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The Friday Fight-Out: Close to Home Vs Further Afield

Over the last few months we’ve been travelling all over the UK and Europe capturing all kinds of incredible weddings from grand country houses to intimate back-garden receptions and, with all that travelling, it got us thinking: with so many incredible venues spread right across the UK is it best to host your wedding in your local area or look for something a little further afield? Lets see if can find out!


In the Red Corner, arguing this week for keeping your wedding local (even if she did end up getting married abroad herself!) It’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing the case for hosting your wedding further afield, in fact as the designated driver he’d really appreciate it if you could all have your weddings directly on his doorstep, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Close to Home Vs Further Afield


Dom: There’s something really special about getting married in a place that’s actually significant to you as a couple whether it be the place you grew up or the place you now share your lives together – it’s a place that already holds special memories for you both and that personal connection with your surroundings can really shine through at a wedding.

Matt: But there can be a real excitement in going somewhere a bit different for your wedding and creating new and incredibly significant memories there. Every couple has their dream venue and sometimes it’s necessary to travel around a little to find it.

Dom: There’s something lovely about getting ready for your wedding at home, particularly if it’s the family home where you grew up and may no longer live, surrounded by all those incredible memories and keepsakes from your childhood rather than just a neutral room that might be attractive but has no personal significance to you.

Matt: Travelling further afield affords you the chance to get your close family and friends to come and stay with you for longer, perhaps spreading the festivities over the week rather than just the day itself, whereas if they’re close to home chances are they will only take the one day off to spend with you.

Dom: But if you hold your wedding in the place you grew up then your guests may well have family and friends there that they would also like to visit as well as local accommodation which can make everything much simpler from their point of view.

Matt: Venues in your local area may be incredibly expensive and you may get more for your money by travelling to a different part of the UK. For example many London based couples choose to travel to Yorkshire or Scotland for their wedding as you may be able to hire a grand country house for a similar price to something far less grand in London itself.

Dom: Getting married further afield though also has the potential to be more expensive as you may need to pay for accommodation and places to get ready and, not knowing the local area it can be more difficult/more pricey to obtain decorations and other bits and bobs you need as you probably won’t know where to look or who to talk to.

Matt: Many of your friends and family may have been married locally and if you want your wedding to be completely different and individual  to you you may need to travel to a very different kind of venue elsewhere in the UK.

Dom: Getting married in the local vicinity is much more practical than travelling great distances. It’s easier to visit your venue, look for suitable decoration locally, talk to suppliers and transport and story anything you need for the big day.

Matt: With the rules relaxed and so many venues now capable of holding weddings now the possibilities are endless and by looking around the country (or even abroad) you may be able to come up with amazing ideas for your wedding you’d never even thought about when simply looking locally.

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Would you prefer to be married close to home or somewhere further afield? Join the debate by completing our poll below or leave a comment to have your voice heard!

Close to Home Vs Further Afield
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