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Graphic Prints for Bridesmaids Bring Dresses into a New Era

Today we have a fantastic guest post sent to us by all about the latest trends in Bridesmaid dresses. As couples branch away more and more from the very traditional wedding, styles of dress are changing and looking more towards being quirky and often reusable. But don’t just take our word for it, let’s hear what the experts have to say!

Bridesmaid dresses are changing. Brides of today know they will always be the center of attention and are beginning to desire a way to draw the bridesmaids into the scene through non-traditional dress styles.

The graphically enhanced dresses add an element of fun and help fuel the happy emotions of the day through their cheery contrast to the bride’s more elaborate threads. These patterned dresses can add a dimension of elegance and fun to the bridal party while continuing to be less attention grabbing than the bride’s own gown. The patterns and graphic textures on the bridesmaid gown, in fact, serve to highlight the bride’s ensemble even more.

Aesthetically, the use of patterns helps the eye to discern the main focus of interest, the bride, when placed alongside a non-patterned dress, even if the bride’s gown features some elaborate detailing work which the bride wants guests to notice. The emotional uplifting and spirited feelings of the patterned bridesmaid dresses show the bride in a new light as the individual graphics chosen for the dresses reveal the bride’s inner spirit.

Here are some fun and wonderful graphic bridesmaid dresses. Each brings it’s own beauty to a wedding and each can easily be transformed into dresses the bridesmaids can use for other occasions at a later date. The recycling of the dress into the everyday wardrobe is a way to help create less waste from weddings and to create a greener feel to the wedding. These dresses don’t lose their purpose when the big day is over, but instead add to the wardrobe after its debut in a wedding.

The fun and frolic in these dresses make them a perfect choice in bridesmaid dresses for a beach or outdoor wedding. Later, the same dresses will be appealing for a stroll on a warm summer day.

These lovely dresses have intricate detailing and bold colors. They are great for contrasting the bride’s dress and accenting the skyline in photographs of the wedding later. After the wedding, the dresses make great wardrobe choices for romantic dinners, anniversary parties, and other more formal occasions.

The gentle patterns and textures of these dresses lend an element of fun to the wedding party and create a wonderful contrast to the bride’s dress. In addition, these dresses are very functional in an after wedding wardrobe and can be used for casual to formal occasions.

This very fun bridesmaid dress makes a gorgeous compliment to an outdoor wedding of any variety: beach, backyard, or rooftop. The pattern is pleasing and will accent a more detailed, elaborate gown worn by the bride with bold contrasts. The result will be a bride that stands out even more, attracting more attention on her special day, and a bridesmaid who will appreciate the versatility of the dress long after the wedding ceremony.

This bridesmaid dress is a gorgeous addition to a tropical or summer wedding theme. The floral pattern in bold colors gives the impression of quiet elegance while promising the warmth of a tropical island paradise. After the wedding, the dress is great for summer attire in both casual and formal settings.

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