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Weymouth Wedding

Rock n’ Roll…

Today we’re thrilled to feature a Weymouth Wedding captured by the latest addition to the Bride Vs Groom awesome supplier family – Linus Moran Photography. It’s not often that the Groom’s hair demands more attention than the bride’s but then Adam & Stephanie are no ordinary bride and groom…

Double Bass player Adam and singer and clothing designer (check out those hand-made Bridesmaid dresses!) Stephanie met through their love of music, playing and singing in the same band and it definitely showed in their handmade Rock n’ Roll Wedding. With place settings lovingly crafted from genuine vinyl LP’s (including albums carefully selected for the guests concerned!) and that Rock n’ Roll feel present in everything from the groom’s shoes to his handcrafted buttonhole made from a musical score, perhaps our favourite touch is the painstakingly customised party poppers, remade to fire musical notes in place of the original streamers. For these music lovers though there’s no substitute for the real thing and it will have come as no surprise to the guests to see an awesome band take to the stage (complete with double bass of course!) to get the guests up on their feet and raise the Riviera Hotel’s dramatic art deco roof as they partied away into the night.

We recently featured one frame from this wedding as our weekly Story Frame with an image focussing on the perhaps unexpectedly sentimental father of the bride. Here the picture is complete, with the alpha-male ex-military dad well and truly revealing his softer side in an emotional father-daughter dance…

Thanks to Linus for sending us this fantastic wedding, we hope you enjoy his take on Adam & Stephanie’s handmade Rock n’ Roll Wedding!

Adam & Stephanie-049Adam & Stephanie-064Adam & Stephanie-093Adam & Stephanie-096Adam & Stephanie-098Adam & Stephanie-103Adam & Stephanie-110Adam & Stephanie-113Adam & Stephanie-115Adam & Stephanie-135Adam & Stephanie-181Adam & Stephanie-244Adam & Stephanie-256Adam & Stephanie-260Adam & Stephanie-266Adam & Stephanie-273Adam & Stephanie-303Adam & Stephanie-304Adam & Stephanie-321Adam & Stephanie-324Adam & Stephanie-332Adam & Stephanie-342Adam & Stephanie-350

Adam & Stephanie-746Adam & Stephanie-356Adam & Stephanie-367Adam & Stephanie-432Adam & Stephanie-433Adam & Stephanie-435Adam & Stephanie-451Adam & Stephanie-491Adam & Stephanie-507THINAdam & Stephanie-530Adam & Stephanie-592Adam & Stephanie-605Adam & Stephanie-611Adam & Stephanie-624Adam & Stephanie-637Adam & Stephanie-770Adam & Stephanie-780
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  • Linus - August 20, 2014 - 8:39 am

    Thanks for the wonderful feature Dom & Liam. Great write up and great picture layout!
    A wonderful wedding celebration with superb people, a real pleasure to capture.ReplyCancel

  • Boho's Best Bits - W/C 18th August - August 24, 2014 - 7:59 am

    […] A Rock n Roll Weymouth Wedding. By Bride vs Groom […]ReplyCancel

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We love a bit of personalised wedding stationary and there’s nothing quite like stamping your own monogram as a couple  to your stationary to add a real personal touch to any decorations and favours. So, courtesy of our friends at Simply Bridal, today we have a great infographic to help bring your wedding Monograms up to date!


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matt-avatar WhitenedPaddington (aka Small Dog) is going on a journey. After being told he needed to get himself a doggy passport (cue some argumentative barking about being a bear not a dog) he seems to have gotten really rather excited about the idea of going back to visit his home land of Peru. In fact so excited was the barking that we didn’t have the heart to tell him that firstly he’s not actually from Peru and secondly that Normandy is not strictly speaking within Peruvian national borders. Still, it’s definitely time to pack up the famous brown suitcase and get on his travels.

