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The Friday Fight-Out: Honeymoon Destinations – At Home Vs Abroad

The Honeymoon: a time to unwind from the stresses of organising a wedding, enjoy some alone time to start your new life as a married couple and to allow the wedding bubble to continue for just a little while longer before returning to the outside world. But is the familiar idea of jetting off to some exotic spa hotel in the sun the way to go or could it be that the UK has plenty to offer for loved-up honeymooners?

Time to find out…


In the Red Corner, not exactly known for taking lots of holidays but nevertheless fighting for the exotic dream holiday abroad, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, staying patriotic and sticking to his British seaside routes, arguing for the UK honeymoon, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Honeymoon Destinations – At Home Vs Abroad


Dom: Your honeymoon is supposed to be almost an extension of the dream that is your wedding. You want it to be something truly memorable: a once in a lifetime holiday worthy of the wedding itself and spending a bit more and travelling off somewhere you wouldn’t normally be able to go is all part of that.

Matt: The UK has all kinds of amazing destinations to visit, from beautiful cities like Edinburgh and York to some of the most extraordinary countryside in the world, not to mention having a beautiful coastline all the way around the country to enjoy.

Dom: But for most people you want a relaxing honeymoon in the sun somewhere and the UK is hardly guaranteed to offer that!

Matt: Sun may not be guaranteed but if you find the right location you can give yourselves relaxing ways to enjoy yourselves whatever the weather! One day you can go to the beach, the next find yourself picnicking in the forest and the next enjoy a day at a relaxing spa or go for a little retail relaxation and hit some tourist spots. The UK has so much to offer.

Dom: You can visit UK destinations any time, but your honeymoon is supposed to be a one-off – the holiday you’ve scrimped and saved for to make sure the wedding celebrations don’t end as the last guest leaves.

Matt: But weddings are so expensive to begin with that adding the extra cost of expensive flights and 5-star accommodation can be financially crippling. Having your honeymoon in the UK allows you to experience that same level of luxury but often at a fraction of the price, perhaps even freeing you up to spend more on the wedding itself.

Dom: It’s more difficult to truly switch off and escape your everyday lives in the UK. When people call you and hear a foreign ringtone they know to leave you alone whereas if you’re in the UK they’ll expect to be able to contact you. You don’t want to be talking to your boss or dealing with clients every day during your honeymoon, and if something goes wrong there’s always that temptation to cut the holiday short when flight’s aren’t involved.

Matt: Even abroad though we’re all usually contactable via email etc, the trick is to make a conscious decision to switch off your phone and leave the laptop at home. That way it doesn’t matter where you are, you’re still able to relax and forget the rest of the world for a couple of weeks.

Dom: If people know you’re honeymooning in the UK there’s a real danger they might want to meet up if you’re close to them and spend the day with you to congratulate you on the wedding. Whilst this is of course a lovely thing and nice that they want to see you, your honeymoon is about you and your partner spending quality alone time together, and for most people the last thing you want is to see other people you know.

Matt: In the UK there are no language or currency barriers, there’s no difficulty in finding out great places to go and no difficulty in getting from one location to another. You can allow the spirit of adventure to take you wherever you want to go and do whatever you want and that’s much more difficult to do in a country that’s alien to you.


So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Place your votes in our poll below or leave your comments if you’d like to join the debate!

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