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The Friday Fight-Out: The Speeches – Spoken Only Vs Multimedia

Welcome to another of our weekly wedding debates! This week we’re taking a look at the speeches and, with the growing trend for using projectors and powerpoint presentations in the speeches, discussing whether it’s best to go spoken words only or create a full multimedia extravaganza. So let’s step into the debating ring and meet our fighters!


In the Red Corner, representing the spoken only approach, but then as a Bride she didn’t have to give a speech now did she! It’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, representing the interactive multimedia experience, although as a former events technician working on lots of large conferences you’d think he’d be sick of powerpoint by now, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Spoken Only Vs Multimedia
The Friday Fight-Out - The Speeches - Spoken Only Vs Multimedia

Image by York Place Studios

Dom: We’re all used to seeing powerpoint presentations etc. in boring conferences and they no longer necessarily have the attention grabbing effect they used to unless they’re incredibly slickly produced and can actually end up as more of a distraction than anything.

Matt: But if you do it properly then multimedia can really add an extra dimension and provide you with visual aids such as funny photos that will get a laugh that you wouldn’t be able to make use of otherwise

Dom: But your attention can often just end up split between the speaker and the screen and not really focus on either. A great speech will draw people in without the need for visual aids.

Matt: Using multimedia in your speech can open up so many more options of doing something a little different. I saw one best man this year create a gameshow all about the groom complete with video clips and sound effects which helped to make the whole concept work.

Dom: Technology can always go wrong and the last thing you want is a computer issue destroying your wedding speeches!

Matt: If you’re not a confident speaker then having a multimedia element such as a video can take some of the pressure off you and allow you to gain your composure and do less public speaking!

Dom: There’s not always much time to set up in time for the speeches, and the fact that it all works on your computer at home doesn’t necessarily mean it will all work with the setup at the venue. You don’t want to be playing your presentation to test it whilst your audience are around and this can make things tricky on the day.

Matt: If you’ve created a funny video you can put it on Youtube afterwards for people to watch again and remember your speech!

Dom: Using multimedia can make things more expensive – you’re potentially going to need a projector and/or TV screens, a PA System to amplify the sound, a laptop and, ideally, backup equipment in case of problems. Weddings are expensive enough without adding extra unnecessary costs!

Matt: There’s a reason why virtually every presentation at any major conference or event uses multimedia – done properly it really can massively enhance the presentation and make it a much more interesting, interactive experience.

The Speeches - Spoken Only Vs Multimedia

Image by York Place Studios

 So those are the arguments but where do you stand? Place your votes below or leave a comment to join the debate!

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