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matt-avatar WhitenedApologies, dear readers, for the lateness of this week’s Monday Musings but today has officially been one of those days where instead of starting my day with a quick whimsical musings about the week’s events I have instead been writing a detailed petition to the government in favour of cancelling Mondays altogether. As I write this it is officially time to go home, yet following arriving at the office to find a pile of emails stacked in the digital equivalent of a toppling tower of Jenga, a 3 hour argument with a printer (one which the printer inevitably won despite my best attempts to make it print various profanities about itself), various lovely yet time consuming meetings and the general fact there is not enough tea in the world, my original to-do list for the day is yet to actually be started. Although we have simultaneously spent much of the day mulling over tomorrow’s post which is one to look out for!

I officially hate Mondays.

So this week’s Monday Musings are, quite literally, musings about Mondays… I think these images adequately sum up my musings on the matter…



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Today our Story Frame comes from the wedding of Kira and Kevin at Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust with a shot that sums up this fun-loving pair just perfectly… ROCK!
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Wedding Albums. In a world of digital imagery and photo-sharing sites somehow you still can’t beat the touch and feel of a real wedding album. In the old days of course there was little choice but to protect your prints by putting them in an album and, with the option to have your album professionally made by your photographer, this was often how you would receive the bulk of your images. Nowadays of course you’re far more likely to receive your images online or via DVD or USB stick first and consequently having received all of the images already, many couples are choosing to wait longer before putting together the final album. But should you really wait or is it best to ensure your album is included and delivered in the photography package itself?

Time to put it to the debate!


In the Red Corner, putting forth the case for purchasing your album separately at a later date, she’s a girl of expensive tastes when it comes to albums and still sounds worryingly close to buying one of each of the most expensive albums out there for her own wedding… it’s Dom “The Tog Bride” 

In the Blue Corner, arguing the case for getting your wedding album straight away, although admittedly he realises the sum total of his input to any wedding album would be nodding his head and saying “yes dear”, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Wedding Albums – Sooner Vs Later

Queensbury Wedding Albums

Dom: Your wedding album is something to be cherished by not only you but one day by your children and your children’s children and so you want to have something of lasting beautiful quality. Top notch, long-lasting albums are very expensive though and buying them at the same time can make the wedding photography prohibitively expensive at the time of your wedding, whereas if you wait for your album you can give yourselves the chance to save up again.

Matt: Seeing the files digitally can be great but for many couples it’s the anticipation of sitting around with their family and opening up their beautiful album for the first time and seeing those gorgeous prints that is really exciting and it’s lovely to have that as soon as possible after the big day.

Dom: But if you’ve already seen the files digitally isn’t it more exciting to wait and build that anticipation longer so that further down the line you get to experience that excitement about your wedding all over again when the album arrives?

Matt: Weddings are so expensive that sometimes it’s better to get all the costs out of the way at once and then rebuild your savings afterwards rather than have all that expense only to still be saving for more wedding related costs after the big day has been and gone!

Dom: In the old days of film photography there weren’t so many pictures to choose from for your album and selecting the best pictures to include was a relatively simple task. Nowadays you might be receiving hundreds or even thousands of images from your photographer and digesting them all and deciding which ones should make the album takes a lot of time to properly consider.

Matt: Many photographers also offer “parent albums” – smaller wedding albums just for the families which are a lovely way to say thank you for all their help leading up to the big day. If you leave it too long before giving the parent albums though the meaning behind it might be lost.

Dom: There’s so many exciting things happening around the time of the wedding that the album just doesn’t necessarily have the same impact if you receive it whilst you’re still in the “wedding bubble”. Albums can make fantastic anniversary gifts though and give you the chance to really bring yourselves right back to that magical date 1 year on.

Matt: A lot of photographers include the albums in their packages anyway and that being the case there is no financial advantage to delaying having the album made up.

Dom: Designing wedding albums can involve a lot of consultation and consideration and if you’re getting married during the peak wedding months then you may find that your photographer is so busy with other weddings that they may not be able to get your album completed until the quieter winter months anyway, so perhaps it’s better to wait and put more time into choosing your pictures rather than rush to get the pictures chosen quickly and still have to wait for the album to be finished.

