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The Bridal Boutique – A Guest Post by Keep It Personal

This week’s Bridal Boutique post comes from the creative minds of Cheryl Pennant-Jones and Keep It Personal – the fantastic personalised wedding gift company and I think you’ll agree it’s right up our street! It’s most definitely Bride Vs Groom as these two scribble their thoughts in a letter to each other, I can’t help feeling though that if they’re already writing letters rather than speaking to each other things aren’t looking rosy with the wedding planning…

To my beautiful bride-to-be,
Don’t sigh. Don’t roll your eyes, and most importantly don’t screw up this letter once you read the next sentence!
Our wedding needs some football. I know I promised I’d make sure nobody watched the match in the bar, and I know I said we could name the tables after someone other than Wayne Rooney (you’re not the only one that hates him), but I’ve come up with the perfect solution – hear me out!
There’s an online personalised gift shop called Keep It Personal. You told me last week to look for unique wedding favours, so I spent a bit of time there. I came across the perfect solution to my problem. How about we buy some of their personalised wedding cake toppers? I’ve pinned a picture to this letter – you’ve got to see them! All we need to do is send them our photograph and they’ll recreate us for the top of the cake. We can ask them to put us in football shirts, and we can even get them to create Rover so he’ll be there on the day even if the hotel won’t accept dogs. They can add our car as an accessory, and they’ll have it done in four weeks. What do you say?
Take a look, let me know what you think and I’ll order them as soon as I get home.
Your Groom.

To my wonderful Groom,
We do NOT need football at our wedding. How can you even suggest it? Already, I’ve had to schedule the big day around the matches just so we can be sure that everyone will turn up! With that said, I guess those little cake toppers are quite cute…
I suppose we do need to make sure our wedding has personality, so I’m willing to compromise. We’ll ask them to put YOUR little figurine in your favourite football shirt, but I want mine in my bridal gown. Rover definitely does have to be a part of the cake, but the car does not. In fact, if you even think about them putting on your beloved BMW then I’ll have them create a bump on my belly and I’ll get people asking questions. If your mother asks, I’ll tell her I found out I was pregnant weeks ago and can’t believe you haven’t told her yet!
Now that we’ve cleared that up, I’m sure we can agree on how to dress these figures up. I had a look around the rest of the website as well. We can get a personalised vase for my mum, and some champagne flutes for the bridesmaids. They’ve even got cufflinks for you, Bert and Dave! Most of their items come with next-day delivery, so I’ll order a few now and we can get them out of the way before the weekend. I’ll also get them to wrap everything for us – you saw at Christmas, it’s not my strong point…
Finally, I’ve noticed they do personalised chocolate bars. Their standard bars have a minimum order number of just 24 – don’t worry, I’ll save you one!
See you when you get back,
The bride who’s not doing well with her diet”

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