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The Friday Fight-Out! Summer vs Winter Wedding

Well Friday has swung around once again and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to grab some towels, stick on some dressing gowns… (“no we’re not going for a sauna Dom, let me finish”) time to lace up the boots, fire up the Rocky Theme-tune, and put on the gloves! fdsgjwkjlg rwjklg sjf… ok forget the gloves, they aren’t practical for a typed debate… now where was I? oh yes, it’s time once again for THE FRIDAY FIGHT-OUT!! Llllllllet’s get rrrready to ruuuuuuuumblllllle!!!

Fighting for the light-welterweight Seasonal Title our two champions battle it out on the subject of SUMMER VS WINTER WEDDING.

In the Red corner, she hates being cold and can’t figure out how on earth to sew 50 hot-water bottles into a wedding dress. Therefore fighting it out on behalf of the summer wedding, she’s the much-disputed champion of the world…Dom “The Tog” Bride

In the Blue corner, he recently started learning to snowboard but spent most of the time sliding down a hill face-first. Fighting on behalf of the winter wedding cause he has zero knowledge of weddings but a fast internet connection it’s Matt “The Gormless” Groom

Ding Ding, Round 1

Dom: It’s summer!! Nice warm weather, longer days to party long into the night and bright sunshine! What could be better?

Matt: SNOW!! Snow could be better!! Snow makes everything look amazing and there’s always a certain magic in the air on a snowy day!

D: But you can’t exactly rely on it snowing (in this country at least!), it’s far more likely to be cold, dark and damp, and incredibly difficult to travel!

M: But even if it’s cold outside think roaring fires, mulled wine, hot chocolates and teas. There’s nothing better than tucking into that roast wedding breakfast on a winters day particularly at a big country house or hotel retreat where the guests can stay overnight, avoiding travel problems and making it more of an event!

D: With the summer wedding you can be outside in the sunshine for your drinks reception enjoying beautiful surroundings and all the colours of nature. There’s also far more scope for entertainment through the day as the guests can freely wander around outside or maybe even enjoy some garden games!

M: But when it’s darker outside it’s easier to create an atmosphere inside the venue – candles and clever use of lighting can often make your venue look far more spectacular than with natural light. Also in Summer it can be TOO hot… you don’t

want everyone sweltering and the bride and groom looking all sweaty in their pictures!!

D: In winter it may just be too cold to wear that perfect wedding dress that makes you feel like a princess and your shoes could easily get absolutely wrecked!

M: I’ve seen some beautiful looking wedding dress accessories designed to keep you warm in winter, and some fantastic fun photo shoots where the bride has braved the weather in a cute pair or wellies! It can actually make the pictures more fun and interesting, you can even have themed umbrellas for the bridesmaids!

D: It’s far more likely to rain in winter.

M: Really? In this country?? Have you SEEN our summers??

D: Lots of people’s schedules revolve around school timetables: teachers, parents, kids… it’s much easier for them to make it to a wedding in the summer holidays

M: Planning your wedding around the Christmas holidays allows those people to be able to make it and also means everyone is likely to be in the festive mood ready for Christmas!

D: In summer you can have barbecues, hog-roasts and other more unusual meals that tend to be cheaper and keep your costs down.

M: Winter is generally a less popular time for weddings and so the cost tends to hugely drop anyway. It’s also easier to get a booking in Winter as Summer dates book up well in advance and your suppliers are more likely to be busy.

D: The light in summer is usually better for your photographer and with better weather you have the chance to go off and get some really spectacular shots that may not be possible in the fading light and poor conditions of winter. Think spectacular sunsets and beautiful light breaking through the trees!

M: In winter it’s easier to catch the sunrise and sunset during the day for some amazing shadows and pretty light. If you choose your venue carefully a good photographer will be able to make something look beautiful despite the conditions!

D: Some of my favourite weddings of the past year have been in amazing marquees, tents and Teepees!! These just aren’t very practical in winter!

M: Erm… maybe you could build an igloo??


D: The summer wedding gives you much more chance of beautiful surroundings and great weather on your wedding day. Good weather may not be guaranteed but if you do have to spend the day inside this is no different from the likely outcome of a Winter Wedding and choosing your venue carefully you can cater for both possibilities. Summer weddings offer a wider scope of venues and more options for keeping your guests entertained with outdoor activities and drinks in the sun. Guests are more likely to be available during the summer holidays than any other time of year and you’re less likely to have problems with people physically getting to the venue. The summer is the time of year where everyone wants to party!!

M: A Christmas-time wedding can be an amazing celebration at the most festive time of year and make for an extra special Christmas for you and your loved one! Winter weddings offer the chance for that spectacular winter frost or snow covered scenery that looks amazing in the photographs, particularly with a bride dressed all in white. Venues and suppliers are more likely to be available in winter and often at a much lower price. You can also get fantastic group discounts on guest accommodation which can encourage guests to spend longer at the venue and make it more of an event. Venues like big country lodges often feel more special in wintertime, particularly with a good roast and a nice warm fire! And what better way to make the winter blues disappear than to use this time of year to celebrate the most special and perfect day of your life; a day you will never forget whatever the weather.

And so, after the final round both fighters are still standing but who will the judges declare the winner? We need your comments to swing the debate in our favour so cue up the dodgy training montage and a strange desire to run up lots of steps and join us in the ring! Eye of the tiger man, eye of the tiger.

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  • Yvonne - February 10, 2012 - 11:08 am

    Ah so difficult, both of you make very valid arguments. Everything in my head screams ‘summer’ but having photographed a few weddings around the christmas period, my heart says there IS something very special about the atmosphere and slightly increased festiveness of everyone. However, that doesn’t mean all winter weddings are like that, winter is a bit longer than 3 weeks at the end of the december/beginning of january…. so…. I think I will have to side with Dom and say summer! With the caveat that if its a wedding around christmas/new year, that IS actually just better.

    I think that is just about 2-1 win to Dom 😉ReplyCancel

  • fiona kelly photo - February 10, 2012 - 11:09 am

    You guys could be working this out for months!! Ill throw a spanner in the works and say my personal favourite months would be April/May or Sept/Oct. The days are a bit longer, weather wise it tends to be better. This light is stunning in spring and autumn and you have flowers blooming and the whole ‘new start’ thing in spring. Conversely the amazing golden leaves and fab low light in autumn. Personally wouldnt choose winter…to many potential issues with weather and you have NO light after 4pm!

    Good luck 😉ReplyCancel

  • ella - February 10, 2012 - 4:21 pm

    We’re (that is, me and my partner Scott) are about to get married in July of this year. I picked this date as not only was the last one available before the fringe festival (!) I have always wanted to get married in the summer. Having said that, knowing Scottish summer, it will probably stil be grey. I just hope it doesn’t rain!ReplyCancel

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