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Friday Fight-Out – The First Dance: Dainty Vs Daft

As I write, Dom is making worrying suggestions. It’s well known that my inability to dance usually leads to somewhat unorthodox and deliberately ridiculous moves on the dance floor (including a full blown Blues Brothers routine when in the right company!); moves which usually lead Dominique to hide in a corner pretending she doesn’t know me. Right now however Dom, Liam and myself are singing along loudly to the all time classic song “Are You A Man or a Muppet” and my darling fiancée is suggesting with a curiously serious expression whether we can use it as our first dance. The idea of doing something daft and entertaining certainly has appeal, although I think I draw the line at donning flippers and a green suit and doing my best Kermit impression… Anyway, isn’t the first dance a romantic thing?

Let’s find out!

In the Red corner, having decided that I am in fact a Muppet of a man rather than a very manly Muppet and starting to look at a more serious dance style, she’s an expert in the field of the wedding quickstep (though generally only when she’s got a camera held to her eye!) It’s Dom “The Tog” Shaw

In the Blue corner, accepting the inescapable truth that he can never be taken seriously on the dance floor and embracing it all the way, his ground-breaking static-hip shopping trolley boogie has become the standard to which many dads aspire, it’s Matt “The Gormless” Groom

Dainty Vs Daft… let battle commence!!!


Dom: Muppets aside, the first dance is one of those key moments in the day and should surely be taken seriously. Although people are watching it should be a moment where you can get lost in happiness with your partner and just enjoy the moment.

Matt: It’s nice for the couple to share that moment but not when they’re just feeling subconscious with everyone staring, there’s plenty of time for a romantic dance together later on when you’re not the only ones on the dance floor with hundreds of eyes staring at you! Doing something daft might also make you subconscious but it’s better for people to laugh with you than at you!

Dom: The photographer will definitely be snapping away at the first dance, you don’t want to be caught for all time looking ridiculous!

Matt: Actually yes I kinda do… I think that’s all part of it: the romantic bits, the emotional bits and the hysterical bits. That’s what actually makes the wedding special and that is what I want to remember! Besides… we could always just not choose the inevitable photo of me failing to do the splits…

Dom: The guests want to see a romantic first dance and have the chance to join in maybe half way through with their partners… it’s a lovely and traditional part of the wedding, as romantic as sharing your first kiss as husband and wife. It should be a cherished memory rather than a daft one.

Matt: I’ve been a wedding guest many times over the last couple of years and I feel I can be controversial here… after the first 20 seconds of “aww, aren’t they sweet” observations, watching two people do a non-choreographed slow dance, however in love they are, is BORING!!! The first dance kick starts the reception and is supposed to get everyone up and partying… MAKE IT ENTERTAINING!!


Dom: Don’t listen to Matt, he’s a Muppet. That is all.

Matt: Just to check, referencing Miss Piggy in any way, shape or form here is going to lead to a pre-wedding divorce right?

So, dainty and romantic or daft and silly? You decide! Let us know how your first dance is shaping up and join the debate in the comments section or catch us on Twitter… you should be able to find us, we’ll be the ones quoting Fozzie Bear jokes!

Have a great Friday folks!

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