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The Friday Fight-Outs: All of them

FRIDAY_FIGHT_OUT NewOn Tuesday we decided to celebrate Bride Vs Groom’s second birthday by sharing all of our Photographer’s Thoughts  posts in one big happy place for you to find all of the photography advice you need quickly and easily. There is one feature however that has been running since the very first week of Bride Vs Groom and that’s our great big weekly wedding debate: The Friday Fight-Out.

So today we present The Friday Fight-Outs… all of them. One great big expanse of hotly debated issues on all things weddings from the biggest decisions like whether to get married in church or not down to the finer details (and once or twice the slightly surreal!) So if you’re currently having a Bride Vs Groom debate and can’t decide which way to go, chances are you can find the most compelling arguments here!

We’re always on the lookout for new hot topics to debate though so if there’s something you can’t find here and would like to see your points argued then please leave a comment or get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

The Friday Fight-Out: Cutting The Cake Vs No Cake Cutting

There are many traditions that still often take place

Sunlight Vs Moonlight – The Friday Fight-Out Eclipse Special!

We’ve thought long and hard as to how to make a

The Friday Fight-Out: Elopement Vs Full Wedding

Eloping. I think at some stage in the often stressful

The Friday Fight-Out: Friday Vs Saturday Wedding

Welcome to this week’s (slightly delayed) Friday

The Friday Fight-Out Revisited: Print Vs Digital

For the last couple of days we’ve been down in

The Friday Fight-Out Revisited: Marquee Vs Teepee

This week we thought it was time we took another look

The Friday Fight-Out: Valentines Proposals Vs Any Other Date (Revisited)

Well folks, tomorrow is Valentines day, one of the most

The Friday Fight-out – The First Dance: Choreographed Vs Improvised

The first dance: one of the key moments of a wedding

The Friday Fight-Out: Winter Wedding Vs Spring Wedding

As the snow falls across the UK many of us are dreaming

The Friday Fight-Out: Humanist Ceremony Vs Civil Ceremony

Once upon a time the words “humanist ceremony”

The Friday Fight-Out: One Venue Vs Two Venues

When it comes to planning your wedding one of the big

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Styles – Traditional Vs Alternative

When planning your wedding one of the first decisions

The Friday Fight-Out: All Night Party Vs Set Finish Time

Your wedding day: the happiest day of your life, a day

The Friday Fight-Out: Famous Date Wedding Vs Any Other Day

Many photographers and videographers we’ve spoken

The Friday Fight-Out: Christmassy Wedding Vs Winter Wonderland

If you’re getting married in December you have a

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Website Vs Pen n’ Paper

Earlier this week we featured a little post about the

The Friday Fight-Out: Winter Weddings – Morning Vs Afternoon

After a beautiful summer season of weddings it’s

The Friday Fight-Out: Going Unplugged Vs #YourWedding

Today we’re stepping back into the ring once more

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding-Ready Venue Vs Transform a Space

