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The Friday Fight-Out: Themed Wedding Vs Classic Wedding

Most weddings tend to have some form of theme behind them, whether it be a little nod to Alice and Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s tea party or just a simple colour scheme. But some couples choose to take their theme a little further to make it completely central to their day. From Star Wars to Football, themed weddings can be based on any subject and involve varying degrees of active participation (think guests in Storm Trooper outfits!) but is having such a strong theme really a good idea?

Time to find out!


In the Red Corner, fighting for the classic and rather more subtle wedding, it’s probably a good thing too as what would surely be her bear themed wedding could lead to some nasty injuries, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing for the full themed wedding extravaganza, he has a background in theatre and a lot of friends in the costume department… let’s get this Mario themed wedding going! It’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Themed Vs Classic
Here we go!
Image Source: Daily Mail

Image Source: Daily Mail

Dom: A themed wedding may be lots of fun now but might be something you regret in the future when your theme has become outdated and you’ve lost interest in it. Your wedding memories are for life, not just the day itself.

Matt: Themes can be lots of fun for the guests and help to keep everyone entertained

Dom: Going for a fully themed wedding only really works if everyone involved is fully committed to it which can be tricky, particularly if you’d like all of your guests to dress up.

Matt: Themes are a great talking point for the guests, particularly those that don’t know each other that well and it can be the perfect ice breaker and really encourage a communal spirit.

Dom: Sometimes having a really strong theme can start to divert attention away from the actual wedding and it becomes more about following the theme than actually celebrating the two people in love at the centre of it.

Matt: Having a strong theme really helps your wedding stand out from the crowd and help it to live long in the memory of everyone in attendance.

Dom: Themed weddings can end up being incredibly expensive as you might be looking for very specialist items for decoration etc. Weddings are expensive enough without adding additional cost onto each item you need!

Matt: If you have a lot of guests with children them themed weddings can really help in keeping the kids entertained and interested throughout the day.

Dom: Going for a strong theme can be quite all or nothing – if it works it might be great but if you don’t quite pull it off then you can end up with neither one thing nor the other whereas a classic wedding may have been much simpler but equally effective.

Matt: Weddings are all about the happy couple and if you share a strong passion for something then your wedding is a great platform to express it, whatever your interests.

So those are our points but where do you stand? Place your vote below or leave a comment to join in the debate!

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