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The Friday Fight-Out: Land Vs Sea

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another great big Friday Fight-Out! This week we’ve been looking into some of the more unusual places where you can get married and we came across one that had never even occurred to us before – getting married at sea. At first we thought that a wedding on the oceans sounded like a bonkers idea but looking into it further it is clearly a very valid option and one that warrants serious consideration. But how good an idea is it really? That’s what our “Tog Bride” and “Gormless Groom” are here to help you find out! So let’s set sail into rough waters and see whose arguments sink and who can sail through! (Yes I should be writing puns for the Daily Mail!)

In the Red Corner, armed with her sailor’s hat, stripy shirt and one of those neckerchief things sailors seem to wear, she loves boats and likes the sound of life on the ocean waves so fighting for a wedding at sea, it’s Dom “The Sailor Tog Bride

In the Blue Corner, scrubbing the decks in a delightful rubber ring and water wings ensemble, last seen hanging out near the lifeboat and fighting for the land-locked wedding, it’s Matt “The Landlubber Groom”

Land Vs Sea

Dom: Everyone’s looking for their wedding to be that bit different from all the others and it doesn’t get much more unusual than being married at sea! How spectacular would it be holding a wedding surrounded by the oceans?!

Land Vs Sea

Matt: Getting married at sea is going to be very difficult for your guests – cruise ships seem to be the obvious choice but then your guests are going to be stuck on the boat for potentially two weeks or more… that’s a lot to ask for someone just coming out for your wedding!

Dom: But probably no more so than any destination wedding – cruises can be shorter (maybe more like a week) which is a similar timeframe as flying out for most destination weddings on land, and it offers the guests a chance to enjoy a luxury cruise and have a holiday with the wedding just a part of that! But some cruiseliners will allow guests just to come on board for the wedding then disembark so that they don’t have to be there all week!

Matt: Cruises tend to be very expensive though and, although the bigger cruise ships are certainly well equipped, their holiday is pretty much defined by the type of cruise you choose and what entertainment is on board the ship. For the amount of money we’re talking about most people would probably want to choose their own holiday and destination.

Dom: Cruise ships usually offer discounts for the guests if they’re part of the wedding party and can make sure that the wedding party’s rooms are all near each other and take care of everything for you. They also stop at many exotic destinations as well as having more on-board entertainment than you’d typically find staying anywhere else… perfect!

Matt: Cruise ships may take care of everything for you but that can be a negative – you would probably most likely have to use on-board suppliers for photography/videography/flowers/makeup etc. and they may not be the best quality. Bringing your own suppliers on board is likely to be extremely expensive if they have to effectively be cruise guests!

Dom: You might be able to arrange with the wedding planner to have the photographer/videographer you want to come on board at one particular stop-off and just be there for a brief time, particularly if the boat is actually anchored when the wedding takes place. But there’s also amazing features of a wedding at sea that you don’t get anywhere else such as being married by the captain of the ship…. how cool!

Land Vs Sea

Matt: What if you hit rough weather during the wedding? It’s hard enough making your way from one side to the other when the boat’s rocking side to side on the waves, but trying to look elegant and walk down the aisle in heels while that’s happening sounds like a recipe for disaster!

Dom: Getting married on a cruise ship is a great way to combine your wedding and honeymoon in one! The boat’s are big enough to be able to get away from your guests a little if you’d like some romantic time together, but the fact everyone else’s there means you can also enjoy their company and continue the celebrations longer!

Matt: You’re going to be quite limited in terms of when your wedding can be because you need the right cruise to be sailing – this might make it more difficult for guests to come along as you can’t easily plan for them too!

So those are our arguments but do you agree with our comments? Place your vote on the Land Vs Sea debate below and leave a comment if you’d like to join the debate!

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