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Story Frames and the Weekly Round-up

Story Frames

This week’s Story Frame… well, it had to be didn’t it! The wedding of the then Princess Elizabeth to Philip Mountbatten, later to become Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.


Well you don’t get much more of a story than this one! The crowds spread as far as the eye (or the lens!) can see as they watch the Royal Carriage pass by. Whether you like the Royals or not you’ve got to hand it to them, they definitely know how to throw a wedding celebration!

The Weekly Round-Up

Another busy week has gone by on Bride Vs Groom but fear not, if you missed anything you’ve come to the right place to catch up! Last Sunday we were busy enjoying the sun with a dual family barbecue! A great day was had by all but it turns out that our ‘Gormless Groom’ had more than a few trepidations about our two families meeting up as he revealed in Matt’s Monday Musings! Oh, and Small Dog had a word or two to say about it as well!

After we received a letter from our Page Boy a few weeks back with some rather defamatory remarks about his female peers Tuesday was the chance for the Flower Girls to have their retort!

On Wednesday we were excited to finally reveal the location for our Wedding and explained just how we came to choose it in a post from our own Wedding Diary!

Our amazing Wedding Entertainment and Music expert Holly Jazz Kotzé talked all about her own favourite musical wedding moments on Thursday in another great post: Music As A Gemstone

With destination weddings on the mind this week’s big debate  focussed on whether to maintain an English styled wedding abroad or go for a more local affair in The Friday Fight-Out: Keeping it Local Vs An Englishman Abroad.

With the Royal Jubilee on the mind, yesterday we looked at some Jewellery fit for the Queen! Her Royal Highness may have been wearing them way back on her own wedding day but they haven’t lost any of their style! White Wedding Pearls were the flavour of the day in a great guest post by Leo Parker featuring the stunning Pearl collections by Winterson.

And so another week has whizzed by and who knows what the next will bring? Well, actually I do! A whole lot of boats, a street party, a huge concert and days of forcing Matt to get some wedding planning done before I become a football widow! (Or so he thinks!)

Now get out there and party like it’s 1952! My friends I believe it is officially Pimm’s o’ clock!

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