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Story Frames and the Weekly Round-Up

Story Frames

Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside….

Today’s story is an appropriate treat in this unseasonal weather we have been having  (I love an indian summer!) and comes from the talented eye of photographer and friend Greg Thurtle. Greg took this fabulous frame at Tudor Grange Hotel in Bournemouth at the beautiful wedding of Kate and Lee.

Greg Thurtle Photography

This frame just puts a huge smile of my face as I imagine the bride and groom having the best time laughing and chilling on the beach, immersed in their own bubble of happiness, lounging on those gorgeous colourful deckchairs. I love how Greg captures romantic yet fun and quirky images, this is a perfect example of his style. To see more of Greg’s portfolio go to his website and find out more about the awesome man himself!  😉

The Weekly Round-Up

It’s that time of the week when, much like the Soaps’ Omnibus, we like to help make sure you didn’t miss anything from the last 7 days on Bride Vs Groom! So without further ado let’s check out what’s been happening this week!

Let’s be honest, Monday was mostly spent still nursing a hangover from the weekend’s Stag activities, but between hangover cure bacon sandwiches (and cups of tea of course!) Our Gormless groom managed to duck away from the evil witch that watches over us long enough to muse about the curse she has clearly placed on us!  Seriously who obtains a stomach bug just hours before their own stag party??!! Something fishy is clearly going on!

On Tuesday the Bridal Boutique was open for business and this week Dom was looking ahead and sharing her expertise in the best way to display your pictures after the big day in some truly stunning wedding albums!

Matt was all stagged out in Wednesday’s diary post as he reflected on the bits he can remember from his big night out with the lads! Trouble is it all seems to have become a little bit hazy after entering The Whisky Shop…

On Thursday, inspired by a little Strictly Come Dancing preview, we tried to figure out what sort of first dance we should choose. After broken toes, and a brief hospitalisation following an ill-advised attempt at the splits it turns out all we needed was a little help from our friends at Simply Bridal!

Bride_vs_Groom“Here comes the bride, she’s gonna take you down!” seemed to be the battle chant from this week’s Friday Fight-Out! Fortunately processing into the ring to the Bridal Chorus is a slow process so Matt had plenty of time to prepare his defence! The Friday Fight-Out: Bridal Chorus Vs Your Favourite Tune.

Stag-Hen-Hag-PartiesAnd finally, a week on from the Stag we thought it was time to spare the hens a thought or two! But, for members of the “Friend’s” generation where more than ever guys and girls share the same social groups is it time to combine the Stag and Hen together? Our fab Hen party planning friends at Polestars share their view!

And there we have it, another week ticked off the calendar and the big red-circled date looms larger than ever! Will we get organised in time? Will the curse strike down upon us with great vengeance and furious anger? Will I stop watching Pulp Fiction long enough to complete this blog post?

Stick with us and I guess we’ll find out!


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