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Alternative Wedding Rings – Guest Post by Alan Cairns, Ring Jewellers

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

We have a real treat in store for you today! Not only do we have an excellent guest post for you we also have an exciting competition for you! As our regular readers know, we like to do things just a little bit differently here on Bride Vs Groom, so when Alan Cairns from Ring Jewellers started to tell us about some of the great alternative and bespoke ring products out there we were more than a little bit intrigued! We had no idea how many different materials, styles and designs that were available, particularly for men’s wedding rings, many of which you may not even have considered. Ring are experts at looking at all the possibilities out there and helping to create your perfect, bespoke piece and lucky for us Alan kindly agreed to share some of his expertise with us! And if that wasn’t enough Ring Jewellers in conjunction with Bride Vs Groom would like to offer you a brilliant competition to win some fabulous customised cufflinks! We’ll be revealing how you can win later today so stay tuned to the blog!

In the meantime though, take it away Alan!

Alternative Ring Ideas

Looking for new ring ideas? Bored of rubies, diamonds and sapphires? Consider some alternative ring ideas:


Corals are marine animals which live in compact colonies. Among the group are reef builders which secrete calcium carbonate which forms the hard skeleton-type substance which we call coral reef. Coral’s many colours make it appealing for jewellery design. And red coral is widely prized as a sort of gemstone. Red coral is consequentially the rarest type of coral due to overharvesting. Surfers and divers often opt for coral rings.


If you like the idea of having a ring which contains something from the deep blue sea then perhaps you should consider pearls. There are various things to look for in pearls, and in general buyers want bright white pearls which are large and well-formed. The most valuable pearls are white in colour, almost luminous. Creamy or darker coloured pearls tend to be worth less, but very dark or black pearls are considered even more rare and valuable.



Steel rings have grown in popularity in recent years, and are a bold fashion statement. Many bikers, punks and rockers choose steel rings as they want to be different. Compared to other rings they are relatively inexpensive and can look very attractive in a white colour. Steel rings come in a variety of finishes including cold rolled, hot rolled, reflective, brushed, bead blast, mirror, satin, heat-coloured, bright annealed and abrasive. Steel rings are most popular with men, and consequently they tend to be quite chunky and masculine. Many men choose a steel ring to help define their attitude and style.


The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol which shows a snake or dragon eating its own tale. It represents different things to different people, but promotes ideas about both infinity and life itself, about eternity, immortality and rebirth. The name originates from the Greek language and means “he who eats the tail”.


The symbol has been used as a religious and mythological symbol for many years, as well as in alchemical illustrations. Ouroboros rings are popular with those who are looking for something a bit different, those who are interested in ancient religious and philosophy and people interested in chaos theory and infinity.



Traditional Celtic weddings and Pagan weddings involve handfastings, sometimes in place of ring bearing. Swearing oaths before their Gods and Goddesses, a Pagan couple will have their right hands bound together while they make their promises. Once this is completed their hands will be unbound on the condition that they remain together of their own free will.

Alan Cairns writes on a number of subjects including titanium wedding rings and ring jewellery.

Thanks to Alan and the brilliant Ring Jewellers for sharing this post with us today! If you’d like to find out more about Ring or about getting your own bespoke wedding rings designed and created then you can find Ring’s website here or get in touch via their contacts page.

And don’t forget to come back later to find out how you could win our fantastic competition prize provided by Ring.

See you later

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