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Story Frames: The Dance-Off

Story Frame

We love watching the dance floor at a wedding, the mood is always electric and by the end of the night everyone’s just ready to cut loose and go completely crazy, as we can clearly see in this week’s story frame! There’s always a moment when a circle will naturally form, arms will suddenly rest on the shoulders of the person beside them and in the middle of the circle a comedy dance-off begins. It’s brilliant to watch everyone having so much fun and such a great finish to the day.
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The Easter Wedding Inspiration Board

The easter holidays are upon us; a wonderful time for fun, easter eggs, bunnies and of course getting married. We love a springtime easter wedding and there’s all kinds of amazing easter decoration you can incorporate into your theme. So with  a week left to prepare before Easter Sunday here’s a few of our favourite Easter wedding ideas!


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The Friday Fight-Out: The Groom’s Shoes – Formal Vs Trendy

Styles are constantly changing in the wedding world and where once upon a time it was completely unheard of for the groom to wear anything other than the traditional formal morning suit nowadays the groom is just as likely to be found wearing a bow tie and braces or something much less formal altogether. But should your footwear stay formal or is it better to look for something a little different?

Time to fight this one out!


In the Red Corner, fighting for the modern, more casual and trendy shoe, for her own wedding she wanted all the groomsmen wearing different coloured shoes working to great effect, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”.

In the Blue Corner, fighting for the classic formal shoe in a misbegotten attempt to look suave and sophisticated (never going to happen!) it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.

Groom’s Shoes – Formal Vs Trendy
Image by Ed Peers

Image by Ed Peers

Dom: If you’re looking to make your wedding a little bit different from the traditional top hats and tails formal event and a little more fun then having the groomsmen in cool, trendy shoes or trainers, perhaps with a splash of colour thrown in can be really effective and set the vibe for the day.

Matt: Your wedding day is THE occasion where you want to look your absolute best – smooth, suave and sophisticated and wearing a proper suit with a nice pair of leather shoes can make you feel your best ready for the big day.

Dom: But you’re going to enjoy the day far less if your feet are killing from walking around in uncomfortable brand new formal shoes rather than something designed for comfort! You’ll also find yourself slipping and sliding around on the dance floor far more in a slippery soled formal shoe than a trendy trainer or boot.

Matt: James Bond wears nice suits and high quality formal shoes…. surely that’s the kind of look you want for your wedding day!

Dom: With less formal footwear you can integrate the groomsmen’s shoes into your colour scheme and have them all wear your wedding colour or even a range of colours which can look really amazing!

Matt: For those of us that don’t go to formal events all that often, having a good pair of formal shoes that we can wear for future events is really useful and a potentially more worthwhile investment.

Dom: But if you do plan to pay for all your groomsmen’s outfits on the day then getting hold of great colourful trendy shoes is often a lot cheaper than purchasing or even hiring formal shoes.

Matt: Trendy trainers go in and out of style on a regular basis but good formal shoes always stay stylish.

Dom: Whilst having a formal pair of shoes might be handy, if you get hold of some trendy and comfortable trainers or shoes you’re far more likely to wear them on a regular basis with a wide variety of outfits.

Matt: Chances are your groomsmen will already have a decent pair of formal shoes so you can potentially avoid having to buy any altogether.

Image by York Place Studios

Image by York Place Studios

So those are our arguments but where do you stand? Join the debate in our comments section or simply place your vote in our poll below!

The great groom's shoes debate!
Groom's Shoes - Formal Vs Trendy
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The Experts: Hair and Makeup Artist Victoria Farr

The-ExpertsLast week we were delighted to introduce you to the first member of our resident expert panel in the form of Indian Wedding Photographer Bhavna Barratt and today we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our second amazing expert, incredibly talented hair and makeup artist Victoria Farr.

Having had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Victoria and watching her help our gorgeous bride to not only look but feel her absolute best on her wedding day (not to mention all of the beautiful bridesmaids) we’re very excited to see what amazing tips and advice Victoria has to share! Getting the right look for your wedding day, finding your most complimentary shades and getting that hairstyle just perfect is never easy but in Victoria’s skilled hands we just know you’re going to look absolutely fabulous. Victoria will be regularly sharing posts with top tips for your big day and we’d also love to hear any questions you have for any of our experts in our forthcoming Ask the Experts section of the blog. Speaking of questions though, we caught up with Victoria for a little photo-shoot and cuppa tea and got chatting about how she started, what inspires her and how she works on the big day…


So Victoria, how long have you been a makeup artist? 

