since 2009

Whatʼs your style of wedding photography? What defines you as a photographer?

Its hard to classify I think, but I feel I use both fine art and documentary elements, contemporary might be another word for it as well. I just like to capture those moments that are iconic, as well as those in between bits too.

Whatʼs your approach on the wedding day?

Telling a story is the most important thing I think, a personal and unique one and making sure it evokes the highest level of quality at all times. Keeping things nice and relaxed, so there is no pressure or forced smiles, I don’t like to be obtrusive or to dictate the wedding day, I would rather the couple enjoy it as it unfolds naturally, it’s more truthful and genuine in the images I then make.

Whatʼs your biggest achievement so far in your career?

Being recognised by the British Institute of Professional photography/receiving an award form them as well as being known by some of the greatest photographers around, feels very special! Honestly though being chosen by couples as their photographer feels like the best feeling I can think of, its such an honour to share in such an intimate and special occasion.

What advice would you give to a couple when choosing their wedding photographer?

Enjoy your day, let the photographer worry about the photographs and let things happen naturally. I too am engaged and hope to get married soon and for our photographer I would want them to follow this mantra.

What are your favourite 3 photographs you have taken and why?    

I don’t think I can narrow it down to just 3 really but if I have to… The image from East Riddlesden at the be course of you two Dominique and Matt- hee! Just has a light ethereal and vintage feel; love the look and natural elements in this one, you guys looked awesome by the way!

(thanks Christopher!)

Photography by Christopher Ian Photography

(Image 2) is of Rachel from a recent wedding in south wales also has a similar feel to the first one, I quite like the lightness and natural feel this image has. 

Photography by Christopher Ian

(Image 3) again from the same wedding. Rachel’s just in her dress and waiting to go to the tractor for a ride to the field to get wed! It’s a sort of anticipation shot, as you can see a degree of nervousness in her hands/positioning, but also of a bit of excitement as well.

What piece of advice would you give to couples when planning their wedding day?  

Pretty much as I said in my previous point above: just enjoy your day and let things happen naturally, when you let go it’s when the best things materialise, keep it light, relaxed and above all –keep it fun!

Whatʼs your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

Unquestionably…. everything! Traveling, meeting great people, taking great photos and enjoying every last teeny bit of it all. It’s an experience as well as a profession.

Thanks so much to Christopher for sharing a few insights into his photography, and don’t forget if you’d like to claim that generous 10% discount you’ll need to let Christopher know you’re a Bride Vs Groom reader when booking!

You can find more info about Christopher on our Find A Supplier page and you can see more examples of his work on his website, or just catch up with him on Facebook or Twitter:

Phone: 07929 671925


If you’re looking for more awesome suppliers or would like to join our supplier directory you can check out our Find a Supplier page!

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