Earlier this week we revisited a post all about the

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Flowers – Pro Vs DIY

Well, as part of Dominique’s eternal mission to

The Friday Fight-Out: Hair and Makeup – Pro Vs DIY

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Car Vs Horse & Carriage

When it comes to the Bride and Groom getting from A to

The Friday Fight-Out: Receiving Line Vs Just Take a Seat

The receiving line: the traditional method of greeting

The Friday Fight-Out: Professional Toastmaster Vs Guest Master of Ceremonies

The toastmaster (usually the jovial fella in the bright

The Friday Fight-Out: Close to Home Vs Further Afield

Over the last few months we’ve been travelling all

The Friday Fight-Out: Walking Down The Aisle – Traditional Vs Alternative

When it comes to the big entrance of the bride and that

The Friday Fight-Out: Officiating the Ceremony: Friend Vs Pro

In the last year or so we’ve been in attendance

The Friday Fight-Out: Mens Rings – To Wear or Not to Wear

The wedding ring: a symbol of unending love and unity

The Friday Fight-Out: Hair and Makeup – Glammed Up Vs Natural

Well, our “gormless groom” may not be so

The Friday Fight-Out: First Dance vs Alternative Performance

Lately we’ve been in attendance at a few weddings

The Friday Fight-Out: Hat Vs No Hat

It’s one for the ladies today as we step into

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Albums – Sooner Vs Later

Wedding Albums. In a world of digital imagery and photo

The Friday Fight-Out: Guest Performances Vs Pros Only

Including your guests in your wedding in some way

Groups Vs No Groups

The Friday Fight-Out: Groups Vs No Groups

This week we’ve been talking a lot about group

The Friday Fight-Out: Get Me to the Church on Time – Walking Vs Driving

Classic cars and horse-drawn carriages have become

The Friday Fight-Out: Registry Office Vs Alternative Civil Ceremony Venue

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to get married is to

mirrorless vs dslrs

The Friday Fight-Out – Wedding Photography – Mirrorless Cameras Vs DSLR’s

Lately the wedding photography world has seen the rise

The Friday Fight-Out: Bridesmaids Vs Going It Alone

Generally when we arrive to photograph a Bride getting

The Friday Fight-Out: Big Wedding Vs Small Wedding

Today we’re addressing the much discussed issue

The Friday Fight-Out: Honeymoon Destinations – At Home Vs Abroad

The Honeymoon: a time to unwind from the stresses of

The Friday Fight-Out: The Groom’s Shoes – Formal Vs Trendy

Styles are constantly changing in the wedding world and

The Friday Fight-Out: Venue Coordinator Vs Self Coordination

Many popular wedding venues employ their own full-time

The Friday Fight-Out: All Weather Bride Vs Good Weather Bride

How ever hard you plan, however many checklists you

film vs digital

The Friday Fight-Out: Photography and Videography – Film Vs Digital

When it comes to both photography and videography for

The Friday Fight-Out: The Speeches – Time limit Vs Free-Flowing

The wedding speeches are undoubtedly one of the

The Friday Fight-Out: Veiled Vs Unveiled

Weddings have undergone many stylistic changes over the

The Friday Fight-Out: Second Shooter Vs Shooting Solo

In yesterday’s photographer’s thoughts we discussed

The Friday Fight-Out: Valentines Proposals Vs Any Other Date

Happy Valentines day folks! Yep, depending on your

DVD Vs Online Only

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Films – DVD Vs Online Only

The world of digital media has been changing rapidly

The Friday Fight-Out: Kids Table Vs Kids at the Tables

Children can be great fun at weddings and set a lovely

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Planner Vs Plan Your Own Day

Not to worry any of you only just starting your wedding

first dance

The Friday Fight-Out: The First Dance – Live Band Vs Recorded Track

Having a live band at your wedding undoubtedly adds an

Classic Friday Fight-Out: Church Wedding Vs Civil Ceremony

It’s coming up to two years since our little blog

The Festive Friday Fight-Out: Yule Log Vs Christmas Pud

Now I appreciate that normally our Friday Fight-Outs

The Friday Fight-Out: Humanist Ceremony Vs Civil Ceremony

Once upon a time the words “humanist ceremony”

The Friday Fight-Out: Themed Wedding Vs Classic Wedding

Most weddings tend to have some form of theme behind

Winter Vs Christmas Wedding

The Friday Fight-Out: Winter Vs Christmas Wedding

When you’re planning on having a December wedding it

The Friday Fight-Out: The Venue – Exclusive Vs Shared

These days you can get married in all kinds of venues

The Friday Fight-Out: The Speeches – Spoken Only Vs Multimedia

Welcome to another of our weekly wedding debates! This

Contacting Suppliers: Face to Face Vs Phone and Email

Whether they’re a wedding planner, makeup artist,

The Friday Fight-Out: The Bridesmaids Dresses: Matched Vs Mismatched

Over the years bridesmaids have often enjoyed mixed

The Friday Fight-Out: Take Pic Vs Fake Pic

As a wedding photographer one of the things I’ve

The Friday Fight-Out: Speeches Before/After Vs Between Courses

The speeches – eagerly awaited by the guests and

The Friday Fight-Out: The Music – Pros Vs Friends

On your wedding day one of the most important things is

The Friday Fight-Out: The Stag – Lads Vs Dads

The Stag party – your big last night of freedom.

The Friday Fight-Out: The Wedding Car – Vintage Vs Modern

We all like to make an entrance, or in the case of the

city vs countryside

The Friday Fight-Out: City Vs Countryside

These days weddings are taking place in all kinds of

The Friday Fight-Out – Fireworks Vs Sky Lanterns

Welcome to another of our great big Friday Wedding

The Friday Fight-Out: Traditional Guest Book Vs Alternative

After your wedding is over there are certain keepsakes

The Friday Fight-Out: The Wedding Dress – Buy Vs Rent

Your wedding dress has the potential to be the most

The Friday Fight-Out: Confetti Vs Bubbles

This week’s Friday Fight-Out represents perhaps one

The Friday Fight-Out: Champagne Reception Vs Afternoon Tea

Welcome to another edition of the Bride Vs Groom Friday

Land Vs Sea

The Friday Fight-Out: Land Vs Sea

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Rehearsal Vs Go-With-The-Flow

In various countries, though probably most prominently

The Friday Fight-Out: Pay at the Bar Vs Drinks Are on You!

