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Matrimonial Music: How to choose a wedding band

Over the last year we’ve seen some truly amazing wedding bands from Rock bands to pianists to string quartets to opera singers, but how do you go about choosing and booking your wedding band? Well today we have a post from Alex Cordwell and Ivy Ellen with a few questions that might just help to both choose and work out the logistics of having an awesome wedding band!


Matrimonial Music: How to choose a wedding band

Your wedding band is vital to creating the party atmosphere for you and your guests to dance away the night at your wedding reception.

There are a large array of wedding bands you can choose from to play at your wedding, so it is important to have a list of questions to ask your potential wedding band to make sure they match the theme of your celebrations.

Here are some examples of potential questions to ask when meeting your would-be band:

1. What type of music do you play? 

It is essential you know what genre of music your band plays so you can make an informed decision on the theme of your wedding reception. It’s also useful to ask if they’re willing to play other types of music that you have selected.

2 Do you play requests?

After a few drinks it’s inevitable that the cheesier tracks will be  requested, therefore it is a good idea to make sure the band are okay with playing random requests.

3. Where can I see you play live?

This will allow you to watch your band in action before the big day to make sure they are good enough to play at your wedding reception. It will also give you insight in to what type of atmosphere they will create when they entertain your wedding guests.


4. Are you free on my wedding day?

You need to make sure that your chosen band is available on your wedding day, as you don’t want to be disappointed when they don’t turn up because they were fully booked!

5. How long is your set?

This will help you to plan an itinerary and give you an idea of how long the wedding reception will last. Each band may have a different length to their performance, meaning you will need to ask so you can successfully plan your day.

6. How much room will you need?

A good question to ask is whether or not the band have previously played at your chosen reception. If they have they will have experience of setting up. If they haven’t then you may need to arrange a visit to your reception with them to show them around so they can plan their setup ahead of your big day.

7.  How long does it take you to set up?

This will allow you to plan in advance for when the band needs to arrive. This way, you can make sure the band has ample time to setup their equipment and do a soundcheck before your guests arrive at the reception.


What did you think of this blog? Can you think of any other questions to ask a wedding band? Please leave your comments below.

This blog was written by Alex Cordwell on behalf of Ivy Ellen, the wedding specialist.

Images by York Place Studios

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