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Well, as part of Dominique’s eternal mission to alienate Matt from all of his Wedding Industry friends, following last week’s debate on the pros and cons of using a professional makeup artist, this week our brave debaters are stepping into the ring to tackle another tricky Pro vs DIY question, this time the flowers.

So, do you need the professional touch to make all those perfect arrangements or is floristry something you might be able to try your hand at yourself? Time to step into the ring and see if we can find an answer!


In the Red Corner, arguing for bringing in a professional (although preferably one who speaks the same language after her own destination wedding debacle of attempting to convince the florist in Spanglish that she wanted local tropical flowers rather than “beautiful red English Rose fora you) it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing for a little floristry DIY, well he does consider himself pretty much an expert florist after once being forced to make daisy chains (badly) one afternoon when he was six, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Wedding Flowers – Pro Vs DIY
wedding flowers - pro vs DIY

Image by Ed Peers

Dom: Good floristry has the power to absolutely transform your venue into something spectacular and beautiful but you need a skilled, experienced hand to do that and get everything just perfect.

Matt: It’s certainly true that some elaborate floral arrangements really need the professional touch, but a lot of couples really aren’t looking for anything elaborate, for example if you’re looking to have a very rustic feel to your wedding then creating some simple wild flower arrangements yourself might be more fitting to the theme than something more elaborate.

Dom: Flowers need to be well looked after to ensure they look fresh and pristine on the day which probably means having the flowers delivered on the wedding morning from a pro florist anyway so surely you may as well ask them to look after the arrangements completely and save yourself any worry.

Matt: Flowers are often one of the biggest expenses of the day and if that can be reduced by doing it yourself then it may help you to release more budget for other areas such as being able to afford to feed all of the guests you want to invite!

Dom: By the time you’ve bought all of the flowers, vases and accessories you’re going to need to create all of your arrangements it’s likely to be nearly as, if not more expensive than asking a professional to do the job who already owns everything they could possibly need and won’t be letting anything go to waste.

Matt: Doing a bit of DIY for your wedding can be a lot of fun, it’s something you can enlist friends and family to help with and enjoy doing together and it makes everything so incredibly personal on the day when you can say it’s all handmade by yourself and your nearest and dearest.

Dom: Professional florists have the experience and imagination to envisage exactly what your flowers will look like on your day and deliver exactly that. They know what flowers will be in season, what accessories they can use to accentuate the design and how much time it will take on the morning of the wedding to get everything in place, all of which is invaluable

Matt: If going DIY you could actually grow your own flowers in your garden specifically for the arrangements you want which could be really lovely and mean you get to see your ideas literally grow into fruition!

Dom: If you’re going down the DIY route then unless you have access to your venue the day before the wedding or have access to a van to transport all the flowers you’re likely to find yourself (or a designated helper) making multiple trips back and forth to collect all the flowers and then be spending hours and hours putting everything together, and there’s always the chance something will have been forgotten. A professional will take care of everything though and get it all done quickly and efficiently.

Matt: Doing everything yourself, including the flowers, means you can ensure absolute continuity across your theme exactly the way you imagined it rather than how different suppliers interpret your ideas.

So those are our arguments but where do you stand? Would you go DIY with your flowers or is it better to bring in the Pros? Leave a comment to join the debate or simply place your vote in our poll below!

Wedding Flowers: Pro Vs DIY
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Bhavna Profile PicIt’s been a mad mad season filled with wonderful weddings, beautiful brides, dashing grooms and a whole lot of guests all dressed in their best. When it comes to Indian weddings, you’re very rarely going to have less than 100 guests at a wedding.
If you come from a large Indian family like myself there is no escaping a large guestlist. Everyone from the next door neighbour you lived next to 20 years ago to the pharmacist at your local Tesco will be invited. OK, maybe I am over exaggerating a bit, but only a tad bit.

You see what happens is that your parents take over the guest list… it soon becomes a big party that your parents want to have. But this is not a bad thing either, it means they will ensure that the party is a good one, and besides if you’re the first born they’re going to want to make a big deal about it, which is kind of cute I think.

SR (316 of 940)

However, a large guest list means you may have to compromise on the venue, there are not many venues that accommodate very large numbers.

