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A Photographer’s Thoughts: The Post Wedding Shoot

dom the tog bride finalone2Last week in our photographers thoughts we offered some top tips for how to get the best out of an engagement shoot and today I’d like to talk about another type of wedding shoot that you may not have considered, this time taking place after the wedding: The Post Wedding Shoot.

Post Wedding Shoots come under various titles from “Rock the Frock” to “Trash the Dress” to the “Day After Shoot” and whilst each photographer may have a slightly different take on the idea of a post-wedding shoot the overall premise is the same: a chance for the newlyweds to get some photos together, usually (but not always) in their wedding outfits, that for various reasons may not have been possible on the wedding day itself.

Post wedding shoots aren’t necessarily for everyone but they can be an amazing opportunity to get some really incredible photographs. Some photographers use the post-wedding shoot as a chance to get some additional wedding photos if, for example, it rained on the day and outdoor shots were impossible but for us a post wedding shoot should be so much more than that. Come rain or come shine your day will always be magical and having sunny photos on a day you remember as being rainy will fool no-one, including yourselves, but the post-wed shoot does offer you the chance to do things you would never dream of on the day.

On your wedding day there is inevitably limited time for photographs, after all you are the centre of attention for all your guests and of course you will want to spend your time with them too making it difficult to disappear for any lengthy periods or indeed go any distance away from your guests. But it’s more than just limited time that restricts what is achievable on the day…

On your wedding day your natural instinct is probably to want to look your absolute best and in particular keep that dress absolutely pristine and perfect. As we’ve said before in previous posts there’s probably a little compromise involved if you want to get the very best shots but that protective instinct on the day is certainly more than understandable. Once the big day is over though the dress is only going away in the cupboard and gathering dust so this is the time to take the opportunity to be a little more adventurous without the fear of damaging or dirtying your outfits. It’s the time to cut loose without the worry, the time to climb over rocks or jump in the water, to go barefoot, to mess up your hair, to get yourselves muddy or just adopt those poses you were worried would crease the dress. You can even go to the extremes of a trash the dress shoot where it’s no holds barred in getting some crazy shots with no intention of keeping the dress afterwards…

The post wedding shoot

Photography by Ed Peers

Having a full day to shoot also means you can travel to multiple locations and get completely different types of shot. You might start off at your wedding venue and end up in a forest somewhere or walking the city streets. These are the types of shot that may not even be appropriate for the wedding day itself as they’re completely out of context, but in treating it as it’s own separate shoot none of that matters. It’s just about getting some awesome shots, allowing your photographer to have free-rein to explore their creativity and having a lot of fun in the process!

It’s also a grand farewell to your wedding dress and a chance to extend the celebrations for one more day. You’ve probably spent an awful lot of money on that dress and this is your opportunity to get more than one day’s use out of it. If you’ve travelled some distance for the wedding it’s also a chance to find some cool locations and have a cool day out together doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Having already had the experience of being photographed throughout your wedding day (as well as having got all those wedding nerves out of the way) you’re going to be completely relaxed and able to just enjoy it as well as still being unbelievably happy having just got married and that can really make for some awesome and unforgettable photographs.

So if you hadn’t considered the post-wed shoot it’s certainly something to think about. It’s definitely not for everyone and of course there may be additional cost implications but who knows, they might just become some of your favourite photographs and a day you look back on with only the fondest of memories.

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