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The Monday Musings – The Fresh Groom

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Lately we’ve noticed a lot of wedding dance floors bringing out some true 90’s classics, and chief amongst them the theme tune to everyone’s teenage favourite: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Now everyone knows the words and the guests always go crazy dancing away to it so today I thought I’d see if we couldn’t adapt it a little to make it a little more wedding appropriate! So here we go with the new single from the Fresh Groom! You can find the backing track here: 


The Fresh Groom

Now this is a story all about how,
Bride and Groom came to make those vows
Asked their guests to take a minute and just sit right there
To be a part of the wedding of this happy pair

So first thing in the morning the girls woke right up
They slipped into their dresses did their hair and make up
Boys chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
Learning to do up their ties like the first day of school
When they look at their watches realise that they’re late
Got to get a move on got a date with fate
Checked the rings and grabbed their speeches jumped into the car
Stopping only for a cheeky half at the bar

The Groom stood at the front and looked back down the aisle
The Bride walked down towards him with a giant smile
If anything he could say that this girl was rare
So he gave her a ring for a lifetime to wear

They got up on the dance floor about 7 or 8
As the DJ struck a beat and they sliced up the cake
They looked at each other
In a heartfelt stare
And as husband and wife
Found happiness there.

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