Now don’t get us wrong, if you want to invite us to a

The Friday Fight-Out – Disco Vs Ceilidh

By the end of such a huge celebratory day as a wedding

The Friday Fight-Out: Unusual Locations – Forest Vs Beach Wedding

After Wednesday’s post about the pre-wedding wedding

Friday Fight-Out: Structured and Scheduled Vs Free-flowing and Care-free

Having been to a fair few weddings between us both as

Wedding Video

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Videos – Full Coverage Vs Cinematic Highlights

After the fantastic response we received to Tuesday’s


The Friday Fight-Out: Top Table Vs Sweetheart Table

Whilst filming a wedding last week I came across an

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Traditions – Something Old Vs Something New

Weddings are in general very traditional events. The

The Friday Fight-Out: Catering for Suppliers Vs Supplier Self-Catering

Sorting out the wedding breakfast can be one of the

The Friday Fight-Out: Guest Photography Vs Pro Only

Your wedding photographs are one of the things from

The Friday Fight-Out: Maiden Name Vs Change Your Surname

One of the biggest decisions to consider for when the

The Friday Fight-Out: Legalities on the Day Vs Separate Legal Ceremony

Today’s Friday Fight-Out topic may on the face of it

The Friday Fight-Out: Outdoor Vs Indoor Ceremony

Wedding rules in the UK are a strange and mysterious

The Friday Fight-Out: Same Day Edit Vs Wait and See

Your wedding photos and video are undoubtedly the most

The Friday Fight-Out: Evening Only Guests Vs All Guests All Day

Choosing who to invite to your wedding can be an

The Friday Fight-Out: Receiving Line Vs Greet While You Dine

At a wedding it’s sometimes difficult to know for

bridesmaids vs groomsmaid

The Friday Fight-Out: Bridesmaid Vs Groomsmaid

For centuries (ok I haven’t researched this point AT

The Friday Fight-Out: Staged Action Vs Go-With-The-Flow

When it comes to weddings there are certain key moments

The Friday Fight-out: Photo-booth Vs Disposable Cameras

Now I think we’ve pretty much established that we’

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Cakes – Handmade Vs Pro-made!

As I write this intro I’m waiting for Dom to finish

The Friday Fight-Out: The Ceremony – Live Music Vs Pre-recorded

Photograph by Ed Peers After flicking through our

The Friday Fight-Out: Morning/Afternoon Vs Evening/Night

Weddings are one of the most traditional ceremonies

Wedding Dress

The Friday Fight-Out: The Wedding Dress – Treasure Vs Trash

The other day Dom asked me about what I thought she

Friday Fight-Out – One Wedding Dress Vs Two Wedding Dresses

Well, to be honest I’ve been a bit worried that we’

Bride Vs Groom Friday Fight-Out

The Friday Fight-Out: Black & White Vs Colour

Today we thought we’d delve once again into the world

The Friday Fight-Out: The Speeches – Before Vs After

One of the key moments of the wedding day is, without

The Friday Fight-Out: Photography & Videography – Full Day Vs Half Day

Oh dear, there’s something about late night blogging

The Friday Fight-Out: Cartoonists Vs Magicians

DISCLAIMER:  Before we begin this wedding reception

The 2012 Top Five: Friday Fight-Outs

Today we’re continuing our review of the best

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Photography – Flash Vs Natural Light

Ohhh yes… we went there. Photographers it’s


The Friday Fight-Out: Kids Welcome Vs Adults Only

Ok, so in this week’s Friday Fight-Out we’

The Friday Fight-Out: Posed Group Photos Vs Natural Groupings

Group photographs are traditionally a part of any

The Friday Fight-Out: Technology Vs Tradition

Technology is taking over our lives. It’s

The Friday Fight-Out: Husband Vs Wife

Right ladies and gents, are we ready for the biggest

Bride Vs Groom - Wedding Bog

The Friday Fight-Out: Squares Vs Circles

Well we always told you we tackle the big topics here

The Friday Fight-Out: Where to Marry – Domestic Vs Destination Wedding


The Friday Fight-Out: First Look Vs Wedding Day Surprise

This week’s Friday Fight-out may turn out to be

The Friday Fight-Out – Happy Groom Vs Gormless Groom

This week our “Tog” Bride is rather too

The Friday Fight-Out: Photography Vs Cinematography

With Dom being a Photographer and myself being a

The Friday Fight-Out: Marquee Vs Teepee

In the next few days I’m hoping to release the

The Friday Fight-out: Weekend Vs Weekday

When you’re involved in the wedding industry

The Friday Fight-Out: Bride’s Speech Vs Groom Only

The speeches are undoubtedly one of the most

The Friday Fight-out: Engagement Shoot Vs Meeting only

Recently a few camera-shy clients have asked Dom

The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Planner Vs Plan It Yourself

I‘ve got news for you. Planning a wedding isn&#

The Friday Fight-Out: The Wedding Invites – Online Vs Offline

Ok, so despite our best intentions we STILL haven’t

The Friday Fight-Out: The Dress – Classic Vs Quirky

With the acquisition of some accessories for my

The Friday Fight-Out: Groom Attire – Neutrals Vs Colours

Having spent the last several hours wandering around

The Friday Fight-Out: Private First Look Vs Public Surprise

Tradition dictates that the first time the Groom sees

The Friday Fight-Out: Photographic Memories – Print Vs Digital

In a world that’s gone digital mad; a world where

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