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Today we have an intriguing infographic full of information about the latest trends in Wedding and Engagement Rings from the guys at Perfect Ring. So for those of you searching for your perfect ring we hope this helps to guide you in all the options and fashions out there right now!


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matt-avatar Whitened

Lately we’ve noticed a lot of wedding dance floors bringing out some true 90′s classics, and chief amongst them the theme tune to everyone’s teenage favourite: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Now everyone knows the words and the guests always go crazy dancing away to it so today I thought I’d see if we couldn’t adapt it a little to make it a little more wedding appropriate! So here we go with the new single from the Fresh Groom! You can find the backing track here: 


The Fresh Groom

Now this is a story all about how,
Bride and Groom came to make those vows
Asked their guests to take a minute and just sit right there
To be a part of the wedding of this happy pair

So first thing in the morning the girls woke right up
They slipped into their dresses did their hair and make up
Boys chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
Learning to do up their ties like the first day of school
When they look at their watches realise that they’re late
Got to get a move on got a date with fate
Checked the rings and grabbed their speeches jumped into the car
Stopping only for a cheeky half at the bar

The Groom stood at the front and looked back down the aisle
The Bride walked down towards him with a giant smile
If anything he could say that this girl was rare
So he gave her a ring for a lifetime to wear

They got up on the dance floor about 7 or 8
As the DJ struck a beat and they sliced up the cake
They looked at each other
In a heartfelt stare
And as husband and wife
Found happiness there.

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Today our Story Frame features the lovely Kira & Kevin as they take their place on the dance-floor, lost in a world of their own as all of the guests look on. As all of their friends and family watch their intimate first dance as husband and wife they truly could be the only two people in the world – such a beautiful moment, we particularly love the sweet little girl capturing it on her iPad!
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Last week we brought you our World Cup Wedding Inspiration Board and so this week, in honour of Le Tour De France coming to our home county of Yorkshire we thought we’d take a look at one or two ideas for a bicycle themed wedding! After all we’re sure you’d look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle made for two!


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Today we’ve decided it’s about time we revisit a big topic that we’ve not discussed for a while and one that we’ve perhaps grown a little more perspective on over the last couple of years. This was the topic of Bride Vs Groom’s first ever debate back in February 2012 so let’s see if our thoughts still tally up! So the topic is Church Wedding Vs Civil Ceremony and, for the purposes of this debate we’re going to try to look at points of practicality rather than the obvious matter of individual religious beliefs, and just to keep things interesting we’re going to fight the opposite sides to those we fought originally…


So, in the Red Corner, fighting for the civil ceremony, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, fighting for the classic church wedding it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Church Wedding Vs Civil Ceremony

church wedding vs civil ceremony

Dom: Church weddings can really limit your choices about your day - you need to have been regularly attending the church you intend to marry in for some time before the wedding rather than be able to choose any church you like which restricts not only your choice of ceremony venue but where you can realistically hold the reception as well as it needs to be nearby.

Matt: Church’s are a huge part of the traditional wedding day and there’s something lovely about getting married in the place where so many couples have been wed over hundreds of years.

Dom: Church’s can be a lovely setting but there are so many absolutely stunning locations that a civil ceremony gives you the freedom to have your ceremony at, including getting married outdoors! With a civil ceremony, or particularly a humanist ceremony, you can have the wedding of your dreams in whatever type of setting you can imagine.

Matt: Many church’s have personal significance, particularly if it’s local to where you grew up. It’s always a particularly special occasion when the couple are getting married in the same place where either of their parents were married or in the place where you were baptised.

Dom: Church’s tend to have far more rules and restrictions than civil ceremony venues, from reduced choice in what readings you can have to the choice of music and even the decoration. Civil ceremonies give you the freedom to have your day exactly the way you want it.

Matt: Church’s only tend to have one wedding in a day and are often able to be a little more lenient with the timings whereas venues may have another wedding coming in after yours or the registrars may have a tight schedule to keep meaning if anything runs late your ceremony may be rushed.

Dom: Church’s often are far more restrictive in terms of what they will allow your photographer and videographer to do, up to and including not allowing photos or videos at all, something I have never experienced in a civil ceremony.

Matt: Church ceremonies have so many traditions and ceremonial sections to them that they often last much longer and allow you to really get the most out of your ceremony. Civil ceremonies tend to be much simpler and can sometimes feel rather too short.

Dom: With a civil ceremony you have much more influence over the way the ceremony is conducted, including being able to devise your own vows as long as certain legal guidelines are followed. At a church you have very little control over the way the ceremony itself is run and it may not reflect your personalities quite so well as a civil ceremony.

Matt: At a church wedding you tend to have much more of a chance to get to know the vicar who will be officiating over your ceremony and build a relationship with them which can make it all the more special that they are the one officiating over your day. With civil ceremonies you often don’t even meet the registrar before the ceremony itself.

The Friday Fight-Out Church wedding Vs Civil Ceremony

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Leave your comments to join the debate or simply place your vote in our poll below!

The Great Church Wedding Debate
Church Wedding Vs Civil Ceremony

Photos by York Place Studios



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Today we’re thrilled to share with you another gorgeous film from our friends at the fantastic White Dress Films. Alexandra & Mark’s was clearly such an elegant, classical wedding and all of the emotion is captured just beautifully in this short film. With the wedding taking place at the historic All Saints Church in Melbourn and the reception at the 13th Century Estate of Hertfordshire’s Stately Brocket Hall, this is a wedding full of grandeur, but it’s the heartfelt speech by Groom Mark that really tells the story of this pair, so grab yourselves a cuppa, sit back and watch Alexandra & Mark’s stunning Brocket Hall wedding tale be told.

Brocket Hall Wedding

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