Matt: Some photographers only hold onto the images for a limited time as storing all that data safely can be very expensive for them. If you wait too long they may no longer have the images to make up the album or you yourselves may forget all about it until it’s too late.

wedding albums - York Place Studios

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? You can join the debate by leaving a comment or simply place your vote in our poll below!

Page Boys and Flower Girls Vs Adult Only Bridal Party
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Bhavna Profile PicLast week, I went to Green Street in East London to help my friend Nisha look for a wedding dress. If you don’t know Green Street, check it out! It has like a gazillion fabric and Indian dress shops, plus very yummy food, we took quite a few necessary breaks to devour the yumminess. Yes the breaks were necessary. It got me thinking how hard it must be for a bride to choose her wedding dress when there are so many styles, colours and preferences around. I had a lucky escape my mother chose my wedding dress for me whilst shopping in India and I love it.

Whilst many couples will make a trip to India or Pakistan for their bridal trousseau for the choice and the made to measure options you get there, I must say that there are just as many choices now in the UK. You just have to travel to Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford and London, and you’ll definitely find what you want, and as for the made to measure option you can now have that too. There are also local designers such as, Ekta Solanki (, Ziggi Studio (, Raishma Brides ( or Yuvna Kim ( who will get you custom made wedding wear.

From the vibrant colours, the glamour and intricate details to the truly extravagant, we have it all.

Your Guide to South Asian Wedding Attire

Indian wedding wear is full of colour, be it the bride or the brides mother, sister or auntie, and even the guests, all come dressed in colourful sarees or salwars. It’s a happy occasion, so it should be a colourful one too.

In the various South Asian cultures, the brides clothing will have some differences in style and maybe colour too, whilst the groom’s attire has a regal feel to and in most cases will be made to match with the brides dress or will be in a white/off white colour.

Let’s start with the Lengha. This is a two piece bridal outfit, worn by most South Asian brides.  The skirts are highly adorned and have the most lush embroidery, this outfit also has a dupatta/chunni, which is an equivalent to a veil I guess. Pretty much most brides will have a dupatta covering their head as a mark of respect on the wedding day.

Gujarati Hindu brides lean towards the red and white colour combination as per tradition where as Sikh and Muslim brides may have a full red or fuschia pink even a green wedding lengha.

BSWEDDING (234 of 1125)

The Pakistani lengha is different to an Indian lengha in that it usually has a long top and skirt, some styles will have a top that is knee length and more detailed and intricate than the skirt. You’ll also notice that the embroidery and colours are different. The Pakistani embellishment and embroidery is very fine and delicate and usually woven on pure chiffon fabrics, where as the Indian lenghas have a bit heavier work on them and the fabrics are bit more hard wearing.

For the evening reception if the bride decides to wear a lengha too, then this may be a bit more modern and of a different colour to the wedding lengha and the dupatta may not be draped on the head, but on the shoulder instead. The brides sisters sometimes wear a variation of a lengha also known as chaniya choli in Gujarati or a lengha saree, this is a combination of a skirt with a saree.

Then you have to decide whether the lengha should have a trail or not, should be an A-line skirt or a more figure hugging fish tail skirt…so much to think about. I need a cup of tea already.

So lenghas it may appear, are the most popular choice. However, some brides will wear a saree. Most South Indian brides will wear a saree on their wedding and then a lengha for their wedding reception. Sarees are much more harder to wear and maintain. You need plenty of safety pins to hold it in place. But once you have it on, it’s one of the most elegant of attires.

Personally I love sarees, they can be worn in so many ways too. A saree is a usually a nine yard cloth that is made in different fabrics, dyed in different colours and shades and is something that is widely available in most Indian dress shops. You can get simple everyday sarees as well as party wear sarees which many guests at Indian weddings will wear.


The saree has in recent years become a popular choice of attire for brides at their wedding reception as well as something the bridesmaids will coordinate. This popularity is also because of the saree blouse design. Yep, the saree blouse is a hot topic of discussion when talking to all the auntijis. It’s also got more popularity as celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen, Angelina Jolie and The Pussycat Dolls have been seen in them.

The white wedding dress. Yes, we wear these too. We have the best of all worlds really. Many Gujarati Muslim brides will opt for a white wedding dress for their wedding day and then a red lengha for their reception.

Some brides will also opt to wear an anarkali suit that is heavily embellished as an alternative to a lengha or saree. An anarkali outfit is a long dress usually down to your ankles but can be made to your knees too, with thin pipe trousers that resemble leggings and a dupatta. Much easier to wear too.

