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Choosing a Theme

Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogThese days most weddings have a central theme that runs through the day and helps to tie all the different elements together whilst creating interesting decoration and giving you ideas for how to shape the day. A theme can be absolutely anything, from a vintage tea party to a simple colour theme to an Elvis style 50’s diner; it all just depends on what style you’re after. But with so much choice, how do you choose what your theme should be?

Thankfully God invented the internet: a wealth of information and ideas just waiting to be found. For those with no idea where to start there are wedding blogs like this one out there to offer some inspiration. Blogs vary from those that specialise in particular styles such as vintage or alternative weddings and there are those like Bride Vs Groom that will cover absolutely any style. Check out our favourites here. You can also cover two jobs in one by checking out photographer’s own blogs and seeing if they’re the photographer for you whilst grabbing some ideas in the process! There’s no shame in taking inspiration from what others have done and there is lots of DIY information out there to help you do it!

  • Get on Twitter! – There is a massive community of brides-to-be and wedding industry professionals on Twitter and Facebook who will happily send you in the right direction! If you’re struggling to find people in the wedding community check out our twitter page and see who we’re talking to!
  • Another alternative is to hire a wedding planner/stylist. These are skilled professionals that will get to know you and work out what will work best for your wedding from their vast experience. They usually either own various types of decoration themselves or will know where to get hold of anything you’re after. Just be aware that they do come at a cost! If you’re getting married in a venue which hosts a lot of weddings they may well have their own full-time wedding planner who will help you to make the most of what the venue has to offer and is often included in the price.
  • Wedding fairs can be fantastic events to go to as they show you the entire spectrum of what’s out there. Don’t just go to the big ones though, check out the smaller ones at more unorthodox venues to see what the smaller businesses and venues are offering. These are the people who are most likely to really care about your wedding and will look after you the best! They’re also often the most creative people and the most willing to really find a style that suits you rather than what’s financially beneficial!
  • Another great source of information is simply talking to your friends and family! Most people go to a lot of weddings in their lifetime and friends and family can often offer a wealth of ideas to help you along your way. They’re also a great sounding board for any crazy ideas you’ve already had!
  • Don’t try to finalise your theme until you know the sort of venue you’re looking for! If you’re planning on getting married in a medieval castle, chances are that an outer-space theme isn’t going to work particularly well! The venue immediately sets a certain mood and style to the day and the theme should compliment this rather than fight against it.


Our best advice though is to think of something that is really meaningful and appropriate to you. Vintage items like typewriters on tables do look very attractive and are an interesting talking point but unless you’re a writer is there any point in it being there? Does it have any relevance and is having it there really going to enhance your enjoyment of the wedding day? The most important part of the day isn’t the stuff that’s around and how pretty the room is, the most important thing is the bride and groom. Make your day about you, after all your friends and family are there because it’s you that they care about. If you like horse riding, get some horse shoes in there, bring it back to you. If you love Doctor Who then by all means have the guests enter through the doors of the Tardis! Whether you want elegance, uniqueness or just plain fun, there is a theme for everyone and the key to it is staring you in the face as you look in the mirror. So get out there, find your inspiration and show everyone at that celebration just what you’re all about.

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