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The Devil’s in the Details: The Bride

Dom Matt Pad Photo Video1Today we’d like to kick off a little series of helpful tips to help different members of the wedding party with all those little details they may not have thought about. The devil really is in the details and it’s amazing how it’s little things like these that so often cause problems on the day, so here we go with a little advice just for the bride!

The Devil’s in the Details: The Bride

The Devil’s in the Details: The Bride


You of course want to show off those AMAZING Jimmy Choos but when it comes to photos outside it’s usually a good idea to have some alternative footwear with you to get from A to B as we all know heels and grass/soft ground are rarely the best of friends! Also make sure you have some emergency flats with you for the dance floor, after all you’re going to be on your feet all day!

Lacing the dress

Lacing up a wedding dress always takes far longer than you expect, particularly if you’ve only ever done it with assistance from the experts in the shop! Allow plenty of time to get into your dress (although in doing so do remember that you’re probably not going to be able to use the facilities for quite some time so don’t start too early!)

Get the bridesmaids ready first

If your photographer is joining you to capture some getting ready shots then it’s generally a good idea to make sure the bridesmaids are ready in their dresses by the time they’re helping you into yours as it (generally) looks better in the photos.

Bring some scissors and a small sewing kit!

I’ve lost count of the number of times a call of “have we got any scissors?” has gone out whilst we’ve been capturing the bridal prep. There’s always a packet that needs opening or a thread that’s come loose so make sure you’re well equipped! A sewing kit is also always handy just in case someone loses a button or needs a quick adjustment to their dress!

Chewing gum

On your big day you and all your entourage want all your breath to be minty fresh, but do remember that people constantly chewing doesn’t look good in the photos or video!

Suncream, painkillers, plasters

Brides dressed all in white with a bright red sunburnt face is not the greatest look so make sure you bring that suncream. Also have some plasters available in case of blisters and some painkillers for anyone who’s started the celebrations early the night before!

Phone numbers

Make sure you have all your supplier’s phone numbers just in case and make sure if you’re not going to have your phone near you that someone else has charge of it just in case a supplier needs to get in touch with you for any reason on the day!

Signage / balloons

If you have photographers / makeup artists / florists etc turning up to your house or wherever you’re getting ready then it’s a good idea to make it clear outside that they’re in the right place as it’s not always easy to identify the right house. Hanging some balloons on the door or having some nice signage outside means they can’t miss it and helps to avoid any late arrivals!

Consistency for the guys

If the father of the bride or any other male members of the wedding party are getting ready at the same location as the bride make sure they know how they are supposed to look to match the groomsmen. That means agreeing the type of knot for the tie, deciding on the shape of the pocket squares and all those little groomsmen details that need to be consistent.

Being ready for the evening

It’s a good idea to have extra makeup with you to top-up in the evening and also bring with you anything you need to change your hair up in the evening if you decide to “let your hair down”!

Old Cars Are Slower!

Having a classic wedding car or even a horse and carriage can be a really beautiful touch but do remember they’re often much slower forms of transport than your own car and you need to allow some extra time to get there.


We hope these tips help you to avoid any little issues on the day and we’ll be back with more tips for the rest of the wedding party in the coming weeks!

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