I have always been interested in makeup and hair from a young age, but my business started in 2010.

How did you get started? 

I wanted to widen my personal interests so I attended Hull College for a year to gain a City & Guilds qualification in cosmetic make up artistry, I never thought in a million years, it would become a reality and a complete career change.  But I’m so glad I did, I absolutely love what I do!

What’s your favourite makeup job ever? 

Having the pleasure of doing my sister’s makeup on her wedding day two years ago was very special, however, as my career is progessing, each job is my favourite as they’re so varied and every bride is different to the last.

Why weddings?

What better way to spend your day, then being around a bride and her wedding party on such a happy and joyous occasion, it’s such an honour.

What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

My personality.  I’ve been told I bring calm and confidence to any bride on her wedding day and a little bit of laughter too.


 What are your top 5 products right now? 

YSL Touche Eclait foundation – looks amazing on all my brides and photographs beautifully

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush

Illamasqua powder blush – ‘lover’

Mac lipstick – ‘Diva’

You’re going to be sharing your top tips and advice with us, but what would you say is the most important thing to help Brides look glamorous on their wedding day? 

Get as much a sleep as you can and keep the skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water, oh, that’s two things.

Why do you feel it is important to have a professional makeup artist? 

It’s extremely important; hiring any professional on such an important occasion is paramount.  You’ve spent lots of time and money on different aspects of your wedding and knowing that you can look back at your imagery with confidence that you are at your most radiant and beautiful self, as each bride should be.  A professional will provide longevity to your makeup through its application and the type of products used and we know which photograph well. Also, from a relaxation point of view whereby you can enjoy your day from start to finish and not have to worry about how your makeup will look if applied yourself and trying not to make any mistakes.  Relax and enjoy every part of the day.

What can a couple expect from you on their big day?

Calm, confidence, reliability and a little bit of fun.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Making ladies feel confident on such an important occasion whilst still looking like themselves, just a little more polished.


So a warm welcome to the BvG Family to the lovely Victoria, we can’t wait to share her first official post! You’ll be hearing lots more from all of our experts very soon (including an introduction to the third member of our panel) but until then you can find out more about Victoria on her website:


Images by York Place Studios

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  • Pamella Dunn - April 10, 2014 - 5:35 pm

    Super lovely and super talented. So thrilled to get the opportunity to occasionally work with her. Great piece xReplyCancel

    • Victoria Farr - April 11, 2014 - 8:10 am

      Thank you Pamella! So very excited to be working with the BVG family.ReplyCancel

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Temple Church Wedding with Tiffany & Craig

Well we’re half way through the week and with the prospect of two and a half days left before the weekend (apart from those of you lucky enough to be enjoying the Easter Holidays of course!) we thought you might need a little bit of a heartwarming lift to get you through the day! Fortunately for you we have just the remedy in the form of Tiffany & Craig’s beautiful wedding captured by the brilliant White Dress Films! If you are in the office though you might want to grab some tissues, makeup wipes and some extra mascara before you hit play, this one’s a little bit emotional!

With the ceremony taking place at the beautiful Temple Church and the reception at London’s elegant Inner Temple Hall this is such a beautiful, classical wedding amongst stunning surroundings and it’s plain to see just how deeply in love Tiffany & Craig really are, not least in the groom’s heartfelt speech.

Congratulations to Tiffany & Craig on their breathtaking Temple Church Wedding and thanks to White Dress Films for sharing this with us today. You can find out more about White Dress Films via the links below:

White Dress

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Honeymoons – Where to Go and What to Do!

I don’t know about you but spending my Tuesday morning staring at a screen whilst the sunlight bursts in from outside has me dreaming of a holiday. My dream may have to wait for the time being but for all of you soon to be Misters and Missus’s very soon you’ll be whisking yourselves away on an amazing honeymoon! So it’s time to stop daydreaming and take a look at this fab infographic from with a few fantastic suggestions for the most exciting (and romantic) places to visit!


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