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BvG Awesome Suppliers: Introducing Linus Moran Photography

Bride Vs Groom Awesome Suppliers:
Linus Moran Photography


Today we’d like to introduce you to the latest member of the BvG Awesome Supplier family, the fantastic Linus Moran Photography! Linus is a Dorset based wedding photographer, describing his style as documentary and contemporary and travels across the UK and abroad capturing beautiful moments as they unfold. We wanted to get to know Linus a little more and caught up with him to ask him one or two questions…


Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get started in wedding photography and what inspired you?
I’m an ex Fleet Street photographer having worked for the national tabloids for around 15 years in London, along with having lived in Eastern Europe running my own news and features agency.  I returned to the UK in 2009, settled in Dorset and found myself gravitating towards wedding photography as a new career.

The people that first inspired me to get into photography back in ’87 were people like Bob Carlos Clarke for his B&W portraiture, Tom Sheehan (Melody Maker) and war photojournalists like Don McCullin.

How long have you been photographing weddings for?

I’ve been photographing weddings professionally for 5 years now.

What’s your style, what defines you as a photographer?

My style is ‘relaxed’ and mostly documentary.  My emphasis is creating a flowing narative throughout the day, whether I do this purely in my imagery or accompanying audio recordings that I use in my photofilms.  I use these to offer a new dimension on wedding day coverage, recording the vows and wedding breakfast speeches, selecting snippets that flow and compliment in the final edit.

Whatʼs your biggest achievement so far in your career?

Well, I haven’t been chasing any awards as yet, but I would have to say that the biggest achievement has to be ‘stepping forward’ on each and every occasion.  Every wedding I cover, results in better work, polishing my skill set and delivering a higher quality product.  I have been very active in sourcing new and exciting products and will always endeavor to do so.  It gives me a buzz as long as this is happening and I am sure this will continue far into the future.  Wedding photography is a very rewarding genre within which to work.

What advice would you give to a couple when choosing their wedding photographer?

Quite simply there are two critera.  Make an informed choice according to their style and character.  To some ‘character’ may seem a little odd and indeed it did strike me as being the case in the past.  But I can certainly see a difference in the work I produce when I connect with clients and tune in to their humour, it helps so much with anticipating reactions and capturing the real defining moments.

Could you tell us a little about the packages you offer?

My photography collections start from £995 for half day coverage and go up in stages to £2500 (to include Folio book and photofilm video).  I can happily offer a 10% discount on anyone quoting this wonderful site should they be interested.

What are your favourite 3 photographs you have taken and why?

My favourite 3 photographs currently are:

Linus Moran Photography

(above) Father of the bride – first dance.  It was the first time I was still around to capture the father of the bride dancing with his daughter.  Its full of mood and has just enough detail to tell a wonderful story, capturing a great moment!

BvsG Favourite - 2

Wedding speech – A very emotional tribute being paid by the step father of the bride that reduced both the bride and her mother inlaw to tears.  This frame shows them both biting their lips, trying to hold back the tears.

BvsG Favourite - 3

This was from a recent wedding where the shot naturally came together.  Unknown to me at the time the mother of the bride was a keen photographer, whom whether she was thinking pictures, or just that an extra mirror would be handy – I don’t know.   Either way, it presented naturally this double take reflection composition that looked great!  All I had to do was to manoeuvre myself out of the frame, avoiding my own reflection.  It was only on the edit that I noticed the Brides initials in the main mirror top RH side – so another lovely tie in to the day!

What piece of advice would you give to couples when planning their wedding day?

Dont get too fixated on the details.  Yes, its great to have a personal input, its great for everyone to see but the real emphasis should not be the wedding, rather its the marriage that counts!  Relax and enjoy with the confidence that you have hired a professional to capture all the precious moments.

Whatʼs your favourite thing about being a wedding photographer?

My favourite thing has been discovering my change in perspective towards weddings.  Years ago I had an attitude of wedding photography being ‘same thing, different day, different people’ whereas now I love the whole wedding day experience.  I now see every wedding as individual and unique as its not just a ceremony, a legal duty, or a set formula.  Weddings are about the people and we are all so very different.  The connection, the humour, the emotion – these are the things to capture and within which I thrive.  I get a great picture and then I want a better one.  The wedding day provides an environment within which I can compete amongst myself, raise the bar and walk away knowing I have captured precious memories that both my clients and I will love!


Thanks so much to Linus for taking the time to talk to us and telling us a little bit more about his photography. You can find out more about Linus on our Find A Supplier Page or check out the Linus Moran Photograpy Website to see more of Linus’s gorgeous work! You can also find Linus on his Facebook or Twitter Page.

Phone: 01305 755663
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