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The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Videos – Full Coverage Vs Cinematic Highlights

After the fantastic response we received to Tuesday’s post breaking down the myths of wedding videography, for this week’s Friday Fight-Out we thought we would debate one of the big questions that faces any couple when booking a wedding video: do you want a more traditional video that provides complete coverage of the speeches and ceremony in full or a more modern take with just extended highlights of the day?

Time to battle it out…

In the Red Corner, charged this week with fighting the case for full coverage, she is after all a big fan of 24 where “events occur in real time”… in fact we’re watching series one again even as we write this so apologies if anything explodes whilst you’re reading this post… It’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, fighting this week for the cinematic highlight film (but then he has spent his entire day in the editing suite and after that shorter is definitely sounding sweeter right now!) It’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.

Full Coverage Vs Cinematic Highlights


 Wedding Video

Dom: Every moment of your wedding ceremony is precious to you and it’s nice to have a full record of how everything happened to look back upon as the memories fade.

Matt: Shorter highlight films help to inspire your memories by showing you little glimpses of the day whilst being much more fast-flowing and entertaining to watch. Longer full-length videos rarely get watched whereas a shorter video can easily be watched regularly over and over.

Dom: It’s nice for those people that weren’t there to have the chance to watch the ceremony in full and experience it as much as possible.

Matt: Highlights films can still be of quite a reasonable length and include lots of coverage so that you feel you’re seeing the whole day, but tend to be much more interesting to watch for your friends and can even be shared more easily online via Facebook etc to help everyone to see it.

Dom: Many videographers will include a highlights film along with full coverage of the speeches and ceremony in some of their packages. That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Matt: True, but these tend to be much more expensive packages as to achieve full coverage the videographer may need a lot of additional expensive equipment such as additional audio devices and static cameras that may not be as necessary for a highlights film.

Dom: During the ceremony in particular you tend to be carried on by the emotion and it can all end up a bit of a blur. Having full coverage allows you to look back on it and experience it in a whole new way and fully appreciate everything that happened.

Matt: Highlights films offer so much more creativity – they can be more like moving photographs and carefully edited together to create an exciting story of the day. They can be cut to music and the shorter clips allow the videographer to make many more artistic choices as opposed to having to keep the camera static to ensure that footage is continuous throughout. The result is a much more cinematic film.

Dom: If you’re one of the people giving a speech nerves tend to easily get the better of you and it’s very hard to really take in what the other speakers are saying in the build up to your own speech. Watching the video back allows you to actually sit back and enjoy the speeches without any of the stress!

Matt: The speeches and ceremony are of course incredibly important but they’re not the only thing the day is about. The highlight films focus on telling the story of the whole celebration rather than just one part and can reveal many more moments you may have missed over the course of the day.


So those are our arguments but which way would you go? You can register your vote and add your comments below!

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