A large guest list also means the cost of your wedding will go up, as you’ll need to cater for more people and if you’re having wedding favours you’ll need plenty of them.

Your options are to have the wedding the way your parents want it to happen,  the way you want it to happen or compromise. I think you’ll agree a good compromise is the best solution.

There are plenty of ways to minimize your guest list…

ARTDIPREGREC (109 of 606)

1. Re-consider reciprocal invitations. If your parents were invited to a wedding and they want to return the invite, then sure do so, but invite only the parents.

2. Different events = different guests. I’ve been to a few weddings where the guest list has been divided and it works a treat. So invite a selective list to the wedding and then another selection of guests to the evening reception.

3. Invite your friends but don’t feel that you have to invite their entire family.

4. You can send your wedding invites to your nearest and dearest as soon as possible, then to the acquaintances and those you feel obliged to send an invite six to eight weeks before the wedding.

5. Book a venue you like, before you make a list, this way you’ll have to stick to the number of guests it can accommodate. A recent bride did this, genius idea.

6. You can have a destination wedding. Voila. All of a sudden you have half the guests.

In all honesty though, have your first draft, sit down with your parents, in laws and of course your fiancé and go through all the family and close friends you want to invite, then include reciprocal invitations, be brutal but compromise at the same time. It’s hard to do, but I’m sure there is some sort of knack to it, you’ll get there, and when you’re there you’ll see how amazing your wedding is shaping out to be.


Indian Wedding Photography by Bhavna Barratt

Profile picture by Tux & Tales Photography

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Well, it’s a fairly dreary Wednesday afternoon here at Bride Vs Groom HQ so we thought we’d best brighten things up with some fun and colourful Wacky Wedding Facts to peruse courtesy of fab jewellers Jon Richard. Ah, we do love us some cute cartoons!

Wacky Wedding Facts
Courtesy of: Jon Richard
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When planning your wedding it’s important to really understand what type of style you really want your day to be in order to make sure there’s a coherent theme to your day. So to help you in your quest to find your ideal style the chaps at have produced this helpful infographic to help to show you the path you should take for your day!


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matt-avatar WhitenedAs a wedding videographer I hear a LOT of wedding speeches. In fact I listen to a lot of wedding speeches over and over (and over) again, yet even when the faces of the speakers change I still seem to hear some of the same jokes coming back over and over again. Best Man Speeches starting with the classic “I’ve read that the best man’s speech should last at least as long as the groom lasts in bed… so thanks and goodnight”. Father of the Bride Speeches asking the guests to take one last look at the groom as the bride’s remodelling work begins in the morning. Groom’s speeches filled with praise for the bride right up until the point that he can’t read her writing… all classic lines that, at this stage, are in real danger of having already being heard by all of the guests at previous weddings.

Now don’t get me wrong, for most people you’re not likely to have written a wedding speech before and there’s nothing wrong whatsoever with searching for a little inspiration, but having heard the same jokes over and over again for the last two to three years it’s clear to me that some new material is long overdue. After all it shouldn’t really be possible to play Wedding Speech Bingo and predict the jokes!

A wedding speech is not an easy thing to get right but at the same time it’s possibly the only time that a speech is guaranteed a friendly reception. Everyone always really wants the speeches to go well and are ready to laugh at any opportunity, and that makes it a comic writing dream.

MicrophoneSo if you are searching online for a few tips and jokes make sure you’re not just choosing the top five search results, take a look at the wealth of material out there and find the jokes that are truly relevant to the couple. Better yet take a little inspiration from the style of the jokes and make them well and truly your own. A little tried and tested one liner to ease you in can certainly help to reduce the tension and lessen your own nerves, but at the end of the day the guests want to hear true stories, funny anecdotes, gentle mick-takes of the couple’s traits and personality, not stock jokes from google. If in doubt just abandon the jokes and talk about the couple truthfully and emotively.

So let’s abandon the tired old jokes and find something more original. Take a risk, you won’t regret it!

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We love seeing children running around at wedding without a care in the world and we adore this shot from Alex & Paul’s recent wedding  at York’s Hospitium as the cutest little bridesmaid runs through the park chasing the birds. She almost looks like she could take flight any second herself!

You can see more of this gorgeous wedding via the link below:
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