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The Friday Fight-Out: Honeymoon Destinations – At Home Vs Abroad

The Honeymoon: a time to unwind from the stresses of organising a wedding, enjoy some alone time to start your new life as a married couple and to allow the wedding bubble to continue for just a little while longer before returning to the outside world. But is the familiar idea of jetting off to some exotic spa hotel in the sun the way to go or could it be that the UK has plenty to offer for loved-up honeymooners?

Time to find out…


In the Red Corner, not exactly known for taking lots of holidays but nevertheless fighting for the exotic dream holiday abroad, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, staying patriotic and sticking to his British seaside routes, arguing for the UK honeymoon, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Honeymoon Destinations – At Home Vs Abroad


Dom: Your honeymoon is supposed to be almost an extension of the dream that is your wedding. You want it to be something truly memorable: a once in a lifetime holiday worthy of the wedding itself and spending a bit more and travelling off somewhere you wouldn’t normally be able to go is all part of that.

Matt: The UK has all kinds of amazing destinations to visit, from beautiful cities like Edinburgh and York to some of the most extraordinary countryside in the world, not to mention having a beautiful coastline all the way around the country to enjoy.

Dom: But for most people you want a relaxing honeymoon in the sun somewhere and the UK is hardly guaranteed to offer that!

Matt: Sun may not be guaranteed but if you find the right location you can give yourselves relaxing ways to enjoy yourselves whatever the weather! One day you can go to the beach, the next find yourself picnicking in the forest and the next enjoy a day at a relaxing spa or go for a little retail relaxation and hit some tourist spots. The UK has so much to offer.

Dom: You can visit UK destinations any time, but your honeymoon is supposed to be a one-off – the holiday you’ve scrimped and saved for to make sure the wedding celebrations don’t end as the last guest leaves.

Matt: But weddings are so expensive to begin with that adding the extra cost of expensive flights and 5-star accommodation can be financially crippling. Having your honeymoon in the UK allows you to experience that same level of luxury but often at a fraction of the price, perhaps even freeing you up to spend more on the wedding itself.

Dom: It’s more difficult to truly switch off and escape your everyday lives in the UK. When people call you and hear a foreign ringtone they know to leave you alone whereas if you’re in the UK they’ll expect to be able to contact you. You don’t want to be talking to your boss or dealing with clients every day during your honeymoon, and if something goes wrong there’s always that temptation to cut the holiday short when flight’s aren’t involved.

Matt: Even abroad though we’re all usually contactable via email etc, the trick is to make a conscious decision to switch off your phone and leave the laptop at home. That way it doesn’t matter where you are, you’re still able to relax and forget the rest of the world for a couple of weeks.

Dom: If people know you’re honeymooning in the UK there’s a real danger they might want to meet up if you’re close to them and spend the day with you to congratulate you on the wedding. Whilst this is of course a lovely thing and nice that they want to see you, your honeymoon is about you and your partner spending quality alone time together, and for most people the last thing you want is to see other people you know.

Matt: In the UK there are no language or currency barriers, there’s no difficulty in finding out great places to go and no difficulty in getting from one location to another. You can allow the spirit of adventure to take you wherever you want to go and do whatever you want and that’s much more difficult to do in a country that’s alien to you.


So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Place your votes in our poll below or leave your comments if you’d like to join the debate!

The Great Honeymoon Destination Debate!
The Honeymoon - Home Vs Abroad

Images by York Place Studios

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Wedding Trend Themes for 2014

Earlier this week we shared the results of’s 2013 Wedding survey, revealing the most popular trends of 2013 and so today we thought we’d share some predictions for what’s coming up in 2014! There are some great tips here from for matching your style to your venue and creating a great overall theme so dive in, take a look and let’s see if we can’t find you your perfect wedding theme!

Wedding Trend Themes for 2014-2

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A Photographers Thoughts: Does Better Equipment Make for a Better Photo?

dom the tog bride finalone2Often at weddings guests will either ask me (for the photography enthusiasts) what camera I’m using or simply state “it must be easy to get great photos with that thing!”, a statement that I generally do my best to politely ignore. Even amongst fellow professional photographers equipment is a hot topic, particularly at this time of year when the trade-shows are in full force and this year’s latest ‘game changing’ innovations are coming to the fore, with everyone in the profession keen to ensure that they are never left behind. But in reality just how important is having the best equipment to the professional photographer?

The answer, rather unhelpfully is that it makes both not the slightest difference at all and yet simultaneously a great deal of difference. Allow me to explain…

Having a great, expensive camera has no more to do with producing an amazing photograph than having a gourmet set of pans has to do with creating a Michelin star quality meal. A professional chef will of course choose to have the best quality kitchenware to help to enable them to cook your meal to perfection, but anyone can buy those pans and still end up producing a meal with all the imagination of beans on toast. It’s not the basic facilities that create an outstanding meal, it’s the chef’s creativity, their eye for detail and the way they put their ingredients together that keep even the staunchest critics raving about their food. The photographer’s ingredients are not cameras and lenses but subject and light, the camera is merely the necessary tool to make those ingredients into something truly delicious.

