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The Weekly Round-Up

It’s that time again where we like to round-up all the events of the week on Bride Vs Groom. It’s also time to give you a quick update regarding Small Dog’s attempts to assassinate Matt. Matt is… still alive! (though just barely after he fell asleep on the sofa and the small dog “affectionately” jumped up onto the sofa and lay down on Matt’s face, completely blocking his airways!) He really has tried everything, short of trying to flatten him by dropping a piano on his head or using dynamite with one of those “ACME” plungers… ah how I miss Saturday morning cartoons!

I digress…

So here’s what else has been happening this week:

Monday MusingsMonday was a day of tweeting the crap out of life. Well actually it was spent largely reflecting on the power of twitter whilst failing to actually tweet…oops! The random weavings and witterings  of Matt’s Monday Musings.

Styles of photography

Tuesday’s post was one of the most difficult ones we’ve ever written. We set out to explain briefly what all of the different styles of photography actually mean and to be honest even we got confused! We got there in the end though so check out this post if you want to know just what your photographer’s style really means!

Wedding VideographyWednesday was a particularly special post for us as we entered a rather significant chapter in our joint wedding diaries and shared the video of our special day with you all as shot by my brother (and the other half of York Place Films) Alex Shaw. We hope you enjoy it!

Groom Vs Dog

Thursday featured, by popular request, the return of Small Dog to the blog and an update on his latest attempts to remove the competition and claim his favourite girl for his own! I used to think Matt was exaggerating about Paddington’s jealousy, now I’m not so sure!

Friday Fight-OutFriday means it’s Fight-Out time, and this week we discussed a question that always comes up whilst planning a wedding: The speeches – before or after dinner? There’s plenty of arguments either way and we addressed them all in another great big Friday wedding debate.

Bride Vs Groom Boutonniere Wedding Inspiration BoardSaturday is always a wedding planning day and to help you along the way we presented another of our “Very Pinteresting” wedding inspiration boards! This week we looked at some button-tastic boutonniere’s to give you a few ideas and those wedding planning ideas whirring!

And so that draws to a close another week! We hope you’ve had a great one and are primed for the most relaxing of Sunday’s. So get your feet-up, stick a roast in the oven, get the fire going and hide from the cold… that’s what we’ll be doing!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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