This particular trip is an exciting one not just for Small Dog but for all the BvG team as we’ll be heading out to France to film and photograph an amazing wedding followed by my (ahem) 30th birthday celebration in a nearby French Gite. The very fact that it looks like I will reach my 30th birthday seems to be viewed as personal failure on Small Dog’s part, although come to think of it he did look at me with an evil glint in his eye when he heard we would be travelling by boat… perhaps i’d better practice a doggy paddle of my own!

Having never had a passport before though Paddington has been struggling a little with getting a good passport photo, in fact several of his initial attempts have already been rejected…


Maybe he won’t be having that dream romantic trip to France with Dom after all…

paddington Whitened Tight

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When we picture the Bride and Bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding I think we all imagine a fairly glamorous affair but it’s certainly not always the case! We love this shot by Laura Babb of Babb Photo as the bride fights her way into the dress assisted by the many arms of her bridesmaids! It’s a great fun moment, we just hope she achieved the feat without messing up her hair and makeup!

We’re looking forward to sharing more from this amazing wedding coming soon to the blog!
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Well, our “gormless groom” may not be so gormless about weddings these days after a few years in the industry as both blogger and videographer, but today we’ve decided to take him out of his comfort zone and see if we witness a spectacular return to form as we put him into the ring to tackle something he knows absolutely nothing about: hair and makeup! Every girl wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day, but the question of the day is this: should you go with something more naturally in keeping with your usual look or is it better to change things up and go for all-out glam? Time to put it to the debate!


In the Red Corner, playing the girly card and going for all-out glam, never has a girl tried so many makeup tests as in the run-in to her own wedding (p.s. thanks to the ladies at Brown’s, John Lewis, Debenhams and pretty much every shop with a resident makeup artist in the York and indeed Birmingham area for humouring her…) it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, being pitied enough to at least only have to fight the natural makeup side of the argument but brushing up (get it?!) on his mascara and err… other types of makeup knowledge nonetheless, it’s Matt “The Definitely Gormless In This Case Groom”

Hair and Makeup – Glammed Up Vs Natural


Dom: As the bride you want to look and feel completely fabulous on your wedding day and really blow everyone away (particularly your groom) when you walk down that aisle looking a little different from your normal look and absolutely perfect.

Matt: Weddings are about committing to the person you fell in love with and saying you love them just the way they are, without the need to change or impress you. Whilst you of course want to look your best changing your appearance completely on the wedding day seems to contradict what it’s all about.

Dom: But changing your look for the day doesn’t change who you are as a person and your wedding day is one of the few chances you have to really pamper yourself, put on the most beautiful dress you’ll ever wear and make yourself look and feel like a princess.

Matt: Having a completely different look can sometimes be empowering but sometimes can just leave you feeling uncomfortable and not yourself. Feeling like someone else on your wedding day is the last thing you want!

Dom: Many brides will hire a hair and makeup artist for their big day and it’s one of the few occasions you really can try something different knowing that they have the skill and expertise to make you look absolutely incredible. In our day to day lives you generally don’t have that chance.

Matt: But you don’t have to necessarily change your look to get the best out of a professional hair and makeup artist, they can help you simply to perfect it and have you looking the best version of yourself without straying too far from your natural look.

Dom: If you’re already someone who uses a lot of makeup and have a clear style then it might be strange to leave that look behind and adopt a very natural look on your wedding day.

Matt: But perhaps going from heavy makeup to something that looks more natural on the wedding day might be a beautiful surprise and send a clear message of “this is the real girl you’re going to marry”

Dom: If you’re wearing a big dramatic dress that’s completely different in style from anything you would normally wear then it makes sense to go for an equally dramatic look with your hair and makeup – particularly if you’re wearing something like a birdcage veil or hair accessories that may define how your hair can be styled anyway.

Matt: You can equally well accessorise a more natural look to help you look more glamorous without going for a complete departure from the way you normally look.  After all you want to feel the best you’ve ever looked without feeling like someone else completely.


So those are our (surprisingly coherent) thoughts but where do you stand? Would you go for the glammed-up look or keep it natural? Place your vote in our poll below or leave a comment to join the debate!

Hair and Makeup - Glammed Up Vs Natural
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