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The Friday Fight-Out: Famous Date Wedding Vs Any Other Day

Many photographers and videographers we’ve spoken to lately tell us they will be seeing in the New Year at a wedding, and it got us thinking – is it a good idea to get married on a famous date like New Year’s eve, Valentines day and Bonfire Night or is it best to avoid those dates entirely? Time to put it to the debate!


In the Red Corner, arguing for getting married any other day, (although don’t tell Matt but she does find the fact she was married the day before Halloween pretty much the only way to remember the date!) It’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing for getting married on a date of national significance, he himself will be seeing in the New Year filming a lovely couple’s big day and we’re not sure Dom’s too happy about it, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Famous Date Wedding Vs Any Other Day


Dom: In getting married you’re CREATING a significant date in your personal history and its importance to you will be far greater than that of a national holiday so there’s really no need to piggy-back an already important date!

Matt: There’s something special about getting married on New Years Eve or Valentines day, or even having a blessing on Christmas day! These days already have a kind of magic about them and marking them further with your wedding just makes them extra special.

Dom: It might be particularly expensive to get married on a famous date, for example most suppliers will charge a significantly higher fee for being away from their loved ones on New Year’s Eve or particularly Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

Matt: Getting married on Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve gives you an extra excuse to have some amazing fireworks! Who knows, you may be having your wedding at a venue where Fireworks are already planned so you can receive all the benefits without the costs!

Dom: Some people might find getting married on certain dates such as valentines day a little tacky rather than über romantic.

Matt: Your anniversary date will always be extra special and extra memorable if getting married on a famous date and you get to combine your anniversary celebrations with wider celebrations across the country!

Dom: By having your wedding on a date that already has special significance you can end up losing some of the personal significance of the day, for example a New Year’s wedding could end up being more about the clock striking midnight than you and your partner getting married which is really what it’s all about.

Matt: There’s a special significance about getting married at New Year and starting a new chapter together on the first day of the year – so symbolic.

Dom: Your friends and family may already have plans for the most significant days in the calendar and you may well find that they’re unable to come on such significant dates.

Matt: Famous dates are often bank holidays and consequently it can be easier to get everyone together and everyone’s in the mood to party long into the night!

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Leave a comment or place your vote in our Friday Fight-Out Poll below!

Famous Date Wedding Vs Any Other Day


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