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The Friday Fight-Out: City Vs Countryside

These days weddings are taking place in all kinds of venues from village halls to grand hotel ballrooms, and couples have the freedom to get married wherever they’d like all across the country. As part of this new found freedom we’ve seen a lot of city-living couples stepping outside their local area to get married in the countryside, but which is the best way to go? City or Countryside? Time to find out!

In the Red Corner, charged this week with fighting for the city wedding, probably because her infamous trips to the countryside have in the past featured getting trapped in fields with many cows and a rather angry looking bull as well as almost accidentally wandering off a cliff… it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”.

In the Blue Corner, fighting this week for the country wedding – well he’s a Yorkshire lad and loves a chance to put his flat cap on! It’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.

City Vs Countryside…

city vs countryside

Dom: There tend to be a lot more options for weddings in cities – there’s so much choice of different types of venue and large hotels that are used to holding conferences etc. and are therefore well equipped for even the largest of weddings.

Matt: There are plenty of well equipped country retreats with fantastic facilities for a wedding, but also lots of really interesting and unusual spaces that you only find in the countryside – things like barns, village halls, rustic country pubs, beautiful country churches – the countryside is filled with amazing venues!

Dom: It’s easier for your guests to physically get to city venues as the traffic links tend to be much better. It’s also often much easier to find accommodation should guests want to stay over nearby after the wedding. With country weddings you often end up having to lay on buses to get the guests to and from the wedding because of this problem.

Matt: When you get married in the countryside it often feels so much more private. You can wander around out in the fresh air without hundreds of people staring at the Bride and it doesn’t feel so busy and obtrusive.

Dom: Countryside venues can sometimes get quite cut off in bad weather, particularly if it snows or there has been flooding – it can sometimes just prevent people getting there or cause a massive delay to the day.

Matt: People enjoy trips out to the countryside and often choose to make more of a holiday of it when going out into the country for a wedding, sometimes meaning you can have more time with your friends and family either before or after the wedding.

Dom: Countryside venues often tend to go for more of a rustic feel with their decor which can be great if that’s your theme, but city venues provide more of a chic, stylish modern look which tends to be much more in fashion.

Matt: Many of the country’s grandest historical estates and houses are out in the countryside – places like Castle Howard and Duncombe park which are such beautiful grand venues with incredible history and provide the most glamorous of settings straight out of Downton Abbey!

Dom: There’s some amazing architecture and urban art and all kinds of crazy stuff in cities that can make for some fantastic photo opportunities and really creative wedding photos.

Matt: The countryside is hardly lacking in epic backdrops though! Dappled light through the trees, beautiful sunsets, extraordinary natural elements – the countryside is just a beautiful place for a wedding.

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Place your votes below or leave a comment to join the debate!

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