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The Friday Fight-out – Buffet Vs Sit-Down meal

Bride_vs_GroomIt would seem that it’s a bad idea for Dom and I to discuss debate topics before dinner. Last week we spent much of Friday arguing about cake. Turns out, I’m still hungry! So this week we’re debating the main course: Buffet Vs Sit-Down meal. Now, by buffet we don’t necessarily mean just the classic sausage rolls and sandwich finger buffet, we’re also including barbecues, hog roasts, fish & chip vans… the possibilities are endless. Ok maybe not endless…actually that’s all I can come up with, but still FISH & CHIPS!!

So if you hadn’t guessed it I might have already picked my corner! Lances raised? horses…horsing?? Let’s get this bout started!!

In the Red corner, polishing her armour and preparing already for a thick post-contest celebratory steak, representing the formal Sit-down meal it’s Dom “The Tog” Bride

In the Blue corner, using his lance to hoopla doughnuts, representing the Buffet dinner, his family once made him cook a barbecue in a thunderstorm whilst standing under the tallest tree on the street, it’s Matt “The Gormless” Groom

Let battle commence!

Bride-Vs-Groom-Friday-Fight-outMatt: The buffet meal helps to perpetuate a much more relaxed and informal feel where guests are encouraged to mingle and move around the room creating a really nice vibe.

Dom: The formal sit-down meal encourages everyone to sit down and talk at the table which helps people who don’t know anyone else not to become isolated and to be able to make conversation with others. Buffets tend to result in certain groups just talking to each other leaving others out.

M: Formal sit down meals are very expensive and are far too big for some (and sometimes too small for others!) There’s often a lot of waste. Buffets are generally cheaper and people can eat as much or as little as they like at completely their own pace so people like me can sneak back three times!!

D: In a buffet there’s often not a lot left for the people who don’t move fast enough and end up at the back of the queue! There’s also always several plates of at least one part of the buffet left over at the end that no-one likes so there’s actually often more wastage!

M: Barbecues and Hog roasts offer you the chance to be out in the sun enjoying yourselves! Amazing!

wedding-blog-formal-wedding-breakfastD: We are in the UK here… barbecues are great in the sun but not so much if it rains and then what do you do?

M: With so many people to serve (unless you’re the Bride and Groom) it often takes forever for meals to be served to everyone and if you’re the last table they’re sometimes quite cold by that point! At a smaller wedding buffets tend to move faster so everyone gets their food ready for the toast.

D: Do you really want to be queueing up for food on your wedding day? It’s nice to be served and feel like you’re having a really exclusive meal rather than queueing for a burger! And at large weddings buffets can take forever while everyone chooses what they want!

M: Buffets are a great way of offering more variety to your guests without the restrictions of a formal meal where there’s likely to be a set menu and little flexibility. It’s also often good for people with dietary restrictions as you can put more vegetarian/vegan/gluten/dairy free products in there that everyone can have rather than cooking specific meals just for those people.

D: Good caterers should be able to offer a great range anyway! Whilst there will need to be some restriction and possible advanced ordering so they know roughly how many of each meal to make, many weddings have multiple meal options for the guests to choose from.

bride-vs-groom-wedding-buffetM: Buffet options are generally a lot cheaper per head than a sit down meal, in part because not as many serving staff are needed.

D: The sit-down meal doesn’t have to be the big heavy meal I think we generally associate with weddings. For example afternoon tea party weddings are a great formal event but can help to keep the food costs down.

M: You have to stick to your table on a formal meal and sometimes you do end up with people that, try as you might, you just don’t get on with. Three courses and several speeches is a long time to sit with people you don’t like!

D: The formal three course meal offers a clear structure to the meal and the timings of it. This makes it much easier to make sure everyone is around ready for the speeches, cutting of the cake etc.

M: Anyone else getting really hungry?

D: Oy! You’re on a strict wedding diet Mister!

M: Bugger.


bride-vs-groom-friday-fight-outD: Your wedding day is something special. It’s nice to be served, to be pampered, to have a beautiful elegant meal with all your friends and family. It helps to structure the day and ensures that everyone gets a full and proper meal. A little buffet later in the evening can be a nice way to make sure people don’t go hungry but the main meal is a key feature of the day and should keep a certain amount of formality.

M: Buffet meals, Barbecues and Hog Roasts are a great, fun way of feeding the guests. A formal sit-down meal doesn’t suit every wedding and if you’re looking for something less formal a buffet option is great for setting the mood. Buffets allow the guests to move around the room more easily and speak to all of the guests, not just the ones on their table. Buffets are usually much cheaper than more formal meals which can be a massive saving on one of the most expensive items on the wedding budget!


And there we have it, Buffet or Sit-down meal, you decide! We’d love to hear your thoughts  on this so why not leave a comment or join us on twitter to continue the debate!

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