“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”
-Ansel Adams

does better equipment make for a better photo?So if it really is the photographer, not the camera that makes a great image then why do photographers often put so much stock in the quality of their equipment? Well, whilst a great photographer can take just as perfectly composed and creative a shot on an iPhone as on a camera costing several thousand pounds, there is a certain point where the equipment begins to restrict whether or not the photographer is able to achieve their vision for the shot. In their mind a photographer might imagine a shot with a beautiful depth of field, a shot that makes use of that subtle dabbled shadow and brings out the texture of the light. They might take that exact same shot on their expensive camera and on their camera phone and the results might be worlds apart simply because the technically inferior camera doesn’t have the capability of capturing the light the way the photographer sees the world. However, put that same improved technology in the hands of an amateur and, whilst it may help to spark some creative juices, overall the quality of the image is unlikely to improve.

There are other factors too, for example most modern professional level cameras have in-built backup facilities to ensure that if something goes wrong your shots are always protected. There’s also the question of the resolution of the images, the low-light capability which more basic cameras will struggle with and of course the overall feel of the images which the equipment used can affect. Developments in technology do also sometimes create options that were never possible before and in this way having the latest, top notch cameras can allow the photographer to let their imaginations run wild. It’s also fair to say that it is the quality of the lenses that has the bigger impact on the quality of the end image than the camera itself.

So does having a better camera make for a better photograph? No. Does it make for a better overall image quality? Perhaps. There are all kinds of reasons why a photographer will choose a particular tool, and indeed many photographers are now actively reverting to old film cameras because they like a particular look that camera produces. But one thing never changes: the artistry of the image is created 12 inches behind the camera, not in that clever little processor inside it.

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  • Albert Palmer - April 16, 2014 - 12:36 pm

    Amen to that!ReplyCancel

  • Chris Renton - April 16, 2014 - 12:48 pm

    Nicely written. My favourite comment, which I hear regularly, has to be “nice photos, that must be a good camera” :) ReplyCancel

    • bridevsgroom - April 16, 2014 - 2:56 pm

      Thanks Chris and yes we get that one a lot too! Someone put it beautifully though when they said “The music’s not in the violin”ReplyCancel

  • Helen Lisk - April 16, 2014 - 12:57 pm

    Perfectly explained! Might have to carry a print out to future weddings ;) ReplyCancel

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The Hitched 2013 Wedding Survey

Last year the guys at surveyed thousands of newlyweds to try to put together a realistic picture of the trends of the year and today the results are in! It makes for some interesting reading and definitely makes us wonder with eager anticipation what the coming season will bring! So if you were one of those who got married where do you fall in these statistics? Did you manage to buck the trends or were you amongst the majorities? Here are the results!

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The Monday Musings: The Seven Deadly Clauses

Marriage vows are a sacred thing, a legally binding promise and a guideline for how you intend to look after one another throughout your lives. They cover the key points in the marriage which are then agreed in writing via the signing of the register. But, caught up in the excitement of the ceremony and whilst posing for all those signing of the register photos it’s all too easy to miss those agreements hidden in the small print, particularly as many of these are of course inserted at the very last minute during those five or ten minutes when the registrar asks to speak to the bride in private before the ceremony. So today I thought I would let you know just what you might find hidden in there…

Magnifying glass lying on a legal contract

Clause 1: Upon signature of the marriage agreement signatory B (henceforth to be referred to as “The Husband”) agrees to partake, without complaint or reference to higher quality programming, in the viewing of at least one hour per day of poor quality reality television.

Clause 2: The husband hereby agrees that all responsibility for the waking of both signatories shall pass with immediate effect from the previous waking body (henceforth referred to as “the alarm clock”) to the husband and accepts the terms of sub-clause 2.1 and 2.2 here presented:

2.1 The husband shall not wake signatory A (henceforth to be referred to as “the wife”) unless strictly necessary upon pain of death.

2.2 In such circumstances as it is only necessary for the wife to awake early the husband agrees to get up regardless to ensure the wife is up and to find her glasses. Liability for lateness to any appointment, regardless of involvement in aforementioned lateness or appointment, will hereby be afforded solely to the husband.

Clause 3: The husband agrees to apportion 50% of all available time to the provision of taxi driving services for either a) the wife or b) any future offspring. In the event of (b) time allocated may be increased without prior notice and without restriction.

Clause 4: The husband hereby agrees to forgo unequivocally any previously apportioned rights to being in the right and agrees that henceforth it is almost certainly his fault. He also agrees to apportion a minimum of 5% of his total earnings to the provision of flowers in apology for whatever the wife deems him to have done at any given moment.

Clause 5: The husband agrees that any dietary decisions selected by the wife will be adopted immediately by both signatories, regardless of how much the husband just spent stocking up on cake. 

Clause 6: All legal rights to the wardrobe and the hanging of items therein are hereby granted solely to the wife. Any items of clothing belonging to the husband must henceforth magically disappear on a nightly basis and no remnants may, in any circumstances, be found in a pile on the floor.

Clause 7: The husband hereby agrees to take sole responsibility for the removal of any insects or other creatures found in the residence of the signatories. Responsibility for all loft based activity shall also rest solely with the husband. 

So there we have it! Whatever you do, even if you have a church full of people waiting for you, always read the small print, you never know what you might find in there!

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Story Frames: The Dance-Off

Story Frame

We love watching the dance floor at a wedding, the mood is always electric and by the end of the night everyone’s just ready to cut loose and go completely crazy, as we can clearly see in this week’s story frame! There’s always a moment when a circle will naturally form, arms will suddenly rest on the shoulders of the person beside them and in the middle of the circle a comedy dance-off begins. It’s brilliant to watch everyone having so much fun and such a great finish to the day.
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