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DIY Wedding Cake: Candy Wafer Wedding Cake

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s CAKE TIME AGAIN!!! Yes it’s our favourite time of the week: time for the third epic DIY wedding cake from the chaps at and it looks every bit as delicious as the last two! So stop watching the Great British Bake Off and get baking yourself to create one of these amazing Candy Wafer Wedding Cakes… remember practice makes perfect both on the baking and eating side of cake prep, honest!


Perfectly uniform cake decorations are easy to come by when you rely on candy! This four-tiered wedding cake features 12 even rows of pretty dots. The secret is inexpensive, easy-to-find wafer candies. Use a variety of colors, like we did, or keep the look monochromatic. You can further customize your cake with different dot patterns. For instance, instead of covering the entire cake, you could just do one stripe on each layer. Or, create a chevron pattern. The sky’s the limit! Get our clear step-by-step instructions for decorating this wedding cake below.


  • Cost: about $60 (around £38.00)

    Serves: about 60 guests


    1. 2 12-inch cake rounds
    2. 2 10-inch cake rounds
    3. 2 8-inch cake rounds
    4. 1 4-inch cake round
    5. Buttercream frosting
    6. 3 wooden dowels
    7. 20-30 packages of candy wafers (such as Necco), or enough to cover your entire cake


    1. Begin by placing one of the 12-inch cake rounds on your cake pedestal. Using an offset spatula, spread a thin layer of buttercream over the top.
    2. Repeat the process with the second 12-inch cake round and then the remaining five layers in descending size.
    3. Once the entire cake is stacked, spread a thin layer of frosting over the entire cake, beginning at the top, and working your way down. This is known as a crumb coat.
    4. Chill the cake to set the crumb coat before moving the the final frosting step.
    5. While the cake is chilling, open your candy and sort out the colors you want to use, removing any broken wafers. For this four-tiered cake, we used four different colors of wafer candy.
    6. After the cake has chilled, spread frosting over the crumb coat, creating as smooth a surface as possible.
    7. When all the layers are complete, cut your wooden dowels to the same length as the height of the cake. Carefully insert them into the cake, through all the layers for support.
    8. Decide how many rows of candy you can fit on each tier, and then use small dabs of frosting to adhere them to the surface of the frosted cake. Create rows of candy both vertically and horizontally at the same time to ensure the rows stay straight.
    9. Keep the frosted and decorated cake cool before serving.
    10. When it’s time to display the cake, crown the top layer with your wedding cake topper. To create this monogram, we used pliars to twist jewelry wire into the shape of a B. Be sure to shape a stem to insert it into the cake.

    Our Cake & Frosting Recipe Picks
    Many grocery stores and bakeries will let you purchase baked, unfrosted cake rounds, but if you’re comfortable in the kitchen, it’s simple to bake them yourself! We adore Smitten Kitchen’s recipes for Chocolate Butter Cake and Vanilla Buttermilk Cake.

    Savory Sweet Life has an uncomplicated recipe for Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. For a snow white version, try substituting the unsalted butter for shortening and adding a 1/2 teaspoon of butter flavoring. Using clear vanilla extract and butter flavoring will also help prevent your frosting from becoming slightly tinted.

    TOP TIP:
    For additional support for stacked tiered cakes like this one, use corrugated cake boards between each tier. Cake boards come in a variety of sizes and can also be cut to fit the shape you need. 

You can find the original recipe from Wayfair here:

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