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The Experts: Hair and Makeup – What To Expect

It’s been a little while but our fabulous resident expert Victoria Farr is back on the blog to share her top wedding hair and makeup tips with you all today! Victoria is currently away being all kinds of glamorous in Paris so we’re thrilled she’s found the time to fill you all in on what to expect when booking a makeup artist for your big day!

The-ExpertsHello again!

Gosh, how time flies….last time I gave you some tips on what questions to ask when sourcing a make up artist for your wedding day and today, I’m going to go through what to expect after making that booking and what happens at the trial and consultation.

You’ve found your perfect make up artist, paid your booking fee and then you will await your trial which can depend on each artist but are ordinarily around 10 weeks before the wedding. By this time you will have some idea on how you see your wedding day styling and had a first or even second fitting of your gown. You may have also decided whether you should wear anything  in your hair, whether this be a gorgeous floral crown, headdress or veil or nothing at all. If you would like some help on this, your artist should be able to give you some guidance.



Once you’ve arranged your consultation appointment, here are a few tips that I pass onto my brides in preparation for that appointment;

  • If you don’t know what style of make up you are looking for, research magazines, celebrities and get a general feel for the look you want to achieve.  One thought I will share is that the images that you see on Pinterest or Instagram have more than likely had some form of airbrush or retouching,  we all wish we had eyes that big, no under eye creases and a perfectly shaped brow, but you know that already, right?
  • Your wedding day may not be the right time to trial something new, ie a bright red lip or smoky eye if you don’t already wear this style of make up.  My advice would be that you still want to look at your wedding album in years to come knowing that ‘you look like you’ but at your most beautiful and radiant.  This also applies to your hair styling, if you are not one for wearing your hair up, this does not mean you should wear it up just because it’s your wedding day.  Essentially, you need to be happy and confident with your styling, as you are with your friends and family and being photographed all day.  Your trial is the perfect time to try a new look even if this is for a process of elimination.
  • I also ask my brides to bring along a picture of their wedding gown and any accessories they may have, this allows me to ensure the overall look compliments one another and nothing looks ‘out of place’.

The Consultation

So you’ve done your ‘homework’ and you are ready for the trial, which is something you should be looking forward to and not filled with dread, I believe that this is all part of your wedding experience and something to enjoy.  Bring along your Mum, bridesmaid or a friend to offer some support whether this is at the make up artists location or at your home.  Whether you are clean faced or wearing your usual style of make up is entirely up to you, however, this could differ between artists on how they like to see their clients, so you may want to double check.

Part of the consultation process should include a few questions about your skincare regime and if you have any concerns.  After cleansing the face, it will give the artist an opportunity to assess your skin ensuring the right products are applied and technique used.  After discussing in detail the style of your wedding day look I personally then build on this, conferring with you throughout, offering my advice and guidance on colours and how the make up should look dependent upon your eye and face shape.  Communication is key at your trial, you should speak out if you do not like something and build on this together with the artist, but also to have realistic expectations.

The trial appointment time can vary, however, I normally earmark around one and a half hours, once you have agreed the final look and you are 100% happy, your artist will then recreate this on your wedding day.  I would also suggest that you take a note of the lip colour should you wish to buy this for your wedding day.

Also, this is a good opportunity to have a chat about any of the bridal party requirements so that the artist can build this into their timeline of the morning and any particular requirements of theirs.

Next time…The run up to and the wedding day itself.
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