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The Friday Fight-Out: Sourcing Your Suppliers – Local Vs National Vs International

We have a first for the Friday Fight-Out this week – a Fatal 3-Way contest! When it comes to looking for your suppliers there’s definitely 3 options: Local, National or International so we thought long and hard about who we should invite along to join our little debate. Dom and I do plenty of National and International travelling to weddings so we thought we’d look for someone to join us who prefers not to travel at all and is all about his local area and I think we’ve found the answer… ladies and gentlemen, introducing the third member of the Bride Vs Groom team: Small Dog! Time to step into the ring!

In whichever corner we put the chicken in, fighting for the local cause, he may have limited wedding knowledge but he has clearly marked all of his local area as his own and knows it intimately, it’s our special guest: Small Dog!

In the Blue Corner, fighting the national cause as he already seems to spend half his time going up and down the A1 and at least there’s decent Tea stops on the way… it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.

In the Red Corner, battling it out for the international cause, she planned her own wedding abroad so knows what she’s talking about but will in fact be spending the entirety of this debate trying to defy Small Dog’s puppy dog eyes, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

Local Vs National Vs International


Sourcing Your Suppliers - Local Vs National Vs International

Small Dog: WOOF! Translation: Local suppliers tend to know their local venues very well and know what will work best in each well in advance – this is particularly useful for suppliers like florists where a bit of knowledge of the venue can help them choose what’s going to compliment the building best.

Matt: If you spread your net nationally you’re not narrowing the field and can find the best suppliers in the country. Most suppliers, particularly photographers and videographers, are happy to travel nationally and although you may be lucky enough to have fab suppliers locally sometimes you have to look a little further afield to find the best

Dom: Speaking of not narrowing the field too far how about booking the best in the entire world?! Looking internationally allows you to get the best there is for the most important day of your lives.

Small Dog: SNIFF SNIFF! Translation: There’s less that can go wrong when using local suppliers – they’re not travelling great distances so are unlikely to have traffic problems and they know the local area better so will be able to find the venue more easily.

Matt: If you’re from a small town then if you’re only using local suppliers then you’re quite likely to be using the same suppliers as your friends which may mean your wedding looks more like someone else’s. If you’re looking at suppliers nationally however your wedding has more chance to look original compared to your friends.

Dom: But if you want something really different then looking internationally can provide you with a style that may not even exist in your home country. They may not be subject to the same trends as you normally see and provide something really unique.

Small Dog: It’s nice to support your local businesses and suppliers and choosing people locally makes it easier to build up a relationship with your suppliers. Oh, wait GROWL!

Matt: Your local suppliers might be brilliant but if you only look locally you can end up limiting your own ideas and inspirations and being less creative.

Dom: Sometimes bringing in International Suppliers can give you ideas from entirely different cultures and explore traditions and experiences that you would never have thought of otherwise.

Small Dog: It’s often cheaper to use local suppliers as you’re not met with additional travel and accommodation expenses. Hotels cost a lot of dog biscuits after all!

Matt: Booking suppliers nationally may mean more travel expenses but often you can find someone offering a cheaper service or just find someone whose work you like more and therefore get better value for money spreading your net wider. It’s also a lot cheaper than flying people in from across the world.

Dom: It may be expensive bringing people in from abroad but it’s also exciting, exclusive and, as they’ve travelled such a long distance you’re generally getting suppliers who are desperate to do a good job for you!

So those are our arguments but what’s your opinion? Place your votes below or leave your thoughts in the comments section!

P.S. Small Dog asks that if you don’t agree with him, whatever you do just don’t agree with Matt!

Photos by York Place Studios

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