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DIY Wedding Cake: Peekaboo Layer Wedding Cake

Here at Bride Vs Groom we love a little bit of wedding DIY! We also love cakes and so today we’re as happy as someone about to eat cake who really really likes cake to share with you a recipe for how to make your very own amazing DIY Peekaboo Layer wedding cake, courtesy of the brilliant We’ll be sharing more amazing DIY wedding cake recipes from Wayfair over the coming weeks so apologies if you haven’t eaten yet but here we go with a little bit of Thursday afternoon deliciousness!

Peekaboo diy wedding cake

Clouds of pillowy white buttercream peek out between layers of rich chocolate cake to create a stunning wedding cake. Skip the wedding topper in favor of a liberal bedecking of fresh or silk flowers. From tinting the frosting to choosing flowers that match your wedding colors, it’s easy to customize this cake for any style wedding, whether it’s a rustic event or elegant affair. We love it for a casual outdoor wedding. Get our easy step-by-step instructions for decorating this wedding cake below.

diy wedding cakeCost: about $37 (around £22)

Serves: about 40 guests


  • 2 9-inch cake rounds
  • 2 6-inch cake rounds
  • Buttercream frosting
  • 3 wooden dowels
  • Fresh or silk flowers (We used silk.)
  • Instructions

    1. Use a long, serrated knife to carefully slice each cake round in half horizontally to create a total of eight layers. When cutting, place a hand on top of the cake and slice through using a smooth, carving motion. Be sure the cake is fully cooled before cutting into it. For a firmer cake that’s less likely to tear, freeze the cakes ahead of time.
    2. Gently brush away crumbs before moving to the frosting step.
    3. Place one 9-inch cake layer on a cake pedestal and, using an offset spatula, spread an even layer of buttercream over the top. Be sure the frosting goes all the way to the edge of the cake. For a decadent look, let some of the frosting hang over the edge of the cake.
    4. Repeat the process with all the 9-inch cake layers, then continue with the 6-inch cake layers, ensuring they are centered on the larger cake layers.
    5. When all the layers are complete, cut your wooden dowels to the same length as the height of the cake. Carefully insert them into the cake, through all the layers for support.
    6. Decorate the top of the cake, between the small and large layers, and the base of the cake with an assortment of fresh or silk flowers.
    7. ​Keep the frosted and decorated cake cool before serving.

    Our Cake & Frosting Recipe Picks
    ​Many grocery stores and bakeries will let you purchase baked, unfrosted cake rounds, but if you’re handy in the kitchen, it’s simple to bake them yourself! We love Smitten Kitchen’s recipes for Chocolate Butter Cake and Vanilla Buttermilk Cake.

    Savory Sweet Life has a brilliant basic recipe for Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. For a snow white version, try substituting the unsalted butter for shortening and adding a 1/2 teaspoon of butter flavoring. Using clear vanilla extract and butter flavoring will also help prevent your frosting from becoming slightly tinted.



    Make the biggest impact with this style of cake by pairing the color of your cake with a contrast-colored frosting. White buttercream peeking through the layers of this chocolate cake is a dramatic look.


    You can find the original recipe from Wayfair here:

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