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The Friday Fight-Out: Flowers Vs Balloons

Flowers are a staple part of every wedding budget. You’re going to need flowers for the church, the reception venue, the bouquet, the buttonholes… Maybe even for the bridal suite or the room where you’re getting ready. Flowers are a traditional and beautiful part of every wedding, but with more and more couples throwing out tradition and looking for different ways to stamp their own style on their wedding day are they still needed to the same extent or are is there a different way to transform a room with prettiness? Perhaps of the inflatable variety…

I think we all know what happens when a question like that is posed on this blog…

It’s time for THE FRIDAY FIGHT-OUT!!!

In the Red corner keeping it natural and voting for floristry, she has an impeccable record of never being in when Matt sends her flowers and always assumes he’s done something wrong if he’s sending them anyway, it’s Dom “The Tog” Bride

In the Blue corner, typing in a high squeaky tone after inhaling far too much helium, he once attempted to learn how to make balloon animals to entertain kids but was forced to stop after his balloon animals kept exploding, it’s Matt “The Gormless” Groom



Dom: Flowers are the traditional decoration of a wedding. They look and smell beautiful and bring in that element of nature that somehow feels right at a wedding.

Matt: Flowers may be traditional but the tradition almost certainly started back in medieval times when flowers were used largely to hide the smell of lots of people (including the bride) that never washed! A shower now generally does the trick pretty well instead.

Dom: Flowers have timeless appeal; because they grow naturally around us they are ever present and never go out of fashion. The preferred floristry styles at a wedding may change slightly but 25 years down the line when you’re looking back at your wedding pictures the flowers will not look dated and old fashioned, they will look as perfect as they did on that special day.

Matt: Flowers really are used in pretty much every wedding but balloons offer something a little bit different. They’re fun, can be equally as colourful as flowers and nowadays can be styled to really elaborate and eye-catching designs or just used on mass to create an impressive colour palette.

Dom: I think subconsciously balloons are seen more as a kids party type of decoration and can be seen as a little bit tacky, particularly when not done well! Flowers have an elegance to them and give the decor more of a sophisticated feel.

Matt: There is indeed something a little bit childish about a balloon, but for me that’s part of their charm and something that I’d actively like to bring into the wedding. There’s something about seeing a balloon that makes me smile, and that’s what a wedding should be all about! I think sometimes we get too caught up in having “sophisticated and stylish” wedding and forget that it’s a day about love, joy and happiness, not about pretty decorations. I say bring in the fun!

Dom: Flowers help to set the decorative scheme of the day. They are featured on the boutonniere’s and in the bridal bouquet. They provide the base palette which for the whole colour scheme. Using flowers on both the clothing and around the reception ties everything together perfectly.

Matt: Bouquets and boutonnieres don’t have to be floral. whilst in this case balloons may not directly be the answer, non floral bouquets are growing in popularity and are being made from all kinds of materials. It’s quite possible to create something that would tie in better with the balloons rather than being of a flowery design.


Dom: Flowers are so often used for a very good reason. They are one of the prettiest things that exist in nature, and smell wonderful as well. Throughout history flowers have been ingrained in our consciousness as a ‘heavenly’ entity, a perfect, beauteous example of nature. We associate them with great beauty and with love: they are commonly given as tokens of love after all. It’s this association along with their natural qualities that makes them simply perfect for weddings.

Matt: There’s nothing wrong with flowers, but balloons offer something a little bit different whilst still being beautiful, allowing you to tailor your colour pallet and inject a bit of fun into the decoration. They can act as perfect table decorations, beautiful entrance arches or you can even release hundreds of balloons as a dramatic gesture on the day. Large quantities of colourful balloons together look amazing… think of the animated film “Up” and you’ll know what I mean!

If you have an opinion on whether flowers or balloons (or a combination of the two) are the best way to go for a wedding then let us know! Join the debate by leaving your comment below or finding us on twitter; we’d love to hear from you!




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