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The Friday Fight-Out: Groom Attire – Neutrals Vs Colours

Having spent the last several hours wandering around York Designer Outlet moving shop to shop in a desperate search to find the items to make up the as yet unformed but definitely untraditional concept of my groom attire one big question really needed to be answered: We knew we weren’t looking for really traditional wedding suits but were we looking for bright and colourful to go with our rainbow themed wedding or suited and booted in the traditional greys and blacks? This is probably a question we should have asked our readers BEFORE going to the shop and being somewhat indecisive but after a long while we did come to an answer! We’ll probably be sharing it in a later post but we’re intrigued to see which way you all would go so here goes, it’s time, once again, for…


In the Red Corner, fighting for a technicolour dreamcoat of wonderment, she actually likes things to be colourful so much so that she once coloured in the freshly painted pristine white walls of her parents house, it’s Dom “The Tog” Bride.

In the Blue Corner, sticking with the more traditional on the grounds that there has now been a blonde bond paving his way… oh alright he probably has more chance of landing the roll of evil man in suit dying in the background number 4 but still! It’s Matt “The Gormless” Groom

Neutrals Vs Colours…FIGHT!!


Dom: If you’re not going for the traditional type of wedding suit then you’re less likely to stand out from all of your guests as they will also probably be dressed in standard smart suits like you. Adding a bit of colour in there can help you to stand out more and look a bit different.

Matt: A lot of people really don’t suit coloured suits and they often don’t look as smart as the more traditional greys and blacks. Standing out from your guests is fine but the aim is to look better than them, not worse!

Dom: You want to look cool on your wedding and if you’ve decided against the traditional then it’s a great opportunity to go for a look you wouldn’t try in any other situation. You’re likely to be wearing a business style suit on many occasions in your life, but less likely to go for something a bit more colourful when looking for smart clothing in other situations.

Matt: Even if you’re not a top-hat and tails kinda guy keeping some element of tradition in there with your suit helps to create the wedding feel. With a good neutral coloured suit you’ll look really smart and adding simple accessories like buttonholes and a nice tie and cufflinks you can inject a little colour if you want without going too overboard.

Dom: If you have a bright, colourful colour scheme for the wedding then using the groom’s clothing to tie in with the multicoloured theme can be very effective and make it quite clear who the groom and groomsmen are.

Matt: Clothing wise at the wedding it’s all about the bride and you don’t want to draw attention away from her! If she’s wearing a traditional white or ivory dress then neutral colours will go well with it and not distract from the dress.

Dom: Rubbish! It’s about the Bride AND THE GROOM! Both are equally important on the wedding day so both should draw the attention of their guests and both should look fabulous!!!

Matt: If you have lots of groomsmen that you want to match up in similar outfits then finding colourful clothing for them is going to be much more difficult and expensive than using ordinary shirts and ties and the sorts of thing they might already have.

And there we have it, the arguments are in so what do you think? Colours vs Neutrals you decide! Leave us your comments below or catch us on twitter!

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