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Story Frames & The Weekly Round-Up

Story Frames

I have a confession to make… this week both Bride and Groom are pretty darn tired! Dom is out photographing gorgeous weddings all over the country and I’m in the middle of lighting an international festival full of brilliant but mental people that don’t sleep! So, this week we thought we’d reflect our inability to type with a picture from the recent wedding of Louise and Joe that tells the story with no further explanation from us…

It doesn’t get much more literal than that!! What’s that, you wanted more of a story? B…B…But…SLEEEEEEEEPPPPP!!! Oh alright then…

If you want to hear a little bit more about the wedding and see the day in full you can find it hereThis picture though holds particular significance as a year before it was Louise’s best friend Hannah that was throwing the bouquet in Louise’s direction and with many friends of both Louise and Hannah present we were intrigued as to who might catch that bridal bouquet next! Our winner, pictured, seems pretty happy with the outcome too! (Although I hope that’s not her partner skulking at the back wondering what he’s just been let in for!!)

If you would like your picture to be featured as one of our Story Frames then please get in touch!


The Weekly Round-up

Ah Sunday, how I love thee… a day of relaxation in the golden summer sunshine… that’s right, I’m making a bold stance… it WILL BE SUNNY!!! Michael Fish stand aside, there’s a new weather-girl in town!! Yes I know Michael Fish already stepped aside… and yes alright he’s a weatherman not a weather-girl… and no we’re not in the same town… look I’m trying to make an inane comment here, look just GET OFF MY BACK OK!!!

Sorry, that was uncalled for, it’s just that with another week over and the wedding diary posts revealing more and more how much we still have to do I’m getting just a little bit nervous! It’s times like this that you look to those you trust for help, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing this week…

On Monday we said a great big (slightly belated) fathers day thank you to my dad for all his efforts in helping to create our dream wedding and pondered on the all-important role of the father of the bride as launched a hostile takeover of Matt’s Monday Musings.

On Tuesday we heard from another key wedding figure in a fantastic Bridal Boutique guest post by my own mum! As my dear mama begrudgingly considered whether to wear the traditional mother of the bride wedding hat (against her initial desires!) she shared her thoughts on the best in M.O.T.B. head-wear!

Wednesday went all a little bit cosmopolitan as, with the help of my parents once again, we found our venue at last and settled upon an English/Palmarian/Italian/Spanish Wedding abroad… not at all complicated!

On Thursday we brought in the big guns to help to at least  give me the appearance of confidence on my wedding day (ah the magic of makeup!) Another great guest post and amazing tips from hair and makeup artist Helen Guy, this week: Blusher

The Friday Fight-out reflected upon where the bride should get ready, and about bringing a touch of your past and that family feel into your wedding. Actually, reflected really isn’t the right word…let’s face it, we flat out argued about it! The Friday Fight-out: Getting Ready – At Home Vs Elaborate Suite

And finally on Saturday, in the words of Coldplay “It was all yellow” as I looked for Wedding Inspiration by exploring possible colour palettes… far too much pretty!!

Fortunately yellow is also a very calming colour… phew I’m starting to calm down…breathe…that’s better… Oh, hang on I’ve just reminded myself of the diary posts coming up over the next few weeks from our scouting missions to La Palma… SO MANY PROBLEMS!!! Oh lord… keep reading, I imagine it might be almost amusing when you’re not in the middle of it…

Have a great week!

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