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Helen Guy – Hair and Makeup Tips and Advice: False Eyelashes


Image by York Place Studios

This time I’m starting a series of summer tutorials beginning with false lashes.

Lashes are one thing that can change a look from ‘pretty’ to ‘glam’ in 5 minutes flat. In my kit I use different types of lashes ranging from Flare Lashes to full on strip lashes.

Flare lashes are like a small cluster of lashes and can be used to add definition and volume where needed. They last until you next take off your make up and really open up the eye and are very subtle. They are my favourite for brides and make a look ‘polished’.

I also use strip lashes in lots of different lengths and thickness all depending on the look required.

The classic English rose look lends itself to flare lashes at the edges.

The vintage look can be finished with lovely strip lashes close to the lash line and gel liner.

The glam look works beautifully with thicker longer lashes.

make-up-tipsApply mascara before applying lashes.

When applying flare lashes you will need tweezers, glue and a washable container. Pour a spot of glue onto the lid or a plate and, using tweezers, pull the flare lash from the container and dip the end into the glue. Making sure you place the flare lash on top of your own lashes, carefully placing as close to the eyelid as possible.

When using strip lashes you will need tweezers, scissors, glue and a washable container. Pull the strip lash carefully from the container and place on top of your lashes. If they are too long trim down (trim from the shorter inside edge). Coat the edge of the strip lash with glue and waft for about 30 seconds before again, carefully placing on top of your lashes as close to the eyelid as possible. Press the strip up to the lash line ensuring the edges are well attached.

Once the glue has dried a coat of mascara can be applied for a blended look.

Go on…have a go!!! Xxx

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