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The Devil’s in the Details: The Bridesmaids

Dom Matt Pad Photo Video1Today we’re continuing our series of posts aimed at helping specific key members of the wedding party to get the best out of the day and make sure everything runs smoothly with some little details for the Bridesmaids that you may not have considered!


The Devil


If it’s possible for you to get ready with the bride then it can make for a really lovely morning and allow you all to have lots of fun in the run up to the ceremony itself!


As one of the “people in the know” you may well be asked to help with gathering groups together as you’re more likely to know lots of the guests and be able to round people up more quickly. Do make sure though that you don’t interfere with the photography unless asked, particularly if you can see the photographer doing very different things than your own wedding photographer did as they may just have a very different way of working which they are likely to have already discussed with the bride and groom.

Remember It’s Her Day

Don’t forget that this is the most important day in the life of someone very important to you and whilst they may be a little stressed out and nervous your job is just to do everything you can to help and to calm those nerves! Try to preempt any problems and keep the bride as stress-free as possible!

Phone Calls

Suppliers and guests alike may well be having issues on the morning of the wedding and the only people they know to ring are often the bride and groom. Make sure you offer to keep hold of the bride’s phone and screen any calls so that she doesn’t have to worry about anything!

Try Everything On!

Far too often on a wedding day the bridesmaids put on their beautiful dresses only to find that they don’t fit properly. Make sure you try on your dress a few times in the run-up to the wedding just in case there are any last-minute adjustments that need to be made before it’s too late!

Bring Some Emergency Spares!

It’s your job to keep the bride looking her absolute best throughout the day so make sure you bring a few emergency spares! Hairclips, scissors, sewing kit, makeup, hairspray, deodorant, umbrellas… keep an emergency bag somewhere handy throughout the day just in case!

Get to Know the Dress

If possible ask the bride if you can have a look at the dress before the big day so that if there is any complicated lacing up or any little tricks to putting it on you know how to help her with it. Often the bride has only tried the dress on with the aid of the shop assistants and it’s surprising how often this causes hold-ups on the wedding morning.

Help With the Hostess Duties

During the reception there are lots of little things you (along with the ushers) can do to help such as making sure guests are signing the guest book or showing people where to leave presents and making sure everyone’s happy and comfortable.

Liaise with the Suppliers

The last thing suppliers want to do on the wedding day is have to keep asking the bride and groom questions and taking them away from the magic of their day. Check up occasionally on any suppliers who are there through the day (e.g. photographers, videographers, musicians, magicians etc) and make sure there’s nothing they need, that they’ve been fed if previously agreed and just generally act as a liaison to help the bride and groom.

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