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matt-avatar WhitenedIn the next week or so, whilst on our travels, I will be arriving at the much feared age of 30. This is one of those landmark birthdays that so often prove a time of reflection, of consideration of the future and whether I have reached all those incredible life targets that I swore to myself I would achieve before leaving my twenties behind…

But personally I’ve never really been one for life targets. Sure there are things I wanted to accomplish at some point and still are: things that I’ve worked towards professionally and personally, some of which I’ve achieved already, others I continue to work towards each day, but there’s simply no predicting what life may throw at you on a day to day basis and, as far as I’m concerned, sometimes it’s best to put personal deadlines aside and just go along for the ride. Hopes and dreams are a wonderful thing and an incredible motivator, but if we get too caught up with putting a deadline on them and don’t allow the flexibility for those dreams to evolve and grow then they become nothing more than a fixation – as likely to hold us back as to inspire.

I guess 25 was my last “landmark” birthday and back then I never could have predicted (or dreamed) that at 30 I would be running a successful wedding videography business, that Dom and I would write our own wedding blog, nor that we would even be working together at all in any capacity. Had I followed what would have been my “before I’m 30 bucket list” relentlessly then none of that would have been possible and this amazing opportunity would probably have been forgone. Starting a business has been hard work and meant putting other dreams on hold, but I’m a firm believer that if I work hard and do what feels right then the important things will happen one day, and those that don’t probably never really mattered in the first place.

So with less than a week to go until I hit the 30 year deadline what do I still “have to” achieve before the day arrives? Well as my unanticipated new dream of a job is taking me to France this week my main aim is to find a nice bottle from a local vineyard, stock up on brie and take a day to celebrate before settling in to see what new adventures this brave new decade brings with it.



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Ok, so we have a confession to make. The rules of our weekly Story Frame are that it should be one photo of a natural moment – no groups or staged portraits allowed, and we may have accidentally broken all of those rules this week! However we think you’ll appreciate why…


We just had to show you the full story behind Bride Melissa’s epic photobomb, turning a posed group shot of the boys into an amazing natural moment! Well it has to be said that Ben and Melissa were definitely up for making the group shots more exciting in all kinds of ways… to see more of this spectacular wedding click on the link below!
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Generally on a Saturday we feature one of our Inspiration Boards – a few of our favourite Pinterest finds of ideas related to any wedding theme or style. This week though we thought we’d do things a little differently… One of our favourite trends we’ve seen increasingly well used this year is including gorgeous little quotes throughout the wedding – on the stationary, on signposts, typed out on old fashioned typewriters, carved on trees… the possibilities are endless! So this week we thought we’d find you one or two lovely quotes and let your imaginations run wild as to all the amazing things you could do with them!





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Wedding Videography has gone through major changes in the last few years and whereas before it was all about setting up a camera at the back of the church, hitting record and presenting the full recording to the bride and groom, nowadays it tends to be much more about showing highlighted coverage of the full day. However many videographers do offer full coverage of the speeches and ceremony in addition to their highlights films so that you have these important parts of the day in full as separate films in their own right. But is it necessary to have the full coverage or will highlights suffice? Time to find out!


In the Red Corner, arguing FOR having the additional full speech and ceremony coverage, as a regular attendee of weddings she loves seeing all the little moments that happen during these key parts of the day, particularly the groom’s reaction to the best man speech! It’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing AGAINST full recording of the speeches and ceremony, he also loves the speeches and ceremony but as a videographer himself is less excited about the prospect of editing all the footage afterwards, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Wedding Videos – Full Speeches & Ceremony Vs Highlights Only



Dom: Whilst highlights films are a great way to show you the full day there are inevitably going to be details that just don’t fit into the edit. Having the ceremony and speeches recorded in full means that you’re not going to miss anything during these really important parts of the day.

Matt: Highlights films are designed to inspire your own perfect memories of the event and show you all of the best and most important moments of the speeches and ceremony. Sometimes having the event in full actually has a slightly detrimental effect on your memory of the day because they show the things that went wrong, they include the bit where you said the wrong thing , they show everything warts and all.

Dom: When producing speech & ceremony coverage these days most videographers use multiple camera angles and top quality sound equipment so that the speech and ceremony films are edited together in an interesting way and are really enjoyable to watch.

Matt: When producing highlights films many videographers like to record quite a wide range of shots during the ceremony and speeches to capture lots of reactions and little moments that go on aside from the people speaking which requires a little bit of movement to get the best shots. However if recording the speeches and ceremony in full (depending on the size of the team) they are likely to no longer have the freedom to move as they need a continuous shot which can impair the quality and range of shots that they can include in the highlights film.

Dom: Often key family members or friends are for one reason or another unable to attend the wedding, but if you’re able to share a full video of the speeches and ceremony as well as highlights taken throughout the day then they at least don’t miss out on seeing anything.

Matt: Having the speeches and ceremony recorded in full is likely to add a lot of extra cost to hiring your videographer as this requires a lot of additional editing time as well as extra equipment to make sure they have everything covered.

