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The Friday Fight-Out: All Night Party Vs Set Finish Time

Your wedding day: the happiest day of your life, a day with so much build-up and anticipation but one that’s over in the blink of an eye. No-one wants their wedding day to end and it begs the question – should you allow it to end at midnight or try to keep it going long into the night?

Time to put it to the debate!


In the Red Corner, arguing for keeping the party going into the wee small hours and as a photographer she’s usually right there with the guests watching them dance the night away, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing for the set finish time like the old 30 year old he is (though he doesn’t look a day over 70 when he dances) it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”


All Night Party Vs Set Finish Time

Dom: Your wedding really does go so quickly and when the party’s in full swing you never want it to end. If you choose a venue where you have full use all night or if you arrange somewhere else to head to at the end of the night you really can make it a night to remember for everyone!

Matt: Most venues do have a set cut-off time and won’t allow you to stay any later as they have noise restrictions in place or need to set up the room for other events. If having no time restriction is really important to you you may be severely limited in which venues can offer this.

Dom: Opens your eyes to the amazing and unique wedding venues out there, don’t be constricted to what the traditional venues have!

Matt: Venues will need to have staff present while you and your guests are there and hiring extra staff to be there all night can be really expensive, not to mention the additional room hire costs.

Dom: Don’t have any staff at all! Some of my favourite weddings were organised solely by the couple and their friends, it can be as wild as you want and very special! Some of the most fun of the entire day can sometimes come in the small hours of the night.

Matt: Whilst you may not want your night to end, weddings are very long days and by around midnight most of your guests will probably be thinking about heading to bed, particularly older guests or those with young children. If there’s only a few of you left is it really worth trying to keep the party going?

Dom: YES always! Understandable some will leave for bed but the party will only be getting started! When do you get the chance to have all your friends in one place? Time to PARTY!

Matt: If you want your wedding to last that little bit longer there are other ways of doing it, for example choosing a venue where there is plenty of on-site accommodation so your guests can stay at the venue and you can have a meal the night before the wedding and a breakfast/lunch the day after, or even make a week of it by choosing a destination wedding where everyone is staying close to each other.

Dom: You can do all these things but still extend the all night party, after all when you have danced and raved all night you will definitely all need a hearty breakfast.

Matt: Cooked Breakfast? Now you are talking my language…

So those are our arguments but where do you stand? Leave a comment to join the debate or simply place your vote below!

All Night Party Vs Set Finish Time
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