Most guests will wear either a saree, an anarkali, churidar suit or salwar kameez. The churidar suit is very similar to an anarkali  whilst a salwar kameez has trousers that are of a looser fitting.

bhavna barratt - Asian Wedding Attire

For the men. Well there are three options, the sherwani, the Nehru suit or the suit.

Sherwanis are made up of a long top that is about knee length with churidar trousers and a little scarf. The grooms sherwani’s will be either white, offwhite, red, gold or a combination of these colours and usually matched to the brides outfit. There are also different types of trousers that you can get to go with the sherwanis, you can wear a dhoti, a churidar, a salwar or other funky trousers. You may have seen some images of Ashton Kutcher wearing a toned down version of a sherwani a few days ago whilst he attended a friends wedding.

The Nehru suit. This is becoming popular especially for fusion weddings and for grooms who want a slightly more modern look. Some grooms will opt to wear this at the reception or pre-wed occasion. This is as per the name suggests the suit that Nehru wore the most. High collar hip length top and some smart trousers to go with it.

KB (192 of 668)

The suit. We all know the suit. This is what some grooms will wear at their evening receptions after changing from the sherwani.

Most wedding guests will wear either a simpler sherwani or a suit to an Indian wedding.

You see how I talked about the bride’s attire in so much more detail…well the bride is always more important right? I may have started a debate here!

KB (11 of 686)

All this talk of sarees has made me want to get into one. I have a beautiful pink saree I can’t wait to wear. Now I just need a wedding invitation or a wedding to crash.

Have a great weekend. xxx

Indian Wedding Photography by Bhavna Barratt

Profile picture by Tux & Tales Photography

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Dom Matt Pad Photo Video1Today we’re continuing our series of posts aimed at helping specific key members of the wedding party to get the best out of the day and make sure everything runs smoothly with some little details for the Bridesmaids that you may not have considered!


The Devil


If it’s possible for you to get ready with the bride then it can make for a really lovely morning and allow you all to have lots of fun in the run up to the ceremony itself!


As one of the “people in the know” you may well be asked to help with gathering groups together as you’re more likely to know lots of the guests and be able to round people up more quickly. Do make sure though that you don’t interfere with the photography unless asked, particularly if you can see the photographer doing very different things than your own wedding photographer did as they may just have a very different way of working which they are likely to have already discussed with the bride and groom.

Remember It’s Her Day

Don’t forget that this is the most important day in the life of someone very important to you and whilst they may be a little stressed out and nervous your job is just to do everything you can to help and to calm those nerves! Try to preempt any problems and keep the bride as stress-free as possible!

Phone Calls

Suppliers and guests alike may well be having issues on the morning of the wedding and the only people they know to ring are often the bride and groom. Make sure you offer to keep hold of the bride’s phone and screen any calls so that she doesn’t have to worry about anything!

Try Everything On!

Far too often on a wedding day the bridesmaids put on their beautiful dresses only to find that they don’t fit properly. Make sure you try on your dress a few times in the run-up to the wedding just in case there are any last-minute adjustments that need to be made before it’s too late!

Bring Some Emergency Spares!

It’s your job to keep the bride looking her absolute best throughout the day so make sure you bring a few emergency spares! Hairclips, scissors, sewing kit, makeup, hairspray, deodorant, umbrellas… keep an emergency bag somewhere handy throughout the day just in case!

Get to Know the Dress

If possible ask the bride if you can have a look at the dress before the big day so that if there is any complicated lacing up or any little tricks to putting it on you know how to help her with it. Often the bride has only tried the dress on with the aid of the shop assistants and it’s surprising how often this causes hold-ups on the wedding morning.

Help With the Hostess Duties

During the reception there are lots of little things you (along with the ushers) can do to help such as making sure guests are signing the guest book or showing people where to leave presents and making sure everyone’s happy and comfortable.

Liaise with the Suppliers

The last thing suppliers want to do on the wedding day is have to keep asking the bride and groom questions and taking them away from the magic of their day. Check up occasionally on any suppliers who are there through the day (e.g. photographers, videographers, musicians, magicians etc) and make sure there’s nothing they need, that they’ve been fed if previously agreed and just generally act as a liaison to help the bride and groom.

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