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Integrating Photos and Video into Your Day

Dom Matt Pad Photo Video1As any of our long term readers know we would ALWAYS recommend having a professional photographer and videographer to capture the most important day of your lives. Friends and family should be there to enjoy your day and take it all in, not be worrying about taking photos or videos and the last thing you want is for them to be distracted and actually miss out on properly experiencing the key parts of the day like the speeches and ceremony. In fact we’d go so far as to say a blanket ban on guests using their cameras during the speeches and ceremony is probably not a bad way to go. Outside of the key traditional parts of your wedding though it’s time for your guests to get in on the action…

There are now so many cool ways you can integrate photos and videos into your day outside of the official photographers/videographers and here are a few of our favourites for you to ponder!


The Photo Booth

Photo booths saw a massive surge in popularity over the last year or so and they’re always guaranteed to be popular with the guests! All your friends and family can have so much fun grabbing silly props and costumes and creating the most daft poses they possibly can before seeing the images instantly printed for them and even mounted into a special album with guest messages, what’s not to love!

Or, if you want to take it to the next level…

The Slo-Mo Booth (Video Courtesy Super Frog Saves Tokyo)

Slo-Mo booths look set to be big in 2015, taking the basic idea of the Photo Booth but this time doing it video style! Take the silly props and costumes, add in a little glitter and confetti and have your guests dance around like crazy to create a little slow motion madness! Then, at the end of the night you can have all the clips edited together, add a little music and create a hilarious video to share with all of the guests via social media.


The Selfie Stick

2014 was officially the year of the selfie and lately we’ve been seeing the latest trend to make those selfies a little easier: the Selfie Stick! Issue yourselves and your bridesmaids and groomsmen with a selfie stick and watch them go, creating all kinds of daft selfies to remember the day by!



With Impossible Projects reinventing the polaroid film a few years ago Polaroids are back! Grab yourself a couple of classic vintage polaroid camera, load them up and pass them around the guests on the dance floor – guaranteed to get some hilarious photos as they quite literally shake it like a polaroid picture and with a couple of lines of string and some clothes pegs you can have them instantly on display for all to see!


Instax Cameras and Printers

Or, if you prefer something a little more modern pick yourself up a Fuji Instax instant-printing Camera to achieve much the same effect as the old polaroids, or even pick up an Instax printer so that guests can instantly print their mobile phone pictures to again be hung up or put straight in the guestbook.


Super 8

We adore old film cameras and the Super 8 is the classic video point and shoot. Pick yourself up a bargain Super 8 camera on ebay, grab some film and let the guests shoot away through the evening to get some of that classic vintage family film style. Somehow it always makes me think of The Wonder Years… love it!



If you want to provide an instant sharing platform for both photos and videos then set up an instagram or other social media page and simply make sure everyone knows the hashtag! Pretty soon you’ll be seeing all kinds of photos and videos from people’s phones appearing and if you can set up a screen or projector then guests can even enjoy watching them right through the evening!

So those are just a few of our favourite ways for your guests to enjoy both photos and videos through the day but there are so many options out there that can provide a fun addition to your official photos and video and for once it’s ok to say cheese!

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