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A Little Light Wedding Entertainment

matt-avatar WhitenedOne of the parts of the wedding that always lasts a lot longer than you might expect is the wedding breakfast. With so many people to be served and (usually) three courses to get out to all the tables along with wine and champagne for the toasts to be served a simple meal can often end up lasting several hours. For most tables this is a chance (perhaps after a few drinks) for old friends to catch up and have a laugh, but there are always one or two tables with guests that don’t necessarily know each other where it can be a little more difficult to break the ice. The wedding breakfast is also usually the precursor to the big events such as the speeches, cutting of the cake and of course the newlyweds first dance before madness breaks out on the dance floor for all of the guests. So to help build up the anticipation and to break the ice for those just getting to know each other it’s a great idea to have a little guest wedding entertainment during the meal in-between courses and today we thought we’d look at a few options to keep your guests entertained.

Fiona & Matthew-838Pianist Singer

Having a Pianist singer present during the wedding breakfast can be a fantastic source of entertainment, particularly if you choose a singer who’s happy to start taking a few requests as the evening draws on… in fact we’ve seen the odd occasion where entire tables have ended up joining in and singing along to some of their favourite tunes! Definitely an amazing ice breaker but also great just as background entertainment or to build up to the crazy dance floor later on!

Comedy Videos

One of the new trends lately has been for couples to film some entertaining videos of themselves or even of some of the guests before the big day and play them between courses to amuse the guests, our favourite last year being a karaoke music video that had been made on the bride’s hen-do, received with much hilarity by the guests!


Close-up magic is always entertaining and one of the advantages of having a magician at your wedding is that they can go table to table entertaining the guests and getting them to participate in tricks and generally have a good laugh! It’s perhaps one of the most effective ice breakers because you’re almost guaranteed that all the guests will be chatting away for the rest of the evening trying to figure out how those tricks were done!

String Quartet

If you’re trying to create a truly elegant style for your wedding then a string quartet sets just the right tone for the wedding breakfast. Having any form of live music somehow is always more exciting than using pre-recorded tracks even when it’s just being played in the background and we’ve heard some amazing string quartet versions of pop tunes which always have the guests smiling away!


How about a quick game of Bingo between courses, perhaps offering tables the chance to win some more drinks for their table? Another great way to bring guests together and give them an ice breaker for the rest of the evening!

dinnertime-wedding-entertainmentThe Guest Chefs

At one wedding last year we saw a great fun way to add a few laughs to the dinner as a guest from each table was nominated to come to the front where they received chef hats and aprons (and a few other comic items) and were told that they would be the designated waiters for their tables… needless to say various inept attempts to serve the food along with a few cheeky requests from the guests quickly turned it into a comic masterstroke!

Something Completely Unexpected…

At one recent wedding we were filming part way through the dinner the waiters who had been serving drinks throughout the day suddenly came out with an unexpected surprise… here’s the video to show you a few clips of exactly what happened…

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