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The Wedding Diaries: The First Look Part 2

Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogIf you want to get the best wedding photos then choosing a photographer you feel comfortable with is really important. When we chose Ed Peers we knew we loved his work, but we also wanted someone that we could relate to and be ourselves with. We hadn’t been able to meet up in person, but from various conversations and a meeting on Skype we were sure he was the right photographer for us. Having made the difficult decision to go ahead with a first look the day before the wedding and finally meeting our photographer, I knew we had definitely made the right choice.

When Dom had explained our situation with the potential tropical storm on the horizon for our wedding day it had been Ed, knowing that I was uncomfortable with the idea of not having that special moment of seeing Dom for the first time in her wedding dress, who suggested we do the proper ‘First Look’. With some rapid plotting between Dom and Ed they had figured out some possible locations to do it, and so, dressed 24 hours early in my full wedding attire, our photographer picked me up to whisk me away to an unknown location. When we pulled over and he showed me where he wanted me to stand I realised immediately that my doubts about seeing each other for the first time this way had been completely unfounded.

As a videographer I can generally see the potential in a shot, but it didn’t take much imagination to see that the shots of this moment were going to be absolutely EPIC! As the car disappeared into the distance to go and collect my Bride I was left under the clear blue skies standing at the end of a pathway on an outcrop of volcanic rock looking out to sea. It was an incredible scene and as I stood there in the incredible tranquility of my surroundings I knew this was going to be something special.

As I waited, nervous tension taking over and getting, I have to confess, a little emotional I decided to make a video for Dom, the contents of which will remain between myself, Dom and apparently the roughly 20 other people who were in the room when she watched it…D’OH! But I have to say, without the nerves of the ceremony about to begin and all the people surrounding me I did feel more involved in the moment.

Seeing the car pull up I turned my attention to the sea and waited, closing my eyes as I heard the gentle footsteps behind me. As she tapped me on the shoulder and I finally turned round there she was. The most beautiful sight I’d ever seen.

If you’ve never considered a first look then trust me. It’s definitely worth thinking about. We were able to enjoy some amazing private moments together and have the time to really take it all in. This is again where being comfortable with your photographer comes in. Despite being naturally aware of camera positions because of what I do, during those five or so minutes I had no idea Ed was even there. It was just Dom and I in a beautiful setting and a magical moment. Having seen the photographs though, he didn’t miss a moment!

For the rest of the day we drove all around the Island and got photos EVERYWHERE!! Our experiences photographing and videoing other couples meant that we truly understood why we were being asked to do everything we were asked, and we were completely determined that if Ed believed something would make a great picture then we would do whatever he needed, even if it meant clambering around and getting a little messed up and even if, on the odd occasion, we actually had to persuade him to let us do it! It was such an amazing day and so cool hanging out with Ed. When you can see your photographer getting genuinely excited about the shots and inspired by their surroundings you know you’re onto a winner, and the images he captured that day were just incredible: images that we could never had gotten had I not gone against the plan I had always had in my head and consented to the day early first look.

So sometimes things don’t go to plan, sometimes you have to make a tough choice and roll with the punches. But when it happens don’t let it spoil things for you, just go with it. Sometimes it works out better than you could ever have hoped.

Oh… and book an awesome photographer… it’s definitely worth it!!!

All Images by Ed Peers Photography

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