Dom: Often the speakers themselves (as well as the couple during the ceremony) are so nervous that they don’t necessarily listen to everything fully on the day itself (particularly any speeches before their own!) Having the videos to look back on means they can see it properly, often more or less for the first time.

Matt: Whilst the highlights films are something most couples watch over and over again, speeches and ceremony videos tend only to be watched once in a blue moon so it’s worth considering whether it’s worth the extra expense.


So those are our points but where do you stand? Leave a comment to join in the debate or simply place your vote in our poll below!

Wedding Videos - Full Speeches & Ceremony Vs Highlights Only

Images by York Place Studios

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Bhavna Profile PicI’m blessed to have a job where not only do I get to meet amazing couples and their families, but also come across some talented wedding suppliers. Many of my couples will often ask if I know a mandap provider or a make up artist for instance.

There is a lack of using wedding planners or coordinators in the Asian wedding industry and its not that there aren’t any talented wedding planners out there, it’s usually the perception of how expensive it might be to use a wedding planner.

I’ve done a few weddings with some very good planners who have made the day run so smoothly, the couple and their families were so relaxed and it was something that reflected in the photos too.

When you’re planning your Indian wedding there are lots of things to consider and I can understand that it must seem daunting to find a caterer to supply food for 350 people, in my opinion just stay calm and drink some chai…ok maybe that’s not the solution, but how many tasting sessions do you need to attend?

The most important thing that you’ll do is get your dates, once that is sorted you’ll probably get your venue sorted, which can be a lengthy task depending on your location and the number of guests you’re having, luckily there are quite a few venues now around the UK that will cater specifically for Indian weddings, so it’s worth checking those out too. Sometimes you’ll need to travel slightly out of your desired location to get that dream venue.

planning your big fat indian wedding - the venue Bhavna Barratt

When you’re looking at a venue, things you’d like to consider are:

Capacity, this will be of the utmost importance and you’ll need to know seating and standing capacity incase you change your evening reception set up.

Catering. Most venues allow you to bring in an outside caterer as long as they have all the licenses and certificates in place, but some venues will have their own in-house caterers or preferred vendors.

Parking. Well, if you’re going to invite 200 guests, you’re going to have to think about this. If you choose a venue that doesn’t have its own car park facilities you’ll have to think about hiring out some car parking spaces maybe? One to think about.

Extra rooms, always good to have some spare rooms at the venue where you can get ready or freshen up and maybe stay the night, you might find its the best option after all the balle balle you’ll have done!

The venue, Bhavna Barratt, Planning your big fat indian wedding

It’s also a good option to find out if they have an in-house wedding coordinator who can help you plan your wedding day. They have insider knowledge too, which can prove to be very useful.

Costs. You’ll want to find out if the venue is all-inclusive or not. Some venues only provide the room itself meaning you’ll have extra costs to consider. Other venues may provide table linen, cutlery etc and make it more cost efficient.

Try and visit the venue at the time that your wedding will be taking place if you can this will allow you to get the feel of what it will be like on your day. Always good to know how dark or light the room will be at that time, if it will fit in with your décor and ideas that you have and don’t forget to have a second visit.

You may also want to find out if the venue is registered for civil ceremonies if that is something you will want to include on your wedding day.

planning your big fat indian wedding - the venue

Have a cuppa, do some research, make some calls, visit some venues and hopefully the above will come in handy!

Happy wedding planning.

Bhav xx

Indian Wedding Photography by Bhavna Barratt

Profile picture by Tux & Tales Photography

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It seems everyone’s talking about the recent South of France wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and, as team Bride Vs Groom get ready to travel across the channel to capture a gorgeous French wedding ourselves we got to thinking are there other French locations that might be just as glamorous? Well lucky for us we received a little info about just such a venue to wow your guests… Doesn’t that dress look stunning!


Brad and Ange’s South Of France Surprise

Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie wed last Saturday in a small chapel near their house at the Chateau Miraval. The location of the surprise wedding doesn’t come as a shock as the couple have lived in the south of France since 2008. Brad and Ange’s £35 million estate, in a tiny village called Brignoles, was a big project to take on, with the couple developing it into a luxury contemporary mansion complete with hot tubs, spa, steam rooms, gym, improved helicopter landing and large wine cellar. The house has 35 rooms and the estate includes a private vineyard, moat, forest and lake.

Steal their style

Find sweeping gardens, modern design and absolute luxury in Notre Dame Du Val, a majestic house close to the town of Aix-en-Provence. Sleeping 12 people, the mansion is perfect for an intimate wedding, set in 25 acres of lavender, olive groves and fruit orchards interspersed with cypress and oak trees. This grand property has a large swimming pool, tennis court and a gym in the orangery. An ornate fountain adorns the front of the property, with mature trees providing welcome shaded areas from which to enjoy the view of the Massif de l’Étoile. There is an 18-hole golf course virtually next door to the house, and charming Aix-en-Provence, often referred to as the ‘town of a thousand fountains’ is close by, with its picturesque street restaurants and boutique shops.

Notre Dame Du Val 3Notre Dame Du Val 2

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