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Friday Fight-Out – One Wedding Dress Vs Two Wedding Dresses

Well, to be honest I’ve been a bit worried that we’re all fought out this week after already having a great big budget debate on Wednesday over on the fantastic Boho Weddings blog. Yep, we’re actually starting fights on other blogs now, but really, we’re a happily married couple, how much fighting could we possibly want to do? Fear not, I’ve found a subject that is bound to get Dom on the defensive!

The Bride’s dress is always central to the wedding day. It’s the big reveal, the outfit every girl dreams of as a child. It’s designed to create maximum effect, the only trouble is that the side effect of this is that they’re not generally designed with practicality in mind!

These days it seem a lot of brides are choosing to actually have two dresses – one for the day and one for the evening, but is this the way to go or are two dresses an over-indulgence?

Raising questions about the wedding dress? Sounds like a likely fight to me!
In the Red corner, fighting for multiple outfits, two dresses weren’t even enough for her, she took it a step further and had two weddings! AND the main dress had two different looks! I know, greedy right?! It’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue corner, suggesting one dress is quite enough, he doesn’t even have one dress, let alone two! He was once given a pink feather boa though, but that’s another story! It’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

One Wedding Dress Vs Two Wedding Dresses


Wedding Dress - One Vs TwoDom: Have you ever tried boogying away into the night with a mile of fabric swirling around behind you? It’s difficult enough to walk in let alone cut loose on the dance floor, and (depending on the style of dress you’ve chosen) a second dress to change into is often essential!

Matt: Have you ever tried paying for ONE wedding dress? Trust me they generally don’t come cheap, and after you’ve sold your kidney to pay for the first dress the last thing you want is to think about buying a second one!

One Wedding Dress Vs Two Wedding DressesDom: They may be expensive, but the beauty of the second dress is that you can make twice the impact with that second reveal, and it doesn’t have to a dress that costs anywhere near as much as the main one!

Matt: But you pay so much for that main dress to wear it just for one day… if you’re not even wearing it for the full day can you really justify the expense?

Dom: Apart from practicality wedding dresses aren’t really made for comfort! It can often get pretty hot and a little uncomfortable by the end of the night, and the second dress offers a chance to freshen up a little!

Matt: It’s not just about the expense, it’s supposed to be the one special dress, the one you always remember… isn’t that a little diluted if you have more than one on the day?

The Great Wedding Dress DebateDom: Having another dress offers a reason to have a whole other set of photographs taken later in the day! It’s great looking back through the photos and seeing the two different looks that you associate with two very different parts of the day.

Matt: Well the groom doesn’t get to change clothes… what if the new dress doesn’t match the groom’s outfit?

Dom: Did you just seriously try to make a styling based argument?

Matt: I’ll stop typing now.

Wedding Dress Vs Wedding Dresses

If you’ve got an opinion on the One Dress Vs Two Dresses debate we’d love to hear it! Get in touch via the comments section, our Twitter Page or our Facebook page.

All photography by York Place Studios

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