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matt-avatar WhitenedErm… can anyone tell me what the heck’s happened to all the trees lately? Here we are in the height of summer and there’s flippin’ leaves falling down everywhere! What’s that? NEARLY OCTOBER???!! When did that happen?

Somehow amongst a sea of amazing weddings, (and consequently a now inseparable friendship with my laptop and editing software) the summer has escaped me, although this does mean that it’s time for our favourite season of the year, those crisp Autumn days full of colour and change. It means it’s the time for Halloween and Bonfire Night, for toffee apples and fireworks, for leaves clogging the guttering and shops to start selling Christmas decorations irritatingly early. Oh, wait this was supposed to be full of positives, scratch those last two…

So hello Autumn, I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted, and to that end here’s a few of our favourite Autumnal things to do!


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For 600 years this beautiful tree has stood proudly on this spot, it’s dappled leaves providing shade and shelter to generation after generation of Tom’s ancestors, it’s roots spreading far and wide across their land. It was only fitting then that it be here that the newest branch of the Woolner family tree was sprouted as Tom and Laura were wed beneath the ancient crown of this old family friend on perhaps the most perfect day in all its rich history.
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The toastmaster (usually the jovial fella in the bright red jacket and the incredible booming voice) is something of a traditional part of the wedding reception, there to make all the important announcements and make sure the guests are kept well-informed of anywhere they need to be or anything they need to do. But in recent times the job usually undertaken by a professional toastmaster has often been taken over by one of the guests under the honorary title “Master of Ceremonies”. But should this role be covered by a close friend or by a seasoned pro? Time to find out!


In the Red Corner arguing in a big loud voice on behalf of the professional toastmaster, she does enjoy having someone else to shout for her during the group photos after all, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, suggesting it’s often better to have a friend take up the mantle, but then after years of working in theatre he does have an awful lot of friends who have learnt with their voices to “project darling”, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Professional Toastmaster Vs Guest Master of Ceremonies

Image by Bhavna Barratt

Dom: A professional toastmaster can be a great help in making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the day as with their very official appearance and big booming voices they can be a huge asset in getting the guests to the right place at the right time as well as quietening them down when necessary which is more difficult for a friend with a potentially quieter voice.

Matt: Having a professional toastmaster can make the event feel rather formal which might not be what you’re looking for. Having a friend who is also a guest take care of making any announcements etc. keeps a more informal air to proceedings.

Dom: Toastmaster’s can be an enormous help when it comes to the group photographs as they can shout out and round up the right people ready for the next shot whilst the photographer is working which saves a lot of time rather than looking around for people that the photographer or ushers may not know.

Matt: But your guests may prefer the more personal touch of a designated guest coming around and asking them nicely to come for their photograph rather than have someone they don’t know barking orders at them!

Dom: If your friend is master of ceremonies they’re still going to want to relax, enjoy the day and talk to the other guests and therefore are more likely to get distracted and not be focussed on the schedule.

Matt: Being asked to be master of ceremonies is a massive honour like being asked to be an usher or bridesmaid and allows you to include someone important to you in a key role in the celebrations.

Dom: Toastmasters are partly there in order to keep everything running exactly to schedule. When a friend takes over the role they naturally want everyone to just relax and enjoy themselves and may let things slide as a result knocking you behind your planned schedule.

Matt: But sometimes toastmasters can be so rigid in following the schedule that they at times rush things along that actually would be better to be enjoyed even if it does take everything slightly behind schedule. When a friend is master of ceremonies they are more relaxed and can let the day flow more naturally as they’re not being paid to follow a schedule.

Dom: Toastmasters are often big characters and know how to put the speakers at ease and warm up the room for them which can be a great help for nervous speakers.

Matt: Unless your venue supplies a toastmaster as part of your wedding package then you’re going to be paying extra money to have a toastmaster which might be better spent elsewhere.


