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Story Frames and the Weekly Round-up

Today we thought we’d try something a little different. As our regular readers know we love a good story on Bride Vs Groom, but stories don’t always have to be told in words! So this week we’re trying out a new feature. Every week we’ll be looking for a single wedding photograph that we feel tells the real story of the day; capturing the raw beauty and emotions of a wedding in a single frame.

To get us started, this week we’ve chosen this image from the charming, relaxed wedding of Holly and Matthew

yorkshire-wedding photographer

The incredibly talented Bride is pictured doing what she does best: entertaining the gathered guests, even at her own wedding! The raw emotion of the day is clear on her face as she soulfully serenades her new husband and beloved friends and family just visible in the mirror. Music being so important to Holly it became a central theme of this very relaxed and rustic day. The improvised band was formed from eager wedding guests and just out of frame Holly’s father accompanies her on guitar.

You can find the full story of Holly and Matthew’s wedding here

If you would like your picture to be considered for next week’s ‘Story Frame’ then please get in touch. Remember, we’re looking for images that tell the best story and must include a brief paragraph to explain the significance of the image within the context of the day.

The Weekly Round-up

It’s been another busy week on Bride Vs Groom! On Monday we brought you more of the hard-nosed, down to earth, serious journalism our Groom is so known for… yeah right! This week he was investigating the traditions and superstitions surrounding weddings in Matt’s Monday Musings.

Tuesday’s Bridal Boutique brought you the most dapper of Page Boy outfits and featured special guest star Chewbacca!

Racing through the British countryside Wednesday’s Conversation was brought to you from the Flying Scotsman rail service. Sitting in the carriage overhearing whispered conversations from all kinds of characters Dom contemplates the importance of getting married at all in this modern age and the happiness a wedding can bring.

Thursday saw the return of our furry friend to Bride Vs Groom as the blog was transformed briefly into Groom Vs Cyberdog for the day! But will the Small Dog succeed in his evil-plan to break up the happy couples and keep the pieces for himself? Find out here!

This week’s Friday Fight-Out was the battle of the Honeymoon vs the Mini-moon, which one will you side with; the gormless groom…? Yeah right.

Saturday is a post about Finding The Time to spend some time with your beloved other one and ten top tips to help you do so!

And that was the week on Bride Vs Groom! Hope you enjoyed it, now go and have a great chilled out Sunday (or perhaps a busy day of wedding planning!) and we’ll see you Monday  for more wedding madness!

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