Image by Bhavna Barratt

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Leave a comment to join the debate or place your vote in our poll below!

Professional Toastmaster Vs Guest Master of Ceremonies

Photos by Bhavna Barratt

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It’s been a little while since we last published a post aimed solely at the boys so today we thought we’d rectify this imbalance with some top style stops for the groom from Tom Francis at So chaps, here’s everything you need to know to make sure you look your absolute best for the big day!

Hardware Steel Cufflinks

Wedding attire is an important aspect of the wedding day for every bride and groom and differs for each person depending on their style of day, personal taste and budget. Tom Francis – owner of the Men’s Gift Company who specialise in men’s wedding accessories – highlights his top style tips for the groom and groomsmen.

1. Reflect your Style The wedding day is such a special occasion and so it’s important to be wearing something that you feel comfortable and confident in. Just as the bride wants to find a dress that reflects her personality it’s important for the groom to feel at his best too.

2. Compliment the Wedding Theme If you are going for the look of a traditional top hat and tail coat then a pocket watch is the perfect finishing touch but similarly it would look great with a dandy style too – it’s about finding what works for you. At Men’s Gift Company we have lots of pocket watches which make a great gift and we find customers think about passing them on as sentimental heirloom pieces in the future.

Half Moon Pocket Watch

3. Consider Colour Colour is an important aspect of every wedding and sets the tone for the entire day. Think about the shades in the flowers and what colour the bridesmaids will be wearing so the groomsmen can coordinate with or compliment the colour scheme. The Men’s Gift Company has a wide range of different colour accessories to complement the bridal party and it’s good to remember that not everything has to match exactly.

4. Stand Out If the groomsmen are all wearing a certain tie style or cravat, it’s good for the groom to wear a different shade of tie or handkerchief in order to distinguish himself from the rest of the groom’s party and to feel extra special.

Blue Bow Tie 075.Add a Personal Touch  A lapel pin or tie tack is a great way to incorporate a personal element to your wedding day attire. It could be something that resembles your family heritage – at Men’s Gift Company we have lots of groom’s who like to show loyalty to their family history with items such as a Welsh feather tie tack or Celtic design cufflinks or maybe wearing a semi-precious stone that complements the bride’s jewellery or reflects cultural connections.

6. Incorporate Some Fun  Acknowledge a personal memory or make a nod to a favourite hobby or shared pastime with your bride-to-be with some novelty cufflinks. Perhaps you like sport, love music or live in the country, with novelty cufflinks these can be a great way to add a sense of humour to a less traditional wedding or to be worn after a formal ceremony for instance Rugby, Guitar or Wellington Boot themed cufflinks, to show some light hearted spirit.

Grey Leather Bracelet

7. Consider the Bride’s Style  If the bride is wearing a very formal dress then it would be wise to find out what style she envisages for the day so you are appropriately dressed. Similarly if you are planning a more relaxed, bohemian style wedding then a leather bracelet or necklace wouldn’t look out of place as part of the groom’s finished look.

8. Choose Pieces To Cherish  What you wear on your wedding day you are likely to remember for years to come. At Men’s Gift Company we recommend investing in accessories you will want to wear time and again for occasions. By choosing pieces that stand the test of time such as a solid pair of sterling silver cufflinks, pieces such as this will last for many years and make a wonderful keepsake for wearing during the honeymoon or for anniversary celebrations.

Navy Croc Patterned Hip Flask

9. Treat your Best Men  The best men that have been with you since day one of the wedding planning deserve a little treat to say thank you. Engraving an item is always a popular option for many grooms or choosing a gift that they can wear on the day and after the wedding, also proves a popular choice.

10. Don’t Forget the Bride  Alongside you, the most important person on the day is the one you will marry. Treat her to a special gift on the morning of the wedding to let her know how special she is before walking down the aisle.

So gents, we hope that helps you to choose your style, thanks so much to Tom and the team at Mens Gift Company for